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Advertising techniques you use in your marketing efforts will dictate the performance of your ads, content and website.

Advertising Techniques

These are the questions you should be asking yourself when creating your ads:

  • Who – Who are you marketing to and who is your customer or lead avatar ?
  • What – What is your market looking for and What are you offering ? Are you offering a solution to their problem ?
  • When – When is the best time to market to your target market ? Time-Zones, Work Schedules, and Life in General is something to think about when trying to find the best times to market to your audience.
  • Where – Where is your target market ? Do you know where they hangout or where to look to find them ?
  • How – How are you reaching your market ?
  • Why – Why are you doing your advertising in the first place ? What is Your WHY ? As Simon Sinek says, ” Start With Why “. Great book on finding your WHY!

Search engines, social media and marketing platforms are always updating algorithms with the rapid advancement of technology. As A.I. grows so should your advertising strategies.

Most advertising platforms have video tutorials on how to use their marketing platforms but what they won’t tell you is what are the best methods you should apply into the structure of your ads, what should you write in your ads, how to find the right market or the simple little tricks that make all the difference and potentially very profitable.

Obviously if your using advertising techniques to generate leads or more importantly make more sales you need to monitor closely at the beginning of your ad and make necessary changes as you go along.

A Word of Caution! :  It is easy to loose your shirt when using paid methods of advertising. We advice you educate yourself before you jump in. It will save you a lot of valuable time and whole lot of money too.

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Advertising Techniques For Steady Flow Of Traffic To Your Business

Advertising Techniques For Steady Flow Of Traffic To Your Business

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