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Advertising, What is it and where can you apply it to suit your business needs ?

It is the art of using marketing mediums to attract people interested in your product and hopefully convert into a sale. Some people use advertising to bring customers in to local stores, supermarkets or people selling personal products.

There are also many forms of advertising online and off-line as well.

  • Off-line – You have your traditional newspaper ads, magazines, local stores and some public places that will allow your posting.
  • Online – Using technology to attract your market is far more effective and can target your market instantly. There are paid marketing strategies like PPC ( Paid Per Click), PPV (Paid Per View(, or PPA ( Paid Per Action). You also have popular social media platforms you could use like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or many others.

Here is a great article on marketing tactics you could use in your business: 15 Marketing Tactics For Getting Your Business More Exposure

Ranking Your Website And Google Latest Update Narwhal

Ranking Your Website And Google Latest Update Narwhal

Do You Have A Website And Depend On Organic Rankings In Google Since It Controls Over 60% Of The Search Market ? It implies that Google has a difference of opinion when it comes to giving websites credit to obtain and more importantly keep good rankings on Google. With this latest Narwhal Update, Now Google more »