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Content Marketing
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Content Marketing has evolved and so has your audience I learned pretty quickly and quickly learned what is not the most effective way to deliver content that they want more of. It took me years of trial and error to apply the content marketing strategies that gets better results, more interaction, more response. and more conversions.

Have you ever thought about it for a moment ? Where are the people you are looking for and searching for what you may write about with a compelling message filled with steps to apply it in their marketing tactics or applying it into their business as well.

You don’t want to just spend hours writing the best article you’ve wrote to find out that there is hardly anyone looking for what you wrote. Yes, I’ve made this mistake too but was focused enough to keep charging forward and investing in self-improvement making my content marketing methods stand out and welcomed by many in my target market.

A great content marketing strategy which continues to work well is to know what people are looking for in your market and what they are interested in. Once you determine what they are searching for then you can create targeted content for your market.

You could also should participate in forums that are active. Simply make a search for ” Your Market Keyword or Phrase ” Forums and visit them to learn about activity in recent days plus the topics that speak to you more and think you might be able to contribute and possibly help others too.

You will find great questions on forums that have a large amount of activity and some with less activity but you can search online that specific topic and see how much content is out there already.

How To Use Humor In Your Marketing

Today I visited one of the platforms I used for quite a while and learned SEO and networked with some great people whom cared about each others success this is what I loved more about this forum where many like minded entrepreneurs hung out to shoot the breeze and share some juicy inside info on what someone had a breakthrough with.

We would collaborate to build products, get clients for our business and help grow our business with tutorials for Full Disclosure Members. Got to meet the owner once in New York. Kelly a very humble but hard working marketing wiz who loved to share with like minded people.

It was like a Grave Yard when I logged in, I’ve never seen anything like it. I could still login in read the courses I purchased but the forum was isolated and at one time only me on the forum. Wow!!!

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This is why content marketing is crucial to existing online whether you have a blog, an online business website or a forum. When you stop providing value and quality content it is just a matter of time you will notice its irrelevancy online and continued sliding into the very far distance of the internet web universe.

Where is everyone today ? What are people typing in to their search browsers ? Find out where they are and what are people already searching for by using a free tool like Google Keyword Tool.

And how do you do that, You might ask ?

First you should have an idea of what is being searched online in your niche, how many people searching every month up to 5 years back and who is your competition allowing you to attract your market and learning what keywords, content they are using that could help you implement it into your marketing strategy.

This is called reverse engineering your competition and applying what they are already doing successfully, its the reason they are on the first page of Google. Learn from their website infrastructure, the layout, their opt-in forms, popups, call to action and last but not least their content marketing articles/blog posts.

Attraction Marketing Banner

You could use the free Google Keyword Planner which gives you all this important information that should lead the way to creating some awesome content marketing people are fighting over.

When you combine the power of knowing where your market is, how large of a market you have and the power of your content marketing you have laser targeted traffic to your content, article, blog or social media.

Always over deliver with your content marketing strategy whether its on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Google Plus either way people will always come back for tips, knowledge, how to info and those who will join you in your primary business if the message is conveyed and carefully crafted.

Attracting readers, subscribers, affiliates or even cold market is not immune to High Quality Information, Knowledge, Problem Solving Self Help Info, that will help them solve a problem or guide them in the right direction. It is our duty to help others and what better way than content marketing.

Whatever your market is provide quality content that speaks to them as if you had read their mind. This is what a good market research would give you and data with content materials to last you a good while.

Remember trends change and fluctuate so it is why I recommend evergreen content people can enjoy years from now and still learn something years later. High Value and Amazing Quality is a recipe for success with your target market.

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In other words your product is an evergreen product if at all possible for long term benefits for your readers, subscribers and clients as well as yourself because if you have a product they can use for years and still be effective in delivering results for people then you have an evergreen product.

The content should be updated and maintained to improve the content and give readers and subscribers more tools or tips they can apply in their business and/or products they might have.

According to 81% of shoppers research online before setting foot in a store and Consumers spend an average of 79 days conducting online research before buying.

This means that your content must be current and relevant to their search online plus an opportunity to have them become a newsletter subscriber where you can update them with personal emails to improve your relationship plus building trust with them and providing them with more value.

Content Marketing is a very powerful tool and should be implemented into your business marketing strategy if you haven’t done so already. It is an excellent communication hub which could bring great rewards into your business and be an awesome form of expression about your passion too.

A great copy writing course I personally own is The Copywriters Guild an excellent course to helps you turn your passion into amazing content with strategies to improve your content writing skills as well.

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Writing Your Content Marketing Tips

Is Your Content Marketing Working For You ?

First we need to answer a few questions about your content marketing writing and who are you writing for.

Being clear about who you are writing for and market you are targeting gives you a more precise idea of what your content should sound like.

Having Goals

Quick Question: Have you done your research before writing a word ?

You are writing for an audience and expect your audience to read your content. So, Therefore you need to know if their is an Audience!

The way you do this is by going over to Google Keyword Research Tool and search to see what words or phrases people are typing in related to what you would like to write about.

Here is a video I recorded that shows you how to do a keyword research to find these words and phrases.

Keyword Research Video -> How To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition!

Next your going to look at how you will structure your story and how you will deliver your punchline and how you will keep your audience engaged and wanting to read more from your blog or website by subscribing to your newsletter.

The best way I found is to be yourself and let the creativity flow and worry about structuring afterwards but if you know how you will structure your content marketing it will save you valuable time.

If you struggle with this part of the content creation don’t worry it will come to you as you go along and take your business a little more seriously.

books content

Great content marketing have these elements in common:

  • Content is unique and not rehashed or copied from elsewhere.
  • The content is valuable and offers a specific solutions to a specific market.
  • Your content should educate your audience.
  • Your content should be easy to digest and should be written at an 8th grade level for anyone to understand.
  • Your content should have a call to action at the end whether it is guiding them to either another blog post, your newsletter or a product you are targeting in your content.
  • Your content should be written with your audience in mind and what they expect from your content. Put yourself in your audiences shoes and ask yourself the questions your readers are making when searching for your content and what they expect to find in the content.
  • Great content gets readers and subscribers to follow them and take action on what you recommend since they see you as an authority in your field and/or niche.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

Marketing your Content:

  • Use bookmark services like
  • Social media marketing channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and many others available.
  • Press Releases – Submit your content to Press Release sites.
  • Become a ghost writer to publish on other blogs and websites with a link back to your content on your site.
  • Use Facebook PPC, Micorsoft Ads Center PPC, Solo Ads, Youtube PPC to get traffic and leads.

Here is a great article I read this morning written by Content Marketing: means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.

Many are looking for ways to prevent getting penalized by Google and their algorithms. It is why we always make the effort to provide content as accurate as possible with valuable marketing tips and strategies which is an attribute your content should have as well.

Remember that writing content should be fun and if its a field you know well you will definitely enjoy and flow with your content.

Always think like your reader and write like yourself. by Lun Rey.

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Content Marketing Tips

Is Your Content Marketing Efforts Converting or Do You Find It Impossible and Struggle To Figure It Out ?

Content MarketingThe truth is that there is a method to the content marketing madness and if you don’t figure this out it can spell disaster for all of your content marketing efforts.

 Content marketing what is it?

con·tent mar·ket·ing

Story telling is an art you need to master in order to grab your share of readers attention and keep them glued to your content and more importantly convert your reader into a subscriber or even a buyer.

Your content must be personal and strategically written with your reader in mind.

When I first started with content marketing I hadn’t a clue of what I was doing but the more I invested in my education, storytelling and copywriting courses to improve my skills the more engagement with subscribers, readers and some have even made purchases within my business.

Be yourself and be vulnerable then your audience will relate more to what your story is about and relate more with you since believe it or not your reader is actually seeking a leader to show them the way and second, a solution to their problems.

Tip # 2 – 3 Questions You Should Answer Before You Begin Your Content Marketing:

  1. Who is your prospect ?
  2. What is your prospects problem ?
  3. What are you offering that solves their problem ?

Tip # 3 – One more area that needs attention in creating a content marketing strategy that draws your visitors and readers to take a further look at your content is ” Your Headline “.

Forget about all the Hyped Up headlines and phony gimmicks when it comes to this because people are being bombarded with all kind of stuff everywhere they turn and your readers today have a very short attention span and will move on very quickly to someone who can provide them with the solution they are looking for.

Here are some examples of Hypie Headlines not to use:

  • Make $5000 a week with my magical push button system!
  • How to Make $350, $1,200, even $4,700 a Week on Auto-Pilot!
  • Earn over $500-$800 A WEEK SAFELY AND LEGITIMATELY into your paypal on auto pilot.
  • This Magic Potion Will Make You Look 30 Years Younger…Guaranteed!

People are tripping all over themselves running away from this site moving on to another site that might offer great tips on solving their problem and introducing them to a product that has had great results and could do the same for them.

Non-Hypie Headlines: These type of headlines provide a few elements taken into consideration. 

  • 3 Amazing Content Marketing Tips To Grow Your Blog
  • 7 Secrets To Building A Successful Business Online
  • Free 70 Page PDF Shows You Facebook Marketing Secrets

Elements Taken Into Consideration: 

  1. Building your Brand – The headline comes off as an authority in that particular niche.
  2. Creating Value – This is what people who come to like, trust and buy from you are looking for and love. They are looking for a solution to a specific problem and once you find out who they are and what the problem they have, you can target them more effectively.
  3. Giving Direction – Your Headline should provide direction and have direction within itself. You are letting them know that they will get something of value in exchange for their personal information. When you provide value people don’t see you as an enemy any longer and are willing to trust in what you are offering them.

Quick Tip: You are in the people’s business regardless of what business your in. Without consumers you don’t have a business, we have nothing!

Tip # 4 – Here are 10 Power Words to use in Your Content Marketing efforts:

  1. Free -Free Report, Free eBook etc..
  2. You and Your – use twice as much than I, Me, I’m.
  3. Announcing
  4. Introducing
  5. New
  6. Secrets
  7. How To
  8. Guarantee and Guaranteed
  9. Magic
  10. Magical

It is important to research what your reader are looking for so you can create a headline that tells them you have the answer to what they are looking for. The more specific the better conversion you will have.

Tip # 5 – What Kind of Online Content Works as Marketing?

There are three main types of content that you should create over time in order to perform effective content marketing goals –

  1. Cornerstone – As the name implies, cornerstone content is the foundational topic(s) of your website, as well as your overall content marketing strategy. A cornerstone is something that is basic, essential, indispensable, and the chief foundation upon which something is constructed or developed.
  2. Connection – Connection content is all about teaching aspects of your cornerstone topics in a highly engaging way.
  3. Conversion – When it comes to conversion content, we’re not talking conversion in the traditional sales or lead generation context. Rather, it’s more like in the evangelical sense.

Copywriting follows, because you’ve earned the right to make an offer to your audience. Learn how to make atleast six figures in your network marketing business.

First, however, you need to provide the initial, crucial “C” – context. Without it, none of the content “types” will be effective in meeting your business objectives.

Here is a great free eBook by which goes into more great content marketing tips on How To Create Content That Converts.

This eBook discloses all the elements, the types of content you need to think about before starting to write a single word and the working parts to creating converting content marketing.

And how to find the enemy of your audience. 

Seriously, it’s time to find a good enemy. Not sure why? Or Why, You ask. It is the answer to creating converting content marketing. Read more…

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