How To Attract More Customers To Your Website

How To Attract More Customers and Buyers Is The Ultimate Skill and The Most Guarded Secrets of Successful Businesses!

Marketing & Strategy PicThe Internet has been a wonderful new innovation for entrepreneurs since the late twentieth century.

Very large international corporations quickly saw the advantages of publishing websites not only to give themselves a web presence but also to actually trade through it.

They were able to employ experts. Smaller entrepreneurs had to learn how to attract more customers for themselves.

In the first place it is necessary to have a product to sell. Then it is a matter of attracting of potential customers to the website that offers exactly what they need.

As in all market places there are competitors offering the same products that you do. The challenge is to get them to walk into your online shop and stay to do business.

An interesting aspect of the Internet is the way in which the old and the new are melded. Matching the needs of producers and consumers is certainly not new.

Nor is the art of finding products that will sell well in niche markets. What is new is the way in which old business methods are adapted to new technology.

Website design has become a new profession. There are new theories and new skills that apply to the design of sites.

Some sites are so cluttered with distractions and incomprehensible instructions that they are difficult if not impossible to use. Others are admirable simple.

They show exactly what and how the product can be ordered. For people who wish to research before buying, there are pages tucked away that can be easily accessed although they do not interfere with initial interest.

Inevitably there are people who have specialized in the requirements for designs but design is something that is both an art and a trade. Some designers may be better at one aspect or another.

A person who already has a website designed by himself might be able to use the services of an expert to make some subtle changes that will have significant effects.

Search engines might be compared with very large shop displays. Customers have always entered large shops that sell many products and asked an assistant to direct them to the section that they need.

If the Web is compared with a very large shop then the person who has a particular product or brand to sell can learn how to move his items to the front of the shop window through search engine optimization.

This is a complex field and either professional help or considerable training will be required. Essentially, especially designed unique and high quality content must be submitted to search engines so that the website concerned will pop up on the top page of a browser when particular search terms are submitted.

As the Web becomes more cluttered with sites so more and more possible pages are shown when a searcher types in a search term.

The term SEO applies to the field of activity which ensures that particular sites will appear on the first page of major search engines, and not somewhere well down the list where they will be very unlikely to be found.

In addition to web design and SEO strategies there other techniques you can learn how to attract more customers to your website.

Perhaps the most critical decision for a business owner is whether to employ the services of an online professional or attempt to do it themselves.

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How to Write an Ebook And Overcoming Writers Block

Write an ebook on any subject regardless if it has been said already but has not been said as good as you will in your new ebook.

Writing An EbookThe hardest part of writing an ebook is the first sentence.

When you look at the whole project, it seems like an impossible and overwhelming task. That’s why you have to break it down into manageable tasks and bite size chunks.

Think of it like climbing a mountain.

You are standing at the foot of the mountain looking up at its summit vanishing into the clouds. How can you possibly scale such an immensely tall mountain?

There is only one way to climb a mountain ? Step by Step or if Cycling One Pedal At a Time.

climbing a mountain

Now think of writing your ebook in the same light. You must create it step by step, and one day, you will take that last step and find yourself standing on the summit with your head in the clouds.

The first thing you have to do, as if you actually were a mountain climber, is to get organized. Instead of climbing gear, however, you must organize your thoughts. There are some steps you should take before you begin. Once you’ve gone through the following list, you will be ready to actually begin writing your ebook.

Beginning Steps to Writing an ebook

First, figure out your ebook’s working title. Jot down a few different titles, and eventually, you’ll find that one that will grow on you. Titles help you to focus your writing on your topic; they guide you in anticipating and answering your reader’s queries.

Many non-fiction books also have subtitles. Aim for clarity in your titles, but cleverness always helps to sell books ? as long as it’s not too cute. For example, Remedies for Insomnia: twenty different ways to count sheep. Or: Get off that couch: fifteen exercise plans to whip you into shape.

Next, write out a thesis statement. Your thesis is a sentence or two stating exactly what problem you are addressing and how your book will solve that problem. All chapters spring forth from your thesis statement. Once you’ve got your thesis statement fine-tuned, you’ve built your foundation. From that foundation, your book will grow, chapter by chapter.

Your thesis will keep you focused while you write your ebook. Remember: all chapters must support your thesis statement. If they don’t, they don’t belong in your book. For example, your thesis statement could read: We’ve all experienced insomnia at times in our lives, but there are twenty proven techniques and methods to give you back a good night’s sleep.

