13 Low Cost Techniques to Get an Increased Website Traffic

Nowadays, many in online business world are asking how to get website traffic.

website trafficTraffic is the bloodstream of any online business and when you have no website visitors to view you promotions and offers, you won’t make any sales and profit no matter how valuable they are.

Getting website traffic is indeed an extremely difficult thing for the success of any online business. Most of the people are suffering, struggling and failing when trying to increase their traffic and to keep their website afloat.

The success of online business depends on how largely dedicated the owner is. If you are committed to learn the right strategies and techniques to get and increase the website traffic, then it will surely be possible.

These techniques and strategies in generating traffics are very important as soon as you launch your website.

As it was the lifeline or the bloodstream of the online business, meaning when having no traffic will only result to no sales. There are several low cost techniques in getting website traffic and those are discussed below.

  • Blogging – One of the best techniques in generating and increasing your website traffic is blogging. Blogging gives you the freedom to write all about your website’s services and products and having this opportunity will greatly contribute in increasing website traffic. The more you write, the more you give content on search engines to be indexed. You must use keywords for your writing contents and it will result for a higher ranking spot in search engines. Moreover, maintaining blog is very inexpensive since you do your own content writing or you can just hire a freelance content writer.
  • Article Submission and Writing – There are several directories for free online article submission and writing. These article submission and writing sites allows the writer to include or post their website within the content of the article. Make this directories as an advantage for you to freely advertise or promote your online business websites by creating backlinks that will direct the traffic into your website.
  • Giving Freebies – All of the people loves to get a free stuff. Use this technique to increase website traffic by giving away eBooks, advice, reports and free content in some stuff. This will surely attract visitors and will result to an increased traffic. You can also use freebies or giveaways by other website in online forums but you should include a link that will point towards your website.
  • Forum Posting – Forum posting allows you to give an answer or advice about the questions that relates your services and products. This will show your expertise in the field and therefore will encourage the viewers or readers to visit your website. In every answers you make, leave your website’s URL as your signature. This is a one simple and easy way in getting website traffic.
  • Online Directories – By posting your website’s URL in online directories, it will increase your online presence. You should submit your URL’s website in several website directories and it will create a valued backlinks into your website. Directory listing gives various benefits such as link popularity, increase website traffic, increased search engines visibility and direct advertising exposure.
  • Link Exchange – Link exchange is a popular approach to grow your page rank and produce a maximum incoming traffic. But there are many considerations you must regard before performing this strategy. As its name implies, link exchange is merely exchanging of links with other online business owners. By performing so, it will create reciprocal links with the higher PR websites.
  • Links to .Gov and .Edu – Websites containing an extension name of .gov and .edu are highly ranked in search engines. You should make your link appear to those websites and subsequently will increase website traffic.
  • Newsletter – This is a great technique to let the people know what are your services and products. Moreover, you can use this to offer a free advice and answer relevant issues and problems to your niche. Just like in other techniques, you can leave your link or URL in the newsletter as your signature to encourage the viewers to visit your website.
  • Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking will allow you in building profiles in social networking website. Having your own social account or profile, you can create a follow link to your website and it will be much better when your contact friends are helping you in getting website traffic.
  • Free Classified Ads – This is a great means in advertising your website’s products and services. Those advertisements can be linked back into your website and subsequently will increase your site’s traffic.
  • Host a Contest – You can use the auto-responder of your website to host some type of contests. For example, when they signed up in your newsletter, they are automatically qualified in winning a free eBook or something like that. This is a simple but excellent way in getting website traffic and increasing traffic at the same time.
  • Affiliate Programs – this technique is recommended if your online business offers a product or eBook. This is negotiating to other website owners by giving them a portion in the sales in exchange of permitting your products to be posted in their website. By using this technique, you can increase website traffic at the same a chance to sell more products.
  • Use tell-a-friend script – This will enable your past customers to pass around the link of your website. This is very simple, when someone visited your website, it will be passed to a friend, to the friend’s friend and so on. This contributes a direct help in getting an increased traffic for website and also for building the customer’s base. What makes this very amazing is this is absolutely free and this is one of the most popular technique used by online business owners.

Another attractive option for faster traffic is using paid traffic techniques. However, for starting businesses and for the small ones, it will be very impractical to spend money if there are a lots of free techniques in getting website traffic with just limited resources.

Another way to increase web traffic is by getting to high level events where you could rub shoulders and get the best and latest tactics like the No Excuses Summit Vl in Las Vegas this June.

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Good Advice On How To Increase Website Traffic Quick

How To Increase Website Traffic Is What Most Entrepreneurs Understand The Least Yet The Most Important!

how to increase website trafficFor those who wish to know how to increase website traffic, they will be happy to know about a few ways this can be achieved. Most you can do yourself, but for others you need to understand about computer coding. Most of the methods listed below are free, and can be done by the individual.

Your initial approach should be to get listed with as many search engines and directories as possible. Do not ignore the smaller directories and search engines, these are just as valid as the major ones.

As you can imagine if you get listed with as many places as possible, you are going to get more hits from people searching for your content.

Cast a critical eye over your website, to ensure that it is visually appealing. If there are too many colours, or they clash it will be confusing to the eye.

This will cause your readers to leave, and any newcomers will not be inclined to read your content. Always think about keywords, the search engines will pick up on these, but ensure that they are valid to your articles.

Maintain your website, and keep the articles germane and up to date, this can be done by writing new articles on a frequent basis. People will not be inclined to read further if the first thing they see is out of date, or hasn’t been touched in a while. Therefore your readers will remain interested, and newcomers will see valid content.

Search out forums where your content material is the focus, and apply to join them. When people seek advice, or ask questions, if you know the answer then post a reply.

As your name is posted alongside your answer, it is worth your while to include a link to your page. If you do it too much, people will be put off, so try for a balanced approach.

A similar approach can be taken with blogs, leave the occasional comment on them. You might feel that you can also write a blog.

Increase Website Traffic

Your page can direct traffic to your blog, and the opposite can also be done. If you have a blog already written try offering it as a guest blog, and always include a link back to your site. If writing isn’t your strong suit, think about getting someone you trust to proof read it for you.

Take advantage of the social media networks, whenever you add new content to your site always adjust your status to reflect this.

On Facebook create a fan page, each update not only goes to friends, but their friends as well, Word of mouth is important, so getting your site talked about really helps.

If there are minor grammatical errors within your article, you need not be too concerned. If anyone notices, you are thought of as not just an authority on your subject, but also as human and approachable.

Another good idea on how to increase website traffic is to engage your readership, ask them questions, they feel involved, and also that their thoughts and opinions have merit.

To Your Success,

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Reinaldo Lopez