6 Keys To Success With List Building?

Struggling In Building Your List ?

List BuildingWhat is list building ? List building is the art of getting interested leads and prospects to opting in to your email autoresponder form in exchange for something of value.

Value is defined by the market you are after. If you are offering weight loss tips then a free report on how to loose weight would be appropriate for this market.

How to build a list ?

In order to get started building your list you will need to have a couple of things in place:

  • First, you will need a website to place your opt-in form to collect your leads and prospects emails.
  • Second, you will need an email autoresponder likeList Building Aweber or Getresponse email management system where you can manage all your lists if your going after multiple niches. This will allow you to stay in touch with your prospects and you can pretty much set all this up on autopilot.
  • Third thing you will need is a product, newsletter or report you can give away to get your leads to opt-in in exchange for their email information.

Lead Funnel SystemIf you don’t want to go through the headache of building a lead funnel there are great systems like EMP already designed with everything in place and all you have to do is send traffic and collect commissions every month.

Here are some keys to success with six list building strategies and marketing techniques you can use  in listbuilding immediately:

  1. Facebook PPC – One of the quickest list building tactics you can use is PPC marketing. Facebook has facebook ppcover 1.4 Billion users and with it’s extensive targeting platform you can laser target your audience. However if your trying to promote a work from home business or other related niches you will not be able to since Facebook has blocked this kind of advertising but there are ways around it if you know how.
  2. Google Adwords PPC – Like Facebook, Google frowns on work from home advertising but again you can get around it if you give away a free ebook of some sort in a related niche but not directly related if that makes sense. For example: You can give away a free bootcamp on learning how to recruit people into their business. Google adwords can be very expensive. Instead you could use Micrsoft/Yahoo to test your ads and they are also more affiliate marketing friendly.
  3. Solo Ads – This method uses other peoples email lists. Usually you just provide your link where you want the traffic to go to and they will write the email to their own lists. Why? They want to protect their lists from spamming and unrelated niches. If your product is not related to their list in most cases they will not send it to their lists. So, find a related niche solo ad vendor.
  4. Ad Swaps – If you have a list already, you could do an ad swap with someone who has a related niche list as well. You would contact them and find out if it would be a good match for either of you. This method usually does not require an exchange of funds you are simply borrowing their list and they are borrowing your list.
  5. Blogging – This method requires using SEO Bloggingstrategies, a little more effort and work on your part because you are depending on the traffic to come from organic searches online.

If you have a new site it can take a little while to start generating some significant traffic. However, regardless if you choose paid marketing or not you still need to have a blog.

This will be your own real estate online and once you get it going and updating regularly in the long term it is a wise move.

This also allows you to brand yourself as an expert and can create a loyal following for years to come and more importantly no one can kick you out of your own house but if you are using someone else’s real estate they can kick you out any time they please.

6.  Videos – Youtube is the second largest search engine behind Google and gets billions of views every single month of people searching for how to videos or specific niche related videos. If your not afraid of getting in front of a camera than this is a great way to draw attention to your capture pages, blog or affiliate products.

Another area that you MUST pay attention to is, How to attract people to your products, newsletters and free reports.

How are you going communicate with your audience to generate leads and prospects into your business ?

The key to success is, Writing and crafting an ad, an email or content for your blog that includes the right message which attracts them to you even if they don’t buy from you at first. If not you will be running around aimlessly without a plan.

This is why attraction marketing and knowing these methods or strategies are number one priority and can allow you to practically write your own check by being able to recruit endless leads and prospects into your business without wasting time and money chasing dead beat leads.

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Build A Capture Page With WordPress ?

In this article I will share how you can easily build a capture page without any capture page software using a WordPress website.

All you have to do is create a new page, and give it a title. Add your headline to the center of the page to make it stand out.

Then add a sub-headline and center it as well and make it bold so it stands out as well.

The next thing your going to need is an opt-in form to get your prospects to opt-in and give you their email. I personally like Aweber and been using it for years.

They are very reliable when it comes to delivering your emails and a very user friendly platform as well.

Once your in Aweber as I show you in the video you will build a new list for that specific capture page. You want to make sure that you build a new list for every page you build so you can better track your lists and

You don’t want to be sending your emails to the wrong list.

You can include and customize your own opt-in forms in Aweber by using whatever image you would like to add.

But, make sure that the image is congruent with your products or it’s intended purpose. Very important!

After you customize your form then make sure to give your form a name and in the Thank You Page drop-down menu include your affiliate link to the product you want to give away or sell.

Or you can include your website URL if this is where you want your subscribers to go when they opt-in in your form.

Once you have created your form then copy the Java Script Snippet or HTML Code and add it to your WordPress page. After you’ve done this then make sure that your page template is Full Width Page so you have no sidebar in your page.