Once you have your thesis, before you start to write, make sure there is a good reason to write your book. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Does your book present useful information and is that information currently relevant?
  • Will you book positively affect the lives of your readers?
  • Is your book dynamic and will it keep the reader’s attention?
  • Does you book answer questions that are meaningful and significant?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you can feel confident about the potential of your ebook.

Another important step is to figure out who your target audience is. It is this group of people you will be writing to, and this group will dictate many elements of your book, such as style, tone, diction, and even length.

Figure out the age range of your readers, their general gender, what they are most interested in, and even the socio-economic group they primarily come from. Are they people who read fashion magazines or book reviews?

Do they write letters in longhand or spend hours every day online. The more you can pin down your target audience, the easier it will be to write your book for them.

Next, make a list of the reasons you are writing your ebook. Do you want to promote your business? Do you want to bring quality traffic to your website? Do you want to enhance your reputation?

Then write down your goals in terms of publishing. Do you want to sell it as a product on your website, or do you want to offer it as a free gift for filling out a survey or for ordering a product?

Do you want to use the chapters to create an e-course, or use your ebook to attract affiliates around the world? The more you know upfront, the easier the actual writing will be.

Decide on the format of your chapters. In non-fiction, keep the format from chapter to chapter fairly consistent. Perhaps you plan to use an introduction to your chapter topic, and then divide it into four subhead topics. Or you may plan to divide it into five parts, each one beginning with a relevant anecdote.

How to make your ebook “user friendly”

You must figure out how to keep your writing engaging. Often anecdotes, testimonials, little stories, photos, graphs, advice, and tips will keep the reader turning the pages. Sidebars are useful for quick, accessible information, and they break up the density of the page.

Write with a casual, conversational tone rather than a formal tone such as textbook diction. Reader’s respond to the feeling that you are having a conversation with them.

Break up the length and structure of your sentences so you don’t hypnotize your readers into sleep. Sentences that are all the same length and structure tend to be a good aid for insomnia!

writingGood writing takes practice. It takes lots and lots of practice. Make a schedule to write at least a page a day. Read books and magazines about the process of writing, and jot down tips that jump out at you.

The art of writing is a lifetime process; the more you write (an read), the better your writing will become. The better your writing becomes, the bigger your sales figures.

In an ebook that is read on the screen, be aware that you must give your reader’s eye a break. You can do this by utilizing white space. In art classes, white space is usually referred to as “negative space ” but in writing it breaks up the content to make a less stressful experience.

Reader’s eyes need to rest in the cool white oasises you create on your page. If your page is too dense, your reader will quit out of it as soon as their eyes begin to tear.

Quick Tip: Write And Ebook In PDF Format

( When you write an ebook in PDF format it makes it easy to share and download as a digital product )

  • Make use of lists, both bulleted and numbered. This makes your information easy to absorb, and gives the reader a mental break from dissecting your paragraphs one after the other.
  • Finally, decide on an easy-to-read design. Find a font that’s easy on the eyes, and stick to that font family. Using dozens of fonts will only tire your readers out before they’ve gotten past your introduction.
  • Use at least one and a half line spacing, and text large enough to be read easily on the screen, but small enough so that the whole page can be seen on a computer screen. You will have to experiment with this to find the right combination.
  • Of course, don’t forget to run a spell and grammar check. You are judged by something as minor as correct punctuation, so don’t mess up a great book by tossing out semicolons randomly, or stringing sentences together with commas. (By the way, that’s called a “comma splice.”)
  • Last of all, create an index and a bibliography. That’s it! You’ve written a book! Now all you have to do is publish your ebook online, and wait for download request from your website visitors.

Here are some tips on overcoming writers block:

Ovecoming Writer’s Block

write an ebookTo write an ebook you must understand, What is writer’s block? and how to overcome writers block.

Well, I just can’t think of a single darn thing to say. Oh well, I’m outta here!

Sound familiar? No! Oh, get real!

We’ve all experienced this phenomenon when we absolutely have to write something, particularly on deadline. I’m talking about. . . . .uh, I can’t think of what the word is . . . oh, yes, it’s on the tip of my tongue . . . it’s:


Whew! I feel better just getting that out of my head and onto the page!

Writer’s block is the patron demon of the blank page. You may think you know EXACTLY what you’re going to write, but as soon as that evil white screen appears before you, your mind suddenly goes completely blank. I’m not talking about Zen meditation stare-at-the-wall-until enlightenment-hits kind of blank.

I’m talking about sweat trickling down the back of your neck, anguish and panic and suffering kind of blank. The tighter the deadline, the worse the anguish of writer’s block gets.

Having said that, let me say it again. “The tighter the deadline, the worse the anguish of writer’s block gets.” Now, can you figure out what might possibly be causing this horrible plunge into speechlessness?

The answer is obvious: FEAR! You are terrified of that blank page. You are terrified you have absolutely nothing of value to say. You are afraid of the fear of writer’s block itself!

It doesn’t necessarily matter if you’ve done a decade of research and all you have to do is string sentences you can repeat in your sleep together into coherent paragraphs.

Writer’s block can strike anyone at any time. Based in fear, it raises our doubts about our own self-worth, but it’s sneaky. It’s writer’s block, after all, so it doesn’t just come and let you know that.

No, it makes you feel like an idiot who just had your frontal lobes removed through your sinuses. If you dared to put forth words into the greater world, they would surely come out as gibberish!

Let’s try and be rational with this irrational demon. Let’s make a list of what might possibly be beneath this terrible and terrifying condition.

1. Perfectionism. You must absolutely produce a masterpiece of literature straight off in the first draft. Otherwise, you qualify as a complete failure.

2. Editing instead of composing. There’s your monkey-mind sitting on your shoulder, yelling as soon as you type “I was born?,” no, not that, that’s wrong! That’s stupid! Correct correct correct correct?

3. Self-consciousness. How can you think, let alone write, when all you can manage to do is pry the fingers of writer’s block away from your throat enough so you can gasp in a few shallow breaths? You’re not focusing on what you’re trying to write, your focusing on those gnarly fingers around your windpipe.

4. Can’t get started. It’s always the first sentence that’s the hardest. As writers, we all know how EXTREMELY important the first sentence is. It must be brilliant! It must be unique! It must hook your reader’s from the start! There’s no way we can get into writing the piece until we get past this
impossible first sentence.

5. Shattered concentration. You’re cat is sick. You suspect your mate is cheating on you. Your electricity might be turned off any second. You have a crush on the local UPS deliveryman. You have a dinner party planned for your in-laws. You . . . Need I say more. How can you possibly concentrate with all this mental clutter?

6. Procrastination. It’s your favorite hobby. It’s your soul mate. It?s the reason you’ve knitted 60 argyle sweaters or made 300 bookcases in your garage workshop. It’s the reason you never run out of Brie.


Overcoming Writers BlockHow to Break Free And Overcome Writer’s Block

Okay. I can hear that herd of you running away from this article as fast as you can. Absurd! you huff. Never in a million years, you fume. Writer’s block is absolutely, undeniably, scientifically proven to be impossible to overcome.

Oh, just get over it! Well, I guess it’s not that easy. So try to sit down for just a few minutes and listen. All you have to do is listen ? you don’t have to actually write a single word.

Ah, there you all are again. I am beginning to make you out now that the cloud of dust is settling.

I am here to tell you that WRITER’S BLOCK CAN BE OVERCOME.

Remain SeatedPlease, remain seated.

There are ways to trick this nasty demon. Pick one, pick several, and give them a try. Soon, before you even have a chance for your heartbeat to accelerate, guess what? You’re writing.

Here are some tried and true methods of overcoming writer’s block:

1. Be prepared – The only thing to fear is fear itself. (I know, that’s a clich?but as soon as you start writing, feel free to improve on it.) If you spend some time mulling over your project before you actually sit down to write, you may be able to circumvent the worst of the crippling panic.

2. Forget perfectionism – No one ever writes a masterpiece in the first draft. Don’t put any expectations on your writing at all! In fact, tell yourself you’re going to write absolute garbage, and then give yourself permission to happily stink up your
writing room.

3. Compose instead of editing – Never, never write your first draft with your monkey-mind sitting on your shoulder making snide editorial comments. Composing is a magical process.

It surpasses the conscious mind by galaxies. It’s even incomprehensible to the conscious, editorial, monkey-mind. So prepare an ambush. Sit down at your computer or your desk.

deep breathTake a deep breath and blow out all your thoughts. Let your finger hover over your keyboard or pick up your pen.

And then pull a fake: appear to be about to begin to write, but instead, using your thumb and index finger of your dominant hand, flick that little annoying ugly monkey back into the barrel of laughs it came from. Then jump in ? quickly!

Write, scribble, scream, howl, let everything loose, as long as you do it with a pen or your computer keyboard.

4. Forget the first sentence – You can sweat over that all-important one-liner when you’ve finished your piece. Skip it! Go for the middle or even the end.

Start wherever you can. Chances are, when you read it over, the first line will be blinking its little neon lights right at you from the depths of your composition.

5. Concentration – This is a hard one. Life throws us so many curve balls. How about thinking about your writing time as a little vacation from all those annoying worries.

