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If you advertise on Facebook you could achieve great results in your marketing efforts and if your struggling then here are some great tips to consider and not get your Facebook account shut down.

advertise on facebook

  •  Fan Page Design – If your using your Facebook Fan Page to send your web traffic to then you need to design your Fan Page with a clear message of your intention and professionally designed so visitors feel more apt to purchase or opt-in to your email list. Checkout your top competitors Fan Pages and use this information to brainstorm ideas and create yours.
  • Ad Photos – These photos should be a certain size to display properly. When creating your ad Facebook will advice on the size required to meet their ad requirements. If your using your own photo or want to find one, then Pixabay is a great free platform to find one or design your own. If your using text on your photo it should not be more than 20% of the photo.
  • Targeting Your Market – Marketing on Facebook has achieved great results for thousands but it will depend on how you target your market. Facebook marketing platform offers awesome choices to target your buyers and prospects through buying habits, browsing habits, income, education, geographical location and many more tools available to you.

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Facebook Marketing 101 Basics

Facebook Marketing 101 Basics

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Keep in mind that when creating images for Facebook marketing the Text on the image should be 20% of the space or less for starters. Facebook marketing will automatically – while your creating your Ad, Facebook will tell you if you will get less traffic because of having to much Text. more »