Now it is time to preview your work to make sure that you are satisfied.

Once you are satisfied then you can Publish your page and the page will be live. If the page does not show up in your Navigation Menu on your website just go back into the back office of your WordPress and on the left
side you will go under Appearance + Menu and add your new page to the Menu and save it.

Then refresh your website and it should appear in the

If you have any questions please leave them below and I will answer ASAP.

Thank you for checking out my training video. In the next video I will be showing you how to build a capture page using a Capture Page Software called LeadPages and will share some other tips too.

This Social Media Recruiting Guide Generates More Leads And Sales

It’s Time To Buck This Trend Of Failure… And Arm Network Marketers With The Right Tools For Success with Social Media

social media

Are you wondering why it seems so difficult to recruit people on social media when posting on your profile, in groups and your social media pages and find that no-one is interested ?

We personally have been through this learning curb ourselves but we did not have this guide when we got started with social media recruiting. We made all the mistakes you could possibly do including getting the account temporarily disabled not following the guidelines.

This is why this guide is so powerful and can help even a newbie start generating leads and sales in your business. Julie has laid out the path in her simple step by step guide.

Let’s Cut Through The Chase, These are Testimonials from average people who just followed the simple guide:

“As a busy Mom who home schools her children, I was looking for ways to brand myself and learn how I can attract more people with Facebook. Within a few weeks of working with Julie, my Facebook fan page exploded from 50 followers to over 2,200 fans. Julie’s social media strategies are priceless and they work!”

Heather Glaze
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“Within 5 months of linking arms with Julie, utilizing her strategies, and taking persistent intentional effort daily, I was able to replace my full time income at the bank. Within the next year, it doubled. The following year it quadrupled, and continues to grow today.

Julie’s social media methods are simple, straight-forward, and they work!”

Lisa Koch
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You’ll see how one stay-at-home mom personally sponsored 278 people… built a team of over 8,300 reps… and created a wildly successful business with this little-known system…

  • The VERY BEST time and frequency to post on Facebook for maximum reach and exposure.
  • 10 ways to immediately stand out in your prospect’s crowded newsfeed…
  • How to get others to send quality folks your way… without having to EVER ask (beg) for referrals.
  • How to properly take the conversation offline…
  • The “12 x 6 x 2 Rule” for super effective brandingSee You There…
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social media recruiter

Social media recruiting is not like your typical advertising platform where you simply place an ad to generate leads and all you have to do is test, monitor and update your ads to maximize its performance.

On social media you generate leads by being social and applying some social strategies that gets peoples attention and attracts them to your business without chasing people that have no interest in what your offering not because of the product but the way your message was delivered.

Social Media Recruiting Tip: If you take a good look at what the top marketers and earners are not talking about their company but instead talking about their lifestyle, Why ?

Because psychologically people who see their content on ads, social media, blogs and other places these people picture themselves being in that kind of lifestyle having the same results themselves helping them make an emotional decision to make a purchase of your product.

In other words don’t be screaming out in your ads or content, how great your product is because people will run as fast as they came. Start generating more leads, consumers and sales using the simple social strategies you’ll find in the social recruiting guide below.

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Do You Have The Right Marketing In Your At Home Business ?

Hey Guys,

Today is going to be a freestyle day…

This is one of the topics that I get asked a lot by my subscribers and needs to be addressed…

Dream BigI think you would like to read more about what I am about to shed some light on and one of the reasons why successful entrepreneurs have their success.

I spent over 7 years struggling and could not get my head around what I needed to take my home business & mind to the next level. They always say that if you hang out with successful people you stand a better chance at succeeding in your at home business.

So, What are those things that get you closer to having success, freedom and the lifestyle you choose for you and your family. What is it ?

It’s kind of my way to give others what they are looking for and more importantly, it solves/remedies their problem and they are so completely satisfies that they want to pay it forward too.

Like their family and friends. It can have a ripple effect and imagine having 5,000 or 10,000 subscribers like these. How much would that be worth to your business ?

The key here is:

That if you want to be successful in the home business opportunities world. This is the quickest way to have and enjoy your goals their is a close guarded sauce that successful entrepreneurs use.

This is what when we talk to leaders in this industry this is kind of stuff we mastermind about.

I am glad you asked, He has helped some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the home business opportunities industry with his secret weapon to generate leads on autopilot plus the secret sauce of how to generate those leads.

Their is a method to this madness.

Watch the videos on my home page…They are very powerful and you will learn a great tip to improve your at home business too…guaranteed! 

Another way of generating quality leads to your business is by using list building techniques that are proven.

Like, giving what the prospect is looking for to solve his problem. Obviously you want to provide a high quality product that they will be satisfied with and will recommend to others.

