Attraction Marketing Formula – Is It A Scam? Does It Work?

Attraction Marketing Formula – Is It A Scam? Does It Work?

Red, Carpet

What is Attraction Marketing Formula ?

 Attraction marketing formula is the Red Carpet and the path to attracting more prospects, leads, more visitors to your website, your product and/or services.

Attraction Marketing Bootcamp
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Do you have a business or do any marketing at all ? If the answer is, Yes then you’ve probably tried many different strategies with some having no success and some maybe some success, Right ?

I know your probably wondering, What is Attraction Marketing Formula and is it a scam and does it really work ?

I want to tell you a little story about my experience real quick, I have tried many different methods of marketing and lets just say, I am happy with the results. After loosing my six figure job and income while working in the corporate world, I was left with over $140K in debt a mortgage, two cars and a couple of credit card debt as well and nowhere to turn it seemed like at that instant. I had to do something, Right?

For a few years I struggled with income, family and a hard trying to find a job to support my family. I discovered internet marketing while doing some search online. So, I gave it a try.

At first when I started with my business I tried everything and bought many other programs and systems that were not getting me the results desperately desired to make any kind of significant income online.

At the time I thought that this internet marketing and blogging stuff was all just a scam and did not work at all and had spent thousands of dollars ending up being disappointed and even more broke than when I was when I started.

Your probably wondering the same thing and have probably bought many of those shiny objects yourself. But because I’ve never been the one to just simply lay down, walk away and give up or stop trying then I stumbled onto attraction marketing by a very genius online entrepreneur Mike Dillard.

Even after I had read this entire course I couldn’t rap my head around this marketing method so shortly after I attended a mastermind course with my mentor and now business partner Tim Erway and Ferny Ceballos a light bulb went off in my head,  ” AHA “, Now I get it!

Now that I had a better understanding and was more clear about this attraction marketing formula it was time to put it to the test and see what all the hype was about.

But first let me tell you, What Attraction Marketing Is…

Definition: Attraction marketing formula is a scientific marketing strategy used to generate endless supply of leads and prospects to your business, your website or services.

The attraction marketing formula is designed to show you how to get your leads or prospects even if they don’t buy from you. You are probably saying right now, How is that possible ?

Earlier I told you in the definition of attraction marketing that it is a scientific formula and a lot of research and years of testing has gone into building the attraction marketing formula.

When I first started reading and going through the videos and training I thought it was going to be a total scam but the deeper I dug into the training the more glued I became and what it shares is exactly what any business entrepreneur has to have in their foundation of their business.

I own many products that have attempted to duplicate this formula but none has measured up to attraction marketing formula. These are time tested strategies and techniques.

This is a Free 10 Day Marketing Bootcamp so you could get a taste of what is possible and apply in your business right away. I recommend you try this free bootcamp and it will change the way you think about doing your marketing for your business.

Conclusion: I use the full course of Attraction Marketing Formula and have applied the strategies taught inside and my results have dramatically improved since then.

Does Attraction Marketing Work ? They say, ” A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words ” so let me show  instead of just telling you.

Here below is a screen shot of 608 Leads I’ve generated using the Attraction Marketing Formula in only one of my businesses.

These are leads generate through our blog. This below includes two months I took off and had no interaction with my online business while I broke land on a piece of land we purchased in Thailand. Leads come in automatically through my funnels and associated business funnels without me doing anything for two months while in Thailand.

EMP Leads Update 1-18

And also below is a screen shot of My Product ” Attraction Marketing Formula ” to show that I do own this course!

Attraction Marketing Formula Course

These subscribers below have joined through the email software Exit Pop-Up I created to run on my blog. I’ve been able to increase my subscribers and leads by giving away high value that help people solve a problem for them. You are able to do the same thing and generate more leads and sales for your business.

Here is an update on 02-06-2018 after split testing with another opt-in form which attracted 49 leads as well plus the leads below is a total of 355 Leads.


The question asked earlier was, ” Attraction Marketing Formula – Is It A Scam? Does It Work? ” and lately seen questions floating around like, Is Ferny Ceballos A Scam ? See for yourself below…

Blogging & Attraction Marketing Formula

Known Ferny Ceballos for a few years and is probably one of the most humble giants in the business. Ferny graduated from MIT and worked as an engineer before discovering online marketing world and creating the Attraction Marketing Formula and he loves to help people. It is why I’ve embraced not only his philosophy but his attraction marketing formula.

I want to ask you, What do you think about the attraction marketing formula ?

Dam Skippy, (excuse my french) but it works extremely well but only if you apply it!

And you know what is even more interesting, I haven’t spent one dime for paid advertising for five months now while still generating leads and sales from my blog.

Tip: The AMF formula is specifically designed for conversions!

You’ll Be Amazed At How Powerful This Stuff Really Is! It will transform how you apply it and use it in your business.

Attraction Marketing Formula has helped us continue to generate more leads and make more sales, it simply is a formula for success regardless of what business your in.

Attraction Marketing Formula

Why is it that our blog gets leads and makes sales ? This is not to impress you but to impress upon you what is possible for anyone to do on their spare time without interfering with what your currently doing and improve your business results.

That’s the awesome beauty of doing business online from literally anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a computer or a smartphone.

This is the reason we invest in ourselves by joining high level training systems that gets results while getting the right coaching to improve my skill sets in marketing strategies that work now plus as a caviar increases my businesses performance and sales. Win! Win!

The one little secret that eluded me for a while was, providing high quality unique value instead of something that had no benefit to anyone but myself.

Understanding your market and what they are searching for and than provide a solution. They might have a PROBLEM, You could have a SOLUTION! It’s that simple. But, how you apply your content and what kind of content is extremely important.

Other Testimonials:

“Attraction Marketing Formula literally changed my business and my life!”

 – Cesar R. – Wilmington, North Carolina

“If You’Ve Struggled In Network Marketing, Struggled To Get Leads, Or Just Tired Of Chasing Your Friends And Family – Then You Definitely Want To Listen UP…”

– Richard S. – Houston, Texas

You are not in business for yourself even though this is what you want your benefit from it to be in the end, you are in a peoples business and should always remember this when you get derailed by life circumstances or obstacles along the way or life.

Get Your Free 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp

Read and re-read twice through attraction marketing formula and starting to go through it again, Why? In my estimate of doing business online this is easily worth 10,000 dollars on coaching to get the kind of nuggets you get inside the Attraction Marketing Formula.

It is Truly the Foundation to Any Business You May Currently Have.

This is why we decided to invest in the Attraction Marketing Formula course which lays out the foundation of how to create a your own successful online business.

Inside attraction marketing formula course you’ll discover many powerful and amazingly simple but effective strategies to generate leads on demand.

  • A 5-step “Million Dollar Blueprint” to creating a never ending flow of high-quality prospects into your business. (Page 22)
  • The single biggest secret Multi-Million (and BILLION) Dollar companies use to rake in the most qualified leads.

We have built our business with the nerve center being our blog providing high quality valuable content that anyone can use in their business while implementing the attraction marketing formula.

By the way, this are all organic leads that come into our business. So, Based on just a small glimpse of my business, Do You Think Attraction  Marketing Works ?

We believe and know that it works and two commodities I use to leverage this method is, “TIME and TAKING ACTION ” instead of wasting my time on facebook, instagram or any social media for that matter or checking emails 20 times a day because these are ( Non-Money Producing Activities ).

Time is a valuable asset that you don’t get back and as the older you get and the more self development you do because your priorities change for the better and the results we are showing you are proof of this.

One awesome quote learned while doing self development that we whole heartedly believe in is, ” Play Now And Pay Later or Pay Now And Play Later “.

True Story: I was talking to a client of mine about this quote and he disagreed and I said, I believe you missed the relevance to time and what you do with it. Doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy life and what it has to offer. What do you think?

In other words if you apply the principles you learn inside the Attraction Marketing Formula to your business you could get the same or even better results but you must invest time into your business and invest in yourself to grow with your business and your business will grow with you.

So the question is, ” Will this work for your business ? ” I must say conclusively after successfully testing it for over 2 years that it will work as long for any business as you follow the simple steps inside.

Get Your Free 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp Below!

P.S. If you’ve been online trying different things and not having a sense of direction then invest in your future and in your business, get Attraction Marketing Formula’s Latest Updated Version.

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