Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Tips

Is Your Content Marketing Efforts Converting or Do You Find It Impossible and Struggle To Figure It Out ?

Content MarketingThe truth is that there is a method to the content marketing madness and if you don’t figure this out it can spell disaster for all of your content marketing efforts.

 Content marketing what is it?

con·tent mar·ket·ing

Story telling is an art you need to master in order to grab your share of readers attention and keep them glued to your content and more importantly convert your reader into a subscriber or even a buyer.

Your content must be personal and strategically written with your reader in mind.

When I first started with content marketing I hadn’t a clue of what I was doing but the more I invested in my education, storytelling and copywriting courses to improve my skills the more engagement with subscribers, readers and some have even made purchases within my business.

Be yourself and be vulnerable then your audience will relate more to what your story is about and relate more with you since believe it or not your reader is actually seeking a leader to show them the way and second, a solution to their problems.

Tip # 2 – 3 Questions You Should Answer Before You Begin Your Content Marketing:

  1. Who is your prospect ?
  2. What is your prospects problem ?
  3. What are you offering that solves their problem ?

Tip # 3 – One more area that needs attention in creating a content marketing strategy that draws your visitors and readers to take a further look at your content is ” Your Headline “.

Forget about all the Hyped Up headlines and phony gimmicks when it comes to this because people are being bombarded with all kind of stuff everywhere they turn and your readers today have a very short attention span and will move on very quickly to someone who can provide them with the solution they are looking for.

Here are some examples of Hypie Headlines not to use:

  • Make $5000 a week with my magical push button system!
  • How to Make $350, $1,200, even $4,700 a Week on Auto-Pilot!
  • Earn over $500-$800 A WEEK SAFELY AND LEGITIMATELY into your paypal on auto pilot.
  • This Magic Potion Will Make You Look 30 Years Younger…Guaranteed!

People are tripping all over themselves running away from this site moving on to another site that might offer great tips on solving their problem and introducing them to a product that has had great results and could do the same for them.

Non-Hypie Headlines: These type of headlines provide a few elements taken into consideration. 

  • 3 Amazing Content Marketing Tips To Grow Your Blog
  • 7 Secrets To Building A Successful Business Online
  • Free 70 Page PDF Shows You Facebook Marketing Secrets

Elements Taken Into Consideration: 

  1. Building your Brand – The headline comes off as an authority in that particular niche.
  2. Creating Value – This is what people who come to like, trust and buy from you are looking for and love. They are looking for a solution to a specific problem and once you find out who they are and what the problem they have, you can target them more effectively.
  3. Giving Direction – Your Headline should provide direction and have direction within itself. You are letting them know that they will get something of value in exchange for their personal information. When you provide value people don’t see you as an enemy any longer and are willing to trust in what you are offering them.

Quick Tip: You are in the people’s business regardless of what business your in. Without consumers you don’t have a business, we have nothing!

Tip # 4 – Here are 10 Power Words to use in Your Content Marketing efforts:

  1. Free -Free Report, Free eBook etc..
  2. You and Your – use twice as much than I, Me, I’m.
  3. Announcing
  4. Introducing
  5. New
  6. Secrets
  7. How To
  8. Guarantee and Guaranteed
  9. Magic
  10. Magical

It is important to research what your reader are looking for so you can create a headline that tells them you have the answer to what they are looking for. The more specific the better conversion you will have.

Tip # 5 – What Kind of Online Content Works as Marketing?

There are three main types of content that you should create over time in order to perform effective content marketing goals –

  1. Cornerstone – As the name implies, cornerstone content is the foundational topic(s) of your website, as well as your overall content marketing strategy. A cornerstone is something that is basic, essential, indispensable, and the chief foundation upon which something is constructed or developed.
  2. Connection – Connection content is all about teaching aspects of your cornerstone topics in a highly engaging way.
  3. Conversion – When it comes to conversion content, we’re not talking conversion in the traditional sales or lead generation context. Rather, it’s more like in the evangelical sense.

Copywriting follows, because you’ve earned the right to make an offer to your audience. Learn how to make atleast six figures in your network marketing business.

First, however, you need to provide the initial, crucial “C” – context. Without it, none of the content “types” will be effective in meeting your business objectives.

Here is a great free eBook by which goes into more great content marketing tips on How To Create Content That Converts.

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And how to find the enemy of your audience. 

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