Ranking Your Website And Google Latest Update Narwhal

Do You Have A Website And Depend On Organic Rankings In Google Since It Controls Over 60% Of The Search Market ?

google searchIt implies that Google has a difference of opinion when it comes to giving websites credit to obtain and more importantly keep good rankings on Google.

With this latest Narwhal Update, Now Google is focusing on Authority once again and implied links can contribute to ranking authority.

What’s an Implied Link? Read entire article at: eReleases.com but they say the following:

An Implied Link is, Lets say the New York Times writes an article about your company but doesn’t link to you (this happens a lot). No problem. Using contextual analysis, Google gives you credit for this “implied link” although no link is included in the article. This is the very nature of PR, getting the word out rather than focusing on inbound links.

The first thing everyone says is, Press Releases and SEO are dead and we don’t know how to rank a website without having to spend a lot of money.

We have looked at both theories:

  • Without Press Releases
  • With Press Releases

Without Press Releases one thing remains constant, Quality, Relevant, Valuable and Unique content still rules as the strongest ranking factor for any website or blog.

Without Press Releases your leaving money on the table, sought of speak. The more channels you promote your website and/or blog in the more traffic and targeted traffic reaches your website.

Google searches are directly related to getting them on to your site with the use of the right keywords. This is why keywords play such an important roll in helping visitors and Google find your content.

With Press Releases you are using leverage but today you need to be leveraging leveraged submission Press Release Wire media positioned to give you the exposure you need for your site.

It is the priciest way to go but you get the best and faster results using a service like eReleases.com.

If you want to just submit it to a Directory of Press Releases just make sure to leave your link to your website in the resource box.

24-7PressRelease.com – Share Your News with Journalists, Consumers, & Bloggers

Instant online visibility. News direct to consumers, journalist, & bloggers. | 24-7PressRelease.com As an SEO ( Search Engine Opitmization ) long time student ourselves we use all of these factors to leverage the use of great tools with the resources to help you take your business to the next level. RankingThe most important factor above all in our humble opinion is that great content people want to read and exchange with can enjoy great visibility in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Content is King! But there are many misconceptions about article produced by PLR’s because this content is already prepared and written but you can simply rewrite it to your situation, market, and your blogs.

As long as you make the article more than 50% unique or better yet 60% would be ideal.

MLM Plr Store has a great quality content you can use in your blogs and marketing.

Write your own articles too. You want to give your site your flavor of what you offer and can serve the public looking for your product or service.

To continue to generate web traffic to your site and increase ranking in search engines make sure you are also using your social signals as well to leverage additional exposure to your brand and service.

Leverage your social signals with:

Content Marketing Google And Search Engine Optimization

The Hottest Topic ” Content Marketing ” On The Internet Since The Mention Of The Next Google Update Coming In One Week!

If you have a website or blog it is a subject you would want to pay attention as well. Most SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) gurus and services are paying close attention too.

Google has control of over 60% of the searches online and when they make a changes to their algorithm’s many people panic because of practices they are currently implementing that are outside of Google’s parameters.

Images from http://www.worldwidewebsize.com/

Google Web Pages

Web Pages On Google

One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned about Google is that when it comes to ranking on search engines or getting your website found there is one common practice that has always satisfies Google’s liking’s and it’s been ” Content Marketing “.

It is the equalizer as far as Google and other search engines are concerned because the name of this place where you and everyone else search for products, friends, How To content, accurate information, videos and anything else via the World Wide Web are called: Search Engines.

The definition of Search Engine is – a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified ( meaning words typed in their search browser ) by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web.

Pay close attention to the bolder words in the previous paragraph which is one of the key secrets to getting your website found online.

For many years we have tried many different strategies both, Black Hat and White Hat and with over 10 years of experience and trial an error, ” Content Marketing ” is ” The Way ” to enjoy great success with your website or blog long term.

Quality Content Marketing always trumps all other strategies and it is one you should implement in your business website or blog.

Another area that needs your immediate attention since this algorithm update will take affect in one week.

