Leverage These Marketing Statistics For 2014 and 2015

2014 Has Come and Gone But If You Have A Business Online or Off-Line You Need To Pay Attention to These Mind Blowing Marketing Statistics!

StatsIf you are serious about your business these statistics will give you plenty of ammunition to start 2015 with a Big Bang!

What do buyers say is the most important signal of vendor credibility? What type of content is most effective? What do marketers rate as the single most valuable SEO tactic? What are the top barriers to adopting social business practices?

Find the answers to these questions and many others in more than 100 social and online marketing stats from 20+ different sources.

Here are online marketing stats in 13 categories  you need to read and learn how they can improve and increase your business performance and profits for 2015:

  1. 9 General Marketing Stats

  2. 5 Online Demographics Stats

  3. 13 Content Marketing Stats –

  4. 7 Blogging Stats

  5. 7 Visual and Video Marketing Stats

  6. 5 SEO Stats

  7. 15 Social Media Marketing Stats

  8. 7 Facebook Marketing stats

  9. 3 LinkedIn Marketing Stats

  10. 7 Twitter Marketing Stats

  11. 3 Google+ Stats

  12. 13 Email Marketing Stats

  13. 10 Mobile Marketing Stats

This stat # 17 in Content Marketing was really surprising to me, ( Not all content has to be original. 48% of marketers curate noteworthy content from third-party sources weekly (this post is an example). (Design & Promote)

And this one really caught my attention too, ( # 26. Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%. ) (Social Fresh)

I already have a marketing strategy for 2015 and with the help of this awesome information you can too.

Thanks to Webbiquity.com who shared these Stats. Go to Webbiquity.com to read all these 104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

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