Banish them! Create a space, perhaps even a physical one, where nothing exists except the single present moment. If one of those irritating worries gets by you, stomp on it like you would an
ugly bug!

6. Stop procrastinating – Write an outline. Keep your research notes within sight. Use someone else’s writing to get going. Babble incoherently on paper or on the computer if you have to.

Just do it! (I know, I stole that line from somewhere?). Tack up anything that could possibly help you to get going: notes, outlines, images of anything and everything.

Put the cookie you will be allowed to eat when you finish your first draft within sight ? but out of reach.

Then pick up the same type of writing that you need to write, and read it.

Then read it again.

Soon, trust me, the fear will slowly fade away. As soon as it does, grab your keyboard ? and get writing!

Quick Tip: One excellent way to improve your writing skills is by being knowledgeable about a specific area or industry and the way I still enjoy doing daily to this day is, Reading great content whether it be a good book or a great article online.

This way when you write an ebook it will be full of some juicy content your readers can’t get enough of, Imagine That!

Happy Writing!

How To Capitalize On Your “AHA” Moment

capitalize on your ideaCapitalize on that great idea or AHA moment you envisioned and realize those goals or lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

What do I mean by this is ? When we see something through out the  day that you believe you can improve on or maybe thinking about starting your own home based business out of a great idea or get an awesome idea about writing a great article, a blog post or what ever your creative mind comes up with then you start thinking in your mind about how can you can capitalize on this idea.

This is your, ” AHA Moment “.

But most go through the day doing what they normally do at work or busy doing what ever their life demands and at the end of the day we forget what it was we where thinking about or forgot the details of the idea. So that “AHA” moment is lost forever.

So, in order to capitalize on that idea you must take decisive and massive action or at minimum make notes with bullet points you came up with.

So how do you capitalize on these ideas or thoughts? As Napoleon Hill said in the book, ” Think and Grow Rich ” and he was absolutely right.

If you have not read this book then I highly recommend you read. This book is one of the best entrepreneurial books since 1937 and still a go to book for entrepreneurs serious about their business.

I have been on many webinars training (Online Training) and conference calls with some of the most respected internet entrepreneurs like Mike Dillard, and author Bob Proctor each one earning six and seven figure incomes and one thing I found them to have in common, they all take massive immediate action and they do not wait until the time is right or have enough money to do it or what ever other excuse anyone comes up with which by the way is called ” procrastination “, the killer of 97% of all dreams, aspirations or that creative thought, or your “AHA” moment.

This is what separates the Doers from the Followers, the Doers take action and the Followers continue to follow the crowds and/or their Bosses.

How Do You Capitalize On Your “AHA” Moment?

For Example: If Starting a Home Business

1- Capitalize on Your AHA Moment: The first thing you must do is stop what ever it is your doing at that very moment you are having that “AHA” thought and put pencil to paper and write as much detail about as possible and don’t worry about punctuation or a proper written article. You will organize it later.

One the best ways to take notes of my ideas is using your cell phone. Everyone has one today. All cell phones today have notepads and voice recording features in them and it is very easy to store your information which I have found not only very useful but it also frees up your brain for other thoughts or ideas you may come up with and you will notice how less stressed you will feel because you didn’t have to keep those thoughts in your brain all day.

2- Time Management: Don”t wait for when you have time or when you are at the right setting or moment. There is never a better time then RIGHT NOW! Take notes the second you come up with the idea or thought. Don’t PROCRASTINATE.

3- Keyword Research: When you get home or to the office in front of your computer go to Google and research your idea. Find out everything you can find out about your idea.

Is it something customers will purchase? Do you have a lot of competition? And if you do, “How can you beat your competitors?” Go to Google Keyword Tracker Tool, it is free to use.

If you have a Gmail account you can use it to login or just create a new gmail to logon to the keyword tool. Here you will see how many people are looking for what you have to offer. Here is a video showing you how to do a keyword research so you can find good keywords:

4- Website/Blog: Find out what you need to start and put your idea in to action. If you are starting a home based business  you will need a website, a blog and/or a capture page where you will get people to give you their details, email, name and even phone number by giving away a free report or eBook.

5- Autoresponder/Email Management: You should have an Autoresponder in place to stay in touch with your readers, subscribers and/or clients so you don’t have to email them individually and it will make your life less stressful. I personally use AWeber, I find it user friendly and easy to use.

Email Marketing $19/Month!

6- Domain Name: You will need a Domain Name ( Recommended ). This will be your website dot com name. When doing this you want to have a name that is relevant to your idea and website content so when you start marketing with these words (called keywords) in your Domain names ( but don’t get bogged down on this ), in the titles and the body of your website so you can start getting picked up by Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others.

7- Content: Then you will need to write compelling articles on your website/blog that tells them a brief biography of yourself and how this idea will improve their business, their life situation or how it will benefit them. Something I learned a long time ago in sales from one of my mentors is, “Sell The Sizzle Not The Steak”.

Which means, sell the benefits not the product. If you are trying to get them to go to your home based business website to sign up, you want to tell them why they want to sign up and how this product or service will help them solve their problem.

Will this opportunity give them financial freedom, freedom of time to be with their family, receive residual income or what ever your “why” is.

8- Marketing…Now that you have your idea together you need to market your idea. Today you have many options to market and a lot of them are free or inexpensive.

You have Social Media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram,, Twitter, Pinterest, IBO Social Network, Better Networker, EzineArticles and many other marketing platforms that you can use.

There are many paid advertising websites available as well, like Facebook PPC, Google PPC, Yahoo PPC and Bind Ads to mention a few.

9- Follow Up: After you have done all this then the fun part begins. Now that you have the customer details when he or she signs up for your opportunity you need to FOLLOW UP with them which your autoresponder will do but also if customers provide you with their phone number I personally suggest giving them a call. Why?

Because the follow up accounts for 35 to 50% of prospects converting into paying customers. This is why and if that is not enough reason I don’t know what is.

10- Mindset: Change your MINDSET! Should have been #1 because having the right mindset when starting out will give your business a better chance of succeeding.

You are the only one that can do this. Nobody else is responsible for your achievements or failures but you. The quicker you get this in your head and start taking responsibility for yourself the closer you will be to your goals.

And don’t let the nay sayers or negative people regardless who they are kill your dream. My mother always told me, ” Tell me who you hang out with and I will tell you who you are. ” The same goes for business.

11- Focus and Commitment: You must go into your business or idea with the focus and commitment to follow through and persevere even when running into obstacles that could derail your success.

You must step away from the craziness, TV, or distractions and find a corner somewhere where you can think and be productive. Set aside a time that you do not have any distractions.

12- SEO – What is SEO? ( Search Engine Optimization ) This is what we call Organic Marketing to get the Google’s, Bing’s and Yahoo’s to pick up your website and start displaying it on their Search Engines and working your way up to the top 10 of the first page which should be your ultimate goal.

These are the words or phrases that most people type in their web browser when looking for a product or service they need. You can use the Google Keyword Tracker Tool to find out what people are searching for.

This is an example of how you can capitalize on your ” AHA ” moment. The concept is the same for any idea or business. Use your imagination and be creative. Everyday many businesses and inventions are created and if you believe in yourself then you can achieve anything you set your mind to achieve.

If you want to learn more about how to capitalize on your “AHA” moment or idea then I recommend you read a great book I read titled, ” The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth ” by Robert Allen. Awesome book.

Aha Moment
Unsplash / Pixabay

Capitalize On Your AHA Moment!

If you noticed through this article I have talked about some very successful people I have a lot of respect for but more importantly I choose to learn from these successful entrepreneurs because it is the quickest way to achieve success is to copy someone that has already achieved the success your after.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and bang your head against the wall trying to figure out how to put your idea into action to make it happen.

Take Massive Action Today and Make Your Success, No One Will Give It To You, You Must Earn It.

Would love to hear your story and insights as well.

My Journey

My Journey

( If you want to reach the top you must go after it, it will not come to you )

Conquer Doi Inthanon 2014 – 2565 Meters Elevation or 8415 Feet Elevation

My Journey Reinaldo LopezWhen I first left the US Army and came back into the Civilian World as us military guys call it, I wondered what I was going to do. Quickly I went back to might roots of knowing and understanding automobiles and applied for a job as a car salesman. Ok, don’t judge me just yet :-).

I know some people have hard feelings about car salesman but hear me out. Once I started selling automobiles I studied the business from inside out and quickly moved up the ranks and moved into a Finance Manager and then a Sales Manager and things could not be any better.

What I didn’t understand is how the private sector worked. What I mean is, I was asked by upper management to train someone else on how to run the business not knowing that I was training my own replacement. One day I was called into the office and was told that, “My Services Were No Longer Required”.

After being left out in the cold unable to replace my income and over 140K in debt trying to figure out what I was going to do next. Then, I discovered to internet and started joining one opportunity after another and spending thousands of dollars I really didn’t have but then like lightning bolt I realized that I was going about it the wrong way to make any kind of income.

It took me a few years to figure it out but thanks to my perseverance and help of great friends and business acquaintances continuing to plug away since 2009.

Always Aim High!

To Your Blogging Success,