Today we received an email from one of our subscribers regarding SEO and the next Google algorithm update called “Mobilegeddon”.

mobile friendly webdesign
by getsited.co.uk

It is called this because it is mainly concerning the mobile-friendliness of your site meaning that if your site is not mobile friendly your site will be affected in the search engines and will not be easily found.

If you are using WordPress for your website or blog you can easily get a mobile friendly Plugin or a Mobile Responsive Theme to make your site mobile friendly.

You can check your site here to see if it is Mobile friendly or not: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

If you use another platform other than WordPress than I suggest you contact your hosting and ask them if they provide the service or can direct you in the right direction.

One report a couple of weeks ago warned about loosing your website position in the search engines, being penalized and it is here and it is important that you take necessary steps to make sure your not left out in the cold.

Just make sure that you pay attention to your content marketing strategy and the quality of your content.

Remember that what ever route you take your readers are looking for relevant content to their searches and the search engines will reward your site for providing it to them.

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Search Engines | SEO And Improving Your Website Results

Understanding How Search Engines Look At Your Website And Tips On How To Increase Website Search Results!

Improve Website SEOFact: Most entrepreneurs and/or bloggers starting out never understand SEO or research how the search engines work and how they can use this information to improve their chances of better and more positive search results for their websites.

Make sure to read to the end because I have a huge tip for you and if you get this, your website results will improve for sure.

Here are three important areas you need to understand in order to play the SEO game and play by the rules to win.

What is a Spiders Software ?

This software “crawls” the internet in search of fresh content on your website in order to gather information and then include the information during the search engine indexing process.

Right off the bat we see that you need to ensure that the images, videos or logos you use on your website are recognized by text “alt tags”, Spider will simply ignore these images and this will not give you any value in the search engine results.

Spiders are also crawling for the unique quality of your content, your Meta Tags ie. H1, H2, H3’s etc., If you are using a WordPress platform for your website or blog then I suggest you get a Plugin installed called: Yoast SEO or All-In-One-SEO Plugin.

These plugins will help you maximize your SEO efforts to provide those Search Engine Crawlers what they expect of your content and its quality to get rewarded in the search results and sending you an increase of free traffic.

What is the Index Software ?

The Index software is designed to record every bit of information and make it accessible. The Spider software takes the information gathered about a
page on your website and then sends it straight to the Index where the information is carefully analyzed and then stored.

And Finally, What is a Search Query and what does it do ?

This software/program is at the front end of what most people believe to be a search engine. This software may look quite simple, but it actually presents the outcome of the hardworking Spider and Index software.

When you type in your search terms or keywords and click on the “Search” button, the search engine will immediately go to work – it tries to match your search terms with the most relevant web pages it can locate by searching the entire World Wide Web.

In search engine marketing, which also includes organic and paid SEO, there is a well known strategy that basically entails focusing on what is called “Longtail Keywords”. Achieving top organic search engine rankings with “Single”, “Head” or “short tail” keywords can be very challenging.

In the instance of using single keywords and short keyword phrases, you are competing against some huge companies and popular established websites, not to mention other local businesses.

By focusing on longtail or the local keywords as a part of your search engine optimization  marketing strategy, you able to achieve a much more desirable position on search engine results and also attract your target audiences at a reasonably lower cost.

Longtail keywords are usually three words or more!

Another way to find relevant long tail keywords of your target audience you can use the Google Browser and input keywords you are trying to rank for and Google will give you LSI ( latent semantic indexing ) Keyword suggestions while typing in your keywords.

Quick Tip: Also at the bottom of the search results page you will see suggested searches related to your search which can also be used as keywords in your content and paid marketing as well. These are related searches to your keyword (s). See image below…

Improving Website Search Results

Warning: If you get this tip below you could accidentally increase website traffic and quality of visitors/buyers to your website and/or paid marketing!

SEO Tip:  When searching for keywords to use in your blog content or paid marketing you need to focus on what solution you can provide to the search your target audience is typing in their search engine browser.

Example: If your target audience is searching for; How to bake an apple pie ? Then your keyword (s) could be: ( See Screeenshot Pics below )

Here is the search I did and what Google gave me as I was typing as possible LSI keywords related to my search which I could use as longtail keywords.

