3 Secrets of Top Direct Selling Consultants

Are you an outgoing, self-driven individual looking for the perfect opportunity to launch the career of your dreams? If so, you should consider the direct selling industry.

direct selling

Not only has direct selling become one of the most sought-after careers for entrepreneurs, but with a create-your-own-schedule structure and handsome compensation, direct selling is also the perfect way to grow as a successful salesperson.

Backed with the advice from the following three direct selling superstars, you can chase your dreams and find ultimate success.

SuzAnne Brothers, Independent Senior National Sales Director at Mary Kay Cosmetics

In September 1981, SuzAnne Brothers realized her life needed a change. She felt that the everyday duties of being a wife, mother, and homemaker were slowly depleting her of the independence and power she so deeply craved.

Even though she was busy with a slew of jobs – caretaker, gardener, decorator, errand runner, cook, laundress, shopper, child educator, counselor, volunteer, chauffeur – she still felt unfulfilled; like something was missing.

Despite shaken confidence, SuzAnne called Mary Kay Cosmetics, the company for which she previously did consulting for and committed to them once again. She started small, working just ten hours a week around her family’s busy schedule.

During those ten hours, she gave her job everything she had and executed each appointment with attention to quality, details, enthusiasm, personal warmth, and positivity. By 1995, she reached the ultimate Mary Kay status: National Sales Director.

Today, SuzAnne holds some of the highest credentials in Mary Kay history, leads a team of successful Mary Kay consultants, and runs her own consultant training business, Brothers Area.

SuzAnne’s Mary Kay commissions in direct selling are over $8 million, with a monthly check of $42,000.

Mary Kay

She pioneered the opening of Mary Kay in Mexico
She’s been on the front cover of Colorado Business Magazine and The Rocky Mountain News

SuzAnne is in the top .5-percent of wage earners of women in the U.S.
Suzanne’s secret to success: “You should never compare yourself with anyone else. Comparisons are tough because you’re always going to end up on the bad side of a comparison.

Never compare yourself with anyone else and just know that you have God-given abilities that are unique just for you, imprinted just to you and that there is a whole big, big world that awaits just for you.”

Ginny Fiscella, Stirling Director of Direct Selling at Silpada Designs

She decided to become a direct selling sales representative for Silpada Jewelry after flipping through her sister-in-law’s catalog and racking up a $350 wish list in just a matter of pages.

After taking out $1,000 from her savings account to purchase display jewelry, she figured she’d need to host 12 jewelry parties to offset the cost. Much to her surprise, however, Ginny’s first party brought in $1,500 in sales and six more bookings.

Within a year and a half, Ginny was bringing in $3,000 to $4,000 per month, and hosting two to three parties a week. By 2005, Ginny was making six figures yearly and leading her very own Silpada sales team. Her lucrative success allowed Doug to quit his job and he now assists Ginny with the administrative tasks of being a leading sales rep and also helps with the “mom” duties of running a family.

On average, Ginny works four days and two nights a week
As the Stirling Director at Silpada, Ginny helps manage more than 2,000 sales reps

She achieves more than $1 million in cumulative retail sales per year
Made over $200,000 in 2015 Ginny’s secret for success: Ask everyone and if they say no, that means they don’t have enough information. Also, use modern strategies like email and Facebook to better market yourself and your products.

Deni Robinson, ASEA Independent Direct Selling Associate and #2 Top ASEA Income Earner For Deni Robinson, a simple health and wellness brochure was all she needed to find her dream job as a sales representative and make her financial goals come true.

When she found ASEA Redox Supplement, a breakthrough in cellular health, she knew she’d found the product that could help enhance people’s lives and thus found her calling.

Deni’s rapid success in the industry encouraged her husband, Tom, to join the ASEA family and in a matter of months the two advanced from Director 700 leaders, where they were earning an average of $750 a week in commissions, to Diamond Executive earning around $6,000 per week. Today, Deni and Tom each earn a weekly compensation of $10,000, making them Triple Diamond executives.

Deni is the #2 Top ASEA Income Earner in the International ASEA Business She has been named the top manager in the nation
She’s earned more than 10 company cards Deni has received numerous awards from other network marketing companies Deni’s secret to success: Building a business is a lot like building a house.

“When you build a house, you rely on the talents of other people, and so I looked for people who were talented and good at what they did. I’ve used that same philosophy in building my ASEA business; I look for people who do things much better than I do.”

As you can see, the success of these amazing direct selling consultants isn’t a secret after all! It comes down to having a vision, a great work ethic, and a wonderful company backing you up.

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How To Make A Sales Selling The Hole Not The Drill

Have You Ever Been To Home Depot You Ask The Salesman For A Drill And They Start Selling You On The Features Of The Drill ?

Selling TechniquesWell for some guys this all it takes because I guess it’s a guy thing, Right? They just have to tell me It’s A Ferrari and I say, Where are the keys?

But, Seriously!

Most professionals or those who use a drill in their profession they want to know, How long will the battery last if it’s a portable drill, What kind of torque the drill has because it is required for specific types of jobs, Does the drill have a reverse or What kind of warranty the drill has ?

Put yourself in the consumers shoes for a minute and think what things would be important if you wanted to buy a drill.

What is the difference you might ask ? Well in the sales world we call it, Selling the Benefits and not the Features.

When I previously worked in the automobile industry there was this one Indian gentlemen that would consistently sell 20 to 25 cars a month and didn’t work half as much as I did and I struggled to sell 10 cars a month.

One day I told him that, I wanted to learn how to make more sales like he did. What do I need to do? He just chuckled at me and said, You have to sell the sizzle not the steak.

I thought he was joking at first but he was serious and for the life of me I did not know what the heck he was telling me. I said to myself this guy has lost his marbles and clearly this is the reason people buy from him.

The I confronted my sales manager and told him what the other salesman had told me and asked him if he was crazy. My sales manager looked at me and said, He is the best salesman we have in our company and he consistently has outsold everyone for the last five years.

My sales manager said, What he meant was that when you are talking with your customers you need to first ask questions of what features they are looking for and then you sell them on the benefits of those features.

It hit me like lightning bolt when my boss told me that and it has never been the same since then.

So, getting back to the drill. When you have people wanting to buy the drill you ask them, What are they using the drill for ? When they tell you then you can sell them on the benefits of the purpose they are looking to use the drill for.

These selling strategies, sales tactics or selling techniques apply on how to make more sales online as well.

The difference online is that the customer is not walking into a physical store front but are still walking into a store online. Initially there is no person to person contact but this is where your selling skills along with a well crafted sales funnel come into play.

First there is lead generation where you go find out where your prospects and leads hangout. You do this by doing your market research using tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Getting Your Prospects In Your Store ?

Second you need to present your prospects with posing a question or a thought provoking headline that gets your prospects to come into your store ( Your Ad ) to learn more about your product.

How To Make A Sale?

Once they are in your store then you sell them on the benefits of the product they are already looking for and how it can help them solve their problems.

You tell them about how the drill has the torque and hammer action to make the holes in their concrete wall the reason they need the drill for in the first place.

Now, How to close the sale ?

You already have lead your prospect to saying to themselves many Yeses and they are ready to pull the trigger and pull their credit card out because you did a great job pre-selling them.

You simply tell them, since this is the drill that you love and has all the features and has all the benefits I explained to you just previously Click Here to get your drill!

You noticed what I just did ? I recapped everything about the drill they love and they picture themselves using it at home already and then subtly placed a Call To Action. 

If you want to be successful and learn how to make sales more effectively you must invest in yourself and learn from others that are having success. Those who are successful already can provide you with a shortcut to achieving your sales goals faster.

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