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SerpstatThere are many ways of doing online marketing digital or business marketing, here are a few you might have tried or might be interested in learning more about:

  • Facebook marketing ( Fan Page and Ads )
  • Google Plus Marketing ( Groups )
  • Email Marketing
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • Youtube
  • SEO Online Marketing

Elite marketing pro provides guidance in implementing better marketing strategies and getting better results.

The marketing world is constantly changing and if your an active business owner then it is exceptionally important to continue to self-improve your skills to create more value and improve results.

Business professionals embrace great business tools that save time and money for the company and changes as long a it is congruent with company goals and visions plus keep up with changes in the market.

It is still relevant to any business online that marketing plays a big roll even when not paying for traffic rather putting in some sweat equity by doing it yourself. It is a great sense of gratitude and enjoyment when you enrich other people’s lives with your knowledge or discoveries made along the way.

But in order to get to this goal there is some ground work to do like, you need a marketing plan that will guide you through the obstacles found along the way.

You can start with the end goal in mind which could be to make $250,000 this year. All you have to do now is reverse engineer this into smaller bites. Divided into monthly increments then into how many sales at a specific, this way you’ll know exactly how many products or services do you have to provide in order to make your goal.

Another thing you could do is find out how big of a market you have that is searching for what you have. A keyword research tool is worth its weight in gold because it provides all the data necessary to make an informed decision instead of throwing stuff on the wall hoping something would stick, Right ?

There are several free and paid keyword tools that do more than just provide keyword information but also can analyze your website or blog to help you keep and efficient and streamlined site that the likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and other search engines love to reward you with quality organic traffic as long as you abide by the rules of course.

One popular free keyword tool is Google Keyword Planner. Since Google has 67% of the market it would be wise to hear what Google has to say in terms of marketing your business, your website or blog content, your ads and your social media unless you are on Facebook.

Because FB has its own search engine within for marketers with all peoples behaviors, intents, purchasing’s, personal data and more to laser target your market with paid ads.

Google Keyword Planner is still a great free tool I still personally use but since I started using because it allows you to narrow down exactly what your competitors are doing that is benefiting them online. Having this data is very powerful plus empowers you to invest in marketing strategies more wisely and more targeted.

One great keyword tool I use This tool I learned about while working on a big project I had recently undertook and helped me analyze clients websites to give me information necessary to improve their business and presence online.

Here below is a snapshot of part of the intel you get when doing a website analysis. how to marketing analytics provided in video tutorials and easy to follow details.

Below you’ll see backlinks to website analyzed, your website trust online, where backlinks are coming from and which you’ve lost as well, rank distribution you can explore more keywords you rank for you might not even know if you’ve written a lot of content on your site.

Site Audit also gives you the health of the website and areas that need attention from low priority to high priority. These areas you need to take care of immediately and keep as clean as possible.

The Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Yandex and many others will love your site plus your website or blog can experience an increase in traffic as a result.

Here below is a search I did for, Online Business with Serpstat just to see what the market size and difficulty of competition in the search results.

Serpstat Market Research

Below you will see a screenshot of the Content Marketing feature that goes out and find topics related to your keyword search or niche. Either way I did a search for marketing and the first column to the top left has over two thousand phrases being searched under that related term.

At the top of the page when doing content marketing research using keywords or phrases. You will notice this is what people are actually asking into search engines when doing a search.

Search Engine Optimization

This is the same page as above but the bottom half of Serpstat Content Marketing ideas to use in your content.

Search Engine Optimization Content Marketing

Everything seems within a click away to get all the data you need to take your business or clients business to the next level. Everything is well laid out and easy to navigate and easy to understand powerful and amazing data given to you otherwise you would have to dig for hours to do all this manually.

Another great feature I love about Serpstat is ability to run daily, weekly or monthly reports of your website giving you data you could use to mine even more marketing material, keep your site healthy by using data to correct issues or errors so search engines look at your site more favorably improving your site ranking and traffic.

Marketing has become more efficient for me because of Serpstat and keeps my business going steady ahead with less concerns about website performance which is always reassuring.Serpstat

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Search Engines | SEO And Improving Your Website Results

Understanding How Search Engines Look At Your Website And Tips On How To Increase Website Search Results!

Improve Website SEOFact: Most entrepreneurs and/or bloggers starting out never understand SEO or research how the search engines work and how they can use this information to improve their chances of better and more positive search results for their websites.

Make sure to read to the end because I have a huge tip for you and if you get this, your website results will improve for sure.

Here are three important areas you need to understand in order to play the SEO game and play by the rules to win.

What is a Spiders Software ?

This software “crawls” the internet in search of fresh content on your website in order to gather information and then include the information during the search engine indexing process.

Right off the bat we see that you need to ensure that the images, videos or logos you use on your website are recognized by text “alt tags”, Spider will simply ignore these images and this will not give you any value in the search engine results.

Spiders are also crawling for the unique quality of your content, your Meta Tags ie. H1, H2, H3’s etc., If you are using a WordPress platform for your website or blog then I suggest you get a Plugin installed called: Yoast SEO or All-In-One-SEO Plugin.

These plugins will help you maximize your SEO efforts to provide those Search Engine Crawlers what they expect of your content and its quality to get rewarded in the search results and sending you an increase of free traffic.

What is the Index Software ?

The Index software is designed to record every bit of information and make it accessible. The Spider software takes the information gathered about a
page on your website and then sends it straight to the Index where the information is carefully analyzed and then stored.

And Finally, What is a Search Query and what does it do ?

This software/program is at the front end of what most people believe to be a search engine. This software may look quite simple, but it actually presents the outcome of the hardworking Spider and Index software.

When you type in your search terms or keywords and click on the “Search” button, the search engine will immediately go to work – it tries to match your search terms with the most relevant web pages it can locate by searching the entire World Wide Web.

In search engine marketing, which also includes organic and paid SEO, there is a well known strategy that basically entails focusing on what is called “Longtail Keywords”. Achieving top organic search engine rankings with “Single”, “Head” or “short tail” keywords can be very challenging.

In the instance of using single keywords and short keyword phrases, you are competing against some huge companies and popular established websites, not to mention other local businesses.

By focusing on longtail or the local keywords as a part of your search engine optimization  marketing strategy, you able to achieve a much more desirable position on search engine results and also attract your target audiences at a reasonably lower cost.

Longtail keywords are usually three words or more!

Another way to find relevant long tail keywords of your target audience you can use the Google Browser and input keywords you are trying to rank for and Google will give you LSI ( latent semantic indexing ) Keyword suggestions while typing in your keywords.

Quick Tip: Also at the bottom of the search results page you will see suggested searches related to your search which can also be used as keywords in your content and paid marketing as well. These are related searches to your keyword (s). See image below…

Improving Website Search Results

Warning: If you get this tip below you could accidentally increase website traffic and quality of visitors/buyers to your website and/or paid marketing!

SEO Tip:  When searching for keywords to use in your blog content or paid marketing you need to focus on what solution you can provide to the search your target audience is typing in their search engine browser.

Example: If your target audience is searching for; How to bake an apple pie ? Then your keyword (s) could be: ( See Screeenshot Pics below )

Here is the search I did and what Google gave me as I was typing as possible LSI keywords related to my search which I could use as longtail keywords.

LSI Keywords
Notice I miss-wrote the word ” And ” but still was given the correct search results!

In this next screenshot pic below you will notice the search suggestions at the bottom of the page when I searched for, How to bake a pie ?

website search results

One more thing to consider for better website results is doing a good market research meaning finding the best keywords and keyword phrases in your content. You do this by using free tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Find the best keywords by Volume of Search. Competition is only taken into account when using for paid marketing like, PPC. I wrote a great article you could read here on: Doing Market Research

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