Is List Building The Right Way To Build A Home Business ?

Have You Tried Building Your Business With Little Success Online or No Success At All ?

List BuildingI am sure many have and in fact most have bought into this idea or should I say, Illusion of building a home business with a push button solution to achieving  success online.

Many programs or systems tell you to just build a beautiful website and try to get it to the first page of Google.

Good luck with that idea!

Don’t get me wrong, it can be done if you choose the right low competition keywords with good enough traffic and spend the next three months building links, writing articles, creating high quality content and hope that Google doesn’t change the algorithm next week and so on.

Some programs tell you to go to Facebook and place ads for pennies without actually revealing how to get that traffic for pennies or how to get traffic at all before you run out of money.

Again this can be accomplished but you need the right marketing training to achieve this as well. If you’re not careful you could run out of your marketing budget pretty quick.

Another way to build a home business is by building a list of people interested in something of high quality and value in exchange for their information.

Obviously, Marketing is something that inevitably you need to learn if you want to make it in the home business industry and list building goes hand in hand with marketing.

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I’ll give you a hint on how all online marketers have built their highly successful online businesses, List Building!

You need to offer value and willing to share what people are looking for to be interested in subscribing to your list.

One of the most successful ways you could build a big list is by giving away a Free eBook or Report of high value they can use in their business or high quality content that solves a problem.

Here is a video with some tips:

The key to building a successful and long term business online is by building your list of happy subscribers you can cultivate and ultimately convert into sales.

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Why should businesses focus on list building ?

Regardless of what type of business you are in, list building is one of the strategies most are missing.

Is this you ?

List BuildingI remember the first time I heard someone tell me, ” The Money Is In The List ” It took me years to understand this while lost in the universe of internet marketing which I was also terrible at building a list and didn’t know where to start.

But, when that light bulb went off in my brain that ” AHA Moment ” I suddenly realized that many of successful businesses where making hoards of money by sending their lists targeted emails giving them an incentive to make a purchase whether it be a Free Report with an up-sell or introduction to your company or related products.

It works like magic but to be an effective list builder you have to protect your lists like golden since they are really very valuable asset to have in your off-line business ( Brick & Mortar ) and/or your online business.

One day I walked into Sears to make a purchase and the sales lady asked me for my email to send me weekly sales or other product specials and of course I said , Yes! I love my tools and Sears has Craftsman Tools…they are my favorite tools. Lifetime Warranty!

What got my attention was that, I could not refuse the offer and say, No. It instantly made sense that if you give your customers a Free Offer or Newsletter that they can’t refuse they will give you there name and email information.

But, let’s be clear. You don’t want to misrepresent yourself, your product or your company because you will not have that person/consumer on your list long enough to get one sale from them and worst yet, they will tell all of their friends and family too.

The reason list building is so effective is that you can send all of your list an email at one time using an autoresponder service like Aweber, MailChimp, ListWire and many others.

Not only can you send them an email at once but it is literally like an ATM machine if you do it correctly. Once they receive your email giving them over delivered value they will in most cases say…Yes to what you sell to them.

If done correctly, you can build a huge list and make multiple sales from each person on your list. Top corporations and businesses are using list building every single day once they realized how valuable it is to get customer email information.

List Building is responsible for billions of dollars in online and off-line business profits and it is why you need to implement this into your business. You will experience a double and possibly a triple gain in profits and even more if you cultivate a good relationship with your email list.

Before the email, it was physical mailings. Remember when you used to get a million pieces of mailing with different offers ? Well, these mailings believe or not they still work but not as well as emails today. Today we have a more technology advanced consumer and they will open an email that they are interested in and delete the rest.

This doesn’t mean that you stop emailing them. They might not be interested in what you have today but tomorrow might be a different story.

In today’s world, it is extremely competitive and if you and your business don’t get up to speed with the way consumers are shopping today then you could be one of the so many closing shop today.

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