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Here are some advertising tips to keep in mind when creating ads. First you must create a headline that creates the emotion of wanting to find out more about what your offering.

advertising tips

In other words, What Is In It For Them! A popular strategy used by top marketers is using cliff-hangers that makes them want to continue to read your ad.

Your Headline is the top  priority and then writing your ad body should deliver what your product will do for them. Will it solve a specific problem they might have ? The message has to be clear and congruent with the page or website you are sending them from your ad.

Congruency is critical for conversions including images and what they portray as far as creating a positive emotion or visualization of results of getting your product.

Skip on Hypee Ads they don’t work and it hurts your brand.

Lastly but not least is, A Call To Action!

A call to action must always be implemented in your ad. It must be clear and guide them to your next step in your marketing process.

Here are some more advertising tips:


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