Healthy Life

Healthy Life

As the years pass we learn more about our health and our body and it is solely up to us to live a healthy lifestyle that promotes a healthy life in general.

When I worked 10 to 12 hours a day I found it difficult to find time to do any sort of exercise or sport to shed the excess weight accumulated over years of eating all the wrong foods and didn’t even realize how much I weighed until I got on a scale while visiting Thailand and to my disbelieve I was at almost two hundred pounds.

No wonder I couldn’t even tie my shoes without putting my feet on a chair or so to tie my shoes. Yep, its true and because of this I’ve changed to a heathy lifestyle to cycling and doing some resistance exercise to keep the muHealthy Lifescles active.

Cycling for a healthy life has become my passion and have devoted myself to learning as much as I can and pass on to others who are beginners to average cyclists as well.


You could follow my cycling activities on where I usually keep track of my cycling activities.

Happy Cycling & A Healthy Life !!!

Healthy Living

Healthy Living Yoga

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