Attraction Marketing Formula Review And Behind The Scenes

Here is a behind the scenes view of what attraction marketing formula is all about, does it work and is it worth it ?

I am always reading, studying and analyzing the market, testing new marketing strategies and doing market research and applying attraction marketing tactics into my marketing daily in order to share the latest and most effective ways of marketing online.

As you can see below not only do I own the full course but in the process have generated 539 leads in through Elite Marketing Pