Press Release Writing Tips And Resources

All Content Created Online Whether On Your Blog, Article Directory Submissions Or Press Releases There Is One Element Critical To Readership And It’s Results!

Question: What is the first thing your audience sees when landing on your Press Release ?

Answer: Your Press Release Headline

5 Wiining Headline Formulas 2If your headline is not attention grabbing enough to generate interest in reading the rest of your content then you’ve wasted a valuable asset and more importantly your time.

Here are some guidelines to writing better headlines:

  1. Asking questions is one way of getting peaked interest in your content and your press releases.
  2. Using the tips, strategies or techniques as your headline focus. For example: Learn 5 Tips To Triple Your Income!
  3. Using current News or Events to attract your specific and exact audience you are after. If your after an audience that loves dogs then you would use something like; The latest Dog Training science recently discovered to train your dog in 14 days!
  4. Your headline must be accurate and engaging. ( Leave the hype and false statements out of your content )

The next order of business in writing a press release that keeps your audience engaged is your first paragraph of your content.

Your first paragraph should be direct and to the point to keep your reader wanting to continue through the rest of the press release or any content for that matter. says:

Press releases are an essential element of any public relations strategy. These short, compelling documents detail product releases, event announcements and other newsworthy items a company produces.

As CEO of the tech PR firm Cutler Group, it’s my job to help take the business dealings of innovative tech startups and turn them into press coverage — and one of the first steps my team and I take is writing good press releases on our clients’ behalf. Read more… says: 

I’ve learned one important thing about press releases. A great press release is not something that prompts a journalist to write an article; rather, a great press release is published as an article.

While that may be an abstraction outside of the most time-strapped of reporters, many times the better your press release, the more of it ends up verbatim in the resulting article. Read more…

press release writing

Here are some great tips to writing awesome Press Release Content:

Now that you have written a great Press Release it is time to share with the world. Here are some top submission sites to consider below.

Top Free Press Release Submission Sites:

  1. – Share Your News with Journalists, Consumers, & Bloggers. (The site offers several different press distribution options, including a free plan to submit up to one posting per day.  They also provide great press release writing tips on their “PR Resources” page. )
  2. Free Press Release – On this site, the free distribution option allows you to use specific font styles to create a more customized press release.  For only $1 per release you can insert up to 3 images to add branding with a logo or enhance your release with pictures of an event or product.
  3. – has a different layout than the other sites. Their categories are the main focus of their website which makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and allows for more qualified traffic to be exposed to your press releases.
  4. i-Newswire – Here, i-newswire has an impressive list of their distribution partners on their home page and include channels such as: search engine distribution, new sites distribution, and RSS feed distribution.
  5. PRLog – PrLog’s press release plan has the most features available for free.  With clickable links inside the body (a key feature to increase your website’s SEO), ability to include company logos, unlimited unique press releases, and more, this site allows for a truly customized press release at no cost to you.

Remember which ever way you decide to go with your Press Release submitting it to these above sites are important to getting your PR found online but more importantly writing high quality always trumps quantity and the engagement will be a noticeable indication as well.

Don’t like writing or don’t know how to write a great Press Release ? Outsource it!

There are great places to get your Press Release written online and here are a few:

  • – Fiverr is probably the most inexpensive place you can get your Press Release written. Prices start at just $5.
  • – Get your online news written and distributed in one place with their expert team of journalists and their high quality distribution partner, accessing major news networks online.
  • – Get a press release written that is readable, properly formatted, and designed to get media attention. They also have a distribution service to major journalists as well.
  • – Tell them what you need and their Traffic Director will personally select the best candidate from a pool of expert writers to tailor your content needs.
  • – They provide various content writing services including Press Release writing services.

Want to see what a Press Release looks like and how it should be formated ? Checkout this list of Press Release Samples by

Ranking Your Website And Google Latest Update Narwhal

Do You Have A Website And Depend On Organic Rankings In Google Since It Controls Over 60% Of The Search Market ?

google searchIt implies that Google has a difference of opinion when it comes to giving websites credit to obtain and more importantly keep good rankings on Google.

With this latest Narwhal Update, Now Google is focusing on Authority once again and implied links can contribute to ranking authority.

What’s an Implied Link? Read entire article at: but they say the following:

An Implied Link is, Lets say the New York Times writes an article about your company but doesn’t link to you (this happens a lot). No problem. Using contextual analysis, Google gives you credit for this “implied link” although no link is included in the article. This is the very nature of PR, getting the word out rather than focusing on inbound links.

The first thing everyone says is, Press Releases and SEO are dead and we don’t know how to rank a website without having to spend a lot of money.

We have looked at both theories:

  • Without Press Releases
  • With Press Releases

Without Press Releases one thing remains constant, Quality, Relevant, Valuable and Unique content still rules as the strongest ranking factor for any website or blog.

Without Press Releases your leaving money on the table, sought of speak. The more channels you promote your website and/or blog in the more traffic and targeted traffic reaches your website.

Google searches are directly related to getting them on to your site with the use of the right keywords. This is why keywords play such an important roll in helping visitors and Google find your content.

With Press Releases you are using leverage but today you need to be leveraging leveraged submission Press Release Wire media positioned to give you the exposure you need for your site.

It is the priciest way to go but you get the best and faster results using a service like

If you want to just submit it to a Directory of Press Releases just make sure to leave your link to your website in the resource box. – Share Your News with Journalists, Consumers, & Bloggers

Instant online visibility. News direct to consumers, journalist, & bloggers. | As an SEO ( Search Engine Opitmization ) long time student ourselves we use all of these factors to leverage the use of great tools with the resources to help you take your business to the next level. RankingThe most important factor above all in our humble opinion is that great content people want to read and exchange with can enjoy great visibility in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Content is King! But there are many misconceptions about article produced by PLR’s because this content is already prepared and written but you can simply rewrite it to your situation, market, and your blogs.

As long as you make the article more than 50% unique or better yet 60% would be ideal.

MLM Plr Store has a great quality content you can use in your blogs and marketing.

Write your own articles too. You want to give your site your flavor of what you offer and can serve the public looking for your product or service.

To continue to generate web traffic to your site and increase ranking in search engines make sure you are also using your social signals as well to leverage additional exposure to your brand and service.

Leverage your social signals with: