Find Your “Why” To Change Your Business For Ever ?

Find Your “Why” To Change Your Business For Ever ?

In the business world there are certain things you must understand and the most important is knowing ” Your Why “.

If you were to do a survey and ask businesses what iswhy their Why, you would unequivocally get different answers. And the answer they give you is the reason why they are successful or unsuccessful.

There are leaders and those who lead. It is the reason they can lead a company to succeed and craft their message in such a way that it penetrates the psychological barriers of the people who follow them and/or purchase their products or business opportunity.

When you pursue a business venture or even if your an affiliate and sell other people’s products the same holds true when attempting to achieve your goals.

What do you ask yourself when starting a business or trying to sell someone else’s product ?

  • What business should I start ?
  • How should I start my business ?
  • Where should I start my business ?
  • When should I start my business ?
  • Or Why am I starting my business ?

In the early 1900’s there were two men who sought out to be the first men to pilot an airplane. One of them was Samuel Pierpont Langley. He was well educated and funded by the War Department with $50,000 which was a lot of money for the time.

wright brothersThe others who actually took their first flight in 1903 was the Wright brothers. Their passion to fly was so
intense that it inspired the enthusiasm and commitment of a dedicated group in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio.

They didn’t even have a college education and neither did they have any funding at all but yet they were successful in doing something the other well funded team could not achieve. They started with, ” Why “.

In 1965, students on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, were the first to publicly burn their draft cards to protest America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

But it wasn’t until 1976, nearly three years after the end of America’s military involvement in the Vietnam
conflict, that a different revolution ignited.

They aimed to make an impact, a very big impact, even challenge the way people perceived how the world worked. But these young revolutionaries did not throw stones or take up arms against an authoritarian regime. Instead, they decided to beat the system at its own game.

For Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the co-founders ofsteve jobs make people better Apple Computer, the battlefield was business and the weapon of choice was the personal computer.

And in just six years, Apple Computer was a billion dollar company with over 3,000 employees. They started with their, ” Why “.

If you want to start a business the first thing that should be in your mind is, ” Why “.

Why are you starting a business ?

  • Is it to help find a cure for a disease that could revolutionize people’s lives.
  • Are you starting a business because you want to end poverty in the world and help as many as possible.
  • If you are an affiliate, Why would you want to sell that product ? Does it solve someones problem ?
  • Why did the Wright Brothers want to be the first to fly ? Their ultimate goal was to revolutionize the world and how we would commute around the globe.
  • Why did Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs start Apple ? They aimed to make an impact and even challenge
    the way people perceived how the world worked.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t have the internet or ease of ways to gather people to deliver his message yet a quarter of a million people descended on the nation’s capital in time to hear the words immortalized by history, delivered by the man who would lead a movement that would change America forever: “I have a dream.”

They all started with, ” Why “.

When you can answer this question then and only then will everything be crystal clear and when you believe in your, ” Why ” with conviction and unshakable understanding there are no obstacles that can stand in your way to achieve whatever you set out to accomplish.

Once you understand your, ” Why ” then you need to craft a message to deliver to your market and that attracts them to take the necessary action expected from your message.

This skill is the most sought after in the business industry and when you have this in combination with understanding ( your why ) you are able to sponsor hundreds and even thousands of people into your business.