LSI Keywords
Notice I miss-wrote the word ” And ” but still was given the correct search results!

In this next screenshot pic below you will notice the search suggestions at the bottom of the page when I searched for, How to bake a pie ?

website search results

One more thing to consider for better website results is doing a good market research meaning finding the best keywords and keyword phrases in your content. You do this by using free tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Find the best keywords by Volume of Search. Competition is only taken into account when using for paid marketing like, PPC. I wrote a great article you could read here on: Doing Market Research

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SEO Tips Strategies And News Updates- Issue 001

Staying Ahead Of SEO Is

Well Worth The Effort!

In today’s issue we discovered some simple but yet effective way of staying in good grace with the 800 pound gorilla in the room, Google.

You should know Matt Cutts by now and how he is always making news with algorithm changes like Panda, Penguin and others that affect a great number of SEO websites attempting to get Top 10 results on Google to get free organic traffic.

If you want to keep the 800 pound gorilla at bay with SEO than you need to read this –

SEO Ranking Results 2014: The ‘rise’ of content

As Matt Cutts of Google says: “If you keep the mental model of what is Google trying to do – we’re trying to return great search results for users – then that helps you figure out how to align yourself with those goals, because if you’re aligned with those goals, then we’re going to want return the high-quality pages that you’re making.” Therefore, create content that is relevant and engaging to the user (your customers!) and watch your SEO rankings climb.

From: IDF Marketing Blog – Read more…



It’s important to know how Google are thinking when it comes to rating site quality so with this new document leak we know the answer!

The 2014 leaked Google reviewer guidelines are one of the most important documents in SEO to surface this year. They give the reader a really clear outline of what Google’s manual reviewers have to do when judging a site for quality.

Quality is the important word here because Google is doing its very best to give the highest quality results to the user. What quality means in sort of debatable but in general in the context of Google and their perceptions of what is a good site, you can say it’s all defined here.

From: Calvin Ayre.com – Read more…


Using Great Web Design to Support Your SEO Efforts

One of the most common mistakes you can make with your SEO is waiting until after your site is designed to consider what’s best for your site’s rankings. Great design starts from a foundation of understanding your core user. When you always keep this ideal customer in mind, design and SEO form a union that is rock solid for all your marketing efforts.

There are many design trends these days, and each of them have their own SEO challenges. Whether you choose responsive, HTML5, or parallax design, or any hybrid thereof, considering your SEO needs as you create or re-launch your site is imperative.

From: SiteProNews.com – Read more…

How To Research A Niche Market

 When You Learn How To Research A Niche Market Correctly Your Chances Of Reaching A Larger Audience Are Much Greater!

Niche Market ResearchGetting people to your website is a very important skill. It’s not just about writing content and generating a buzz around it, although those are important skills too.

The work begins way before you start writing on your site, as you need to find the perfect niche – the subject of your website. Niche research is about finding profitable subjects that are broad enough to write enough content about, yet narrow enough for you to become an authority on the topic.

A great way to establish the popularity of a niche market is to use the Google AdWords keyword tool. Simply type in the name of the niche and you will see the number of searches performed each month, along with lots of related keywords.

If you sign in to the tool, you will also see the average price you would expect to pay to advertise on the front page of Google for each term. This should give you a feel for how much money there is to be made in the niche you have chosen to research.

There are a number of ways to find out how much competition you will face if you launch a site in a particular niche market. For a very quick and broad estimation, simply search for the niche name in speech marks in Google.

The higher the number of results returned, the more competition is out there. Of course, this doesn’t give you much insight into the quality of the competition, just the quantity.

To get a more reliable indication of how tough a keyword will be to rank for in search results, there are free tools to download, popular ones include Market Samurai and Traffic Travis.

These will analyze things like how many inbound links are pointing to sites already ranking for the niche terms.

This gives a far more accurate picture of competition, but can take a while to fully research.

By doing your niche research properly, you will save time and effort. Focusing on the wrong markets will usually result in poor results, namely profit.

When you find a niche market with plenty of search volume, good advertiser spend and relatively low competition, you have truly found your niche. This is why, How to research a niche market is so important before you embark on building your website or blog.