These are your subscribers but also understand that they are just like you and think similar to your projection of visualization and because you want to help them genuinely and staying in touch with them frequently will keep them engaged.

The closer you can get them to solving their problem then you will see things change for your business. Just visualize what would help solve their problem and just let it flow and afterwards write everything down and brains storm to writing your offer or Ads.

When you figure this out everything will start to change! If you watch Tim’s video on my home page you will understand this point much better. Head over to my home page and checkout the videos. Click here to watch now…

Hope you have a fantastic day and absorb what I discuss and what my circle of friends want to share freely as I do too.

Building A Highly Targeted Opt In List When Money Lies Beneath the Lists

Having a highly targeted opt in list should be priority # 1…

Building A ListAre you successful with your Internet business? Better yet, do you think you are successful with your online business?

When most online entrepreneurs are asked with these questions, they often brush it off. This is because most of them, who have not yet realize the right way to succeed in Internet Marketing, continue to believe that the mere fact that they have a website is already enough to succeed on the Internet.

The truth is, they all end up very upset because they fail to realize the secret behind the success in Internet Marketing.

Having a website is not a guarantee that your online business will succeed. How will you succeed if people will not realize that your business exist online? The key to Internet marketing is to get your marketing to work for you.

An effective way to do this is to build an opt-in list. In fact, most of the people who are having great results in Internet marketing will tell you that building a highly targeted opt in list is the most effective and important tool in Internet marketing.

Basically, an opt in list is a list of email addresses of people who have agreed to obtain any kind of information from online businesses like you. The term “opt in” means that you have their permission to send to them whatever newsletters, brochures, or promotions that you have in your online business.

Usually this is included in an email management system like Aweber.

It is extremely important that you have their permission first before you send them information because unsolicited emails will be regarded as spam, and spamming is an illegal activity in the Net.

Because of the feasibility of building an opt in list on Internet marketing, most of the online entrepreneurs consider it as the most treasured tool in their online business. If you grow a list big enough that you can stop paying for ads and just simply email your list with a new product in their niche.

By creating an opt in list, you will be able to maintain solid contact with your previous buyers at the same time boost your sales because of the fact that you have a sure target market always ready to purchase items from you.

Opt in list is considered to be the most important item for an Internet marketer. In fact, if in case something bad happens like emergencies and catastrophes and they could only save one item, it would be their opt in list saved on a backup disk.

Just imagine how these people value their opt in list. If this is the case, then it must be really something, right? It is estimated that each subscriber is worth approximately $1.00 each. So if you have a list of 10,000 then you would expect to yield approximately $10,000.

Maximum Leaverage 427X60

So, for people who are not yet aware of the importance of building a highly targeted opt in list and would like to know how to build them, here are some tips that could be very useful:

1. Decide on your niche market or your target market.

It is extremely important to know your target market in order to focus on something. It would be really confusing and time consuming if you will build an opt in list with no particular market in mind.

Moreover, having a niche market would bring more focus on your marketing campaigns and would derive better results because you have direct you emails to people who would most likely be interested in them.

2. Be sure that your selected target market is available in the Internet.

The mere acquisition of a niche market is not a guarantee that you can already start building your opt in list. Since, the concept of opt in list is specifically generated to aid in the growth of the Internet market of a particular entrepreneur, it is important to have a niche market that is available through the Internet.

The concept is basically simple, how can you promote your online business if your niche market is not available in the Internet? Hence, it is extremely important to verify if your target market is available online.

3. Verify if your chosen target market is income-generating market.

Building a highly targeted opt in list will just go to waste if your niche market is not generating any income at all.

Try to verify their income-generating potential through the search engines, wherein you will find some paid ads related to the keywords you have searched. This would only mean that if somebody is willing to pay to advertise focusing on the same target market that you have in mind, chances are, you will be able to reap positive results on your target market.

4. Generate solutions to the problems of your target market by using Internet forum.

Creating this type of forum will initiate the underlying solutions that will answer to most of your target market’s problem.

Through their posts and threads, you will be able to identify your target market’s problem and will be able to come up with a great solution. In turn, it will be very handy when you make your opt in list.

5. Use exit pop-ups on your desktop version of your website this way you can maximize your visitors experience. Mailmunch has a free version which works great for us. Offer a free ebook, free report, pdf download or free 10 day bootcamp.

Indeed, the success of an online business or Internet marketing greatly depends on the opt in list. It is where the online businesses could come up with newsletters that would allow them to promote their products at the same time create the need for it. In turn, it will generate more income and make more money.

As they say, money is in the list that’s why most businesses consider opt in list as valuable as gold.

P.S. Want to learn how to build a list while you sleep without ever picking up the phone ? Learn more…