Tony Robbins Explains Why Some People Take Action And Others Don’t

This is an excellent video I found on Youtube of an interview with Tony Robbins and two of the most successful online industry leaders and how this could help anyone who wants to take the next step to finally see some REAL success online.

I came across this Tony Robbins video from a friend’s blog I was reading today.

WOW did it speak to me and I know that it can speak to so many others right now. The video is a little long but well worth it!

Many people have a vision or a dream and when they initially start they are all excited but only 2% percent of people actually take action.

There are several things that I learned in this video and agree on but the two things that stand out for me is that, If you Believe and Take Massive Action it is all of what you need to succeed with whatever it is you put your mind to doing.

People will join a business in hopes of making a pile of money right off the bat but they think that the dollar bills will come floating in as soon as they pay their start up costs!

When the money does not start coming in in the first 7 days or 30 days they quit.

No matter what it is that YOU want out of your life, by believing in yourself and by never giving up, YOU WILL have the life you always dreamed of. I truly believe that.

Are you ready to take Massive Action ?

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Want To Make Money Online ? Don’t Do this…

knowledge is powerToday while at the supermarket shopping for some coffee ( got to have my caffeine ) I bumped into an old friend and it had been a while since I seen him that he didn’t even recognize me.

So, I asked him what has he been up to ? And he told me that he had lost his job because the department store that he worked at had closed it’s doors.

I felt really bad when he asked me what I was doing because despite all of the obstacles and situations I had been through I had overcome them by working my tail off, never giving up and building my own at home business online .

John, told me that he had been trying to build an at home business too but had little success because he had gone after all those shiny new objects online that promised him riches and failed miserably.

Don’t Do This! John said, Do what ? Stop chasing those shiny objects and just learn one thing at a time. I am going to share something incredible with you.

I said, John I did the same thing too but because of my perseverance I new who was a real entrepreneur in the industry and whom I could learn from and duplicate what he was doing to achieve the same level of success.

You know we have had these tips served to us by other successful entrepreneurs from the past like Napoleon Hill, Henry Ford, Carnegie Hall and many others.

In order to find these tips we must read and apply what already works without having to re-invent the wheel all over again. Turn off the TV and Emails or Facebook and dig in, I told John.

I asked John, How are you going about trying to make money online then ? He told me, it’s a long story. So, we decided to get a cup of coffee in the shop next to the supermarket so we could talk some more.

Then we started talking and he said that if he did not do something fast he could end up in the streets. I almost hit the floor when he told me this and I understood so clearly because I had gone through the same situation a few years back.

At this point I told John that I personally use an amazing system that has allowed me to create an at home business quickly and easily because this system is already completely set up with products that people are looking for anyway.

All I had to do was set up an email autoresponder so I could stay in touch with my team partners ( Not Required But Recommended ).

I told John, What I do is just send traffic to my system capture pages, follow a simple 5 step formula and people join my team and I make money.

Then, I help my team duplicate the same system and everyone has an awesome experience at the same time make money online too.

I also gave John a tip to really explode his business and profits; Communicate with your team and have Hangouts to discuss the business and share tips with one another and grow together.

John said, That sounds simple but I’m not to tech savvy. I smiled at John and said, You don’t need any experience either and anyone can use this system that is how truly simple it is.

John took my advice and joined with me. I will keep everyone posted on the progress.