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Have You Tried To Build A List for Your Business With Little or No Success At All ?

I am sure many have and in fact most have bought into this idea or should I say, Illusion of building a home business with a push button solution to achieving  success online.

Many programs or systems tell you to just build a beautiful website and try to get it to the first page of Google.

Good luck with that idea!

Don’t get me wrong, it can be done if you choose the right low competition keywords with good enough traffic and spend the next three months building links, writing articles, creating high quality content and hope that Google doesn’t change the algorithm next week and so on.

Some programs tell you to go to Facebook and place ads for pennies without actually revealing how to get that traffic for pennies or how to get traffic at all before you run out of money.

But, Facebook is an excellent place to generate leads by either paid ads or joining groups who share the same market as your business.

Again this can be accomplished but you need the right marketing training to achieve this as well. If you’re not careful you could run out of your marketing budget pretty quick.

Another way to build a list is by creating a blog with great content where you offer a free ebook, free report or your newsletter in exchange for their email.

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