List Building

List Building

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List Building

To guide you, here are some tips that will help you determine which group and demographic you should target.

1 – Know who’s interested

One factor which greatly determines the purchasing activity of people is ‘interest’. If they are interested, they will likely buy. This has always been a fundamental truth in the world of marketing.

There are many methods that you can use to determine who might be interested in the products/services that you offer. But if you know full well the features and characteristics of your own products/services, you will have a better idea of who might be interested.

Once you determine which demographic might be interested in your products/services, everything else will be easier.

2 – Know whose needs it is

We mentioned that ‘interest’ is one of the factors that determine the purchasing activity of consumers. So what are the other factors? One is ‘need’ (necessity). More often than not, people buy things/pay for services not because they are particularly interested in those products/services but because those products/services are part of their ‘needs’.

For instance, a man who doesn’t care so much about his skin will still be compelled to buy soaps. And while nobody would love to have tooth of theirs pulled out, a person with a decayed tooth will still seek the services of a dentist and pay for it.

Other necessities include daily household needs such a food, electricity, water, detergents, clothes, and others.

3 – Know who can afford

The last entry that will complete the list of factors that determines the purchasing activity of consumers is ‘purchasing power’. This refers to the ability of a person to buy.

The simple question to ask is: “which group of people has the money to pay for my products/services? However, things get a little bit more complicated when it comes to ‘luxury’ or ‘vanity’ products/services. These are products and services that do not really enter the ‘needs’ category.

When it comes to these products, what you need to look for are people who have enough excess or disposable money to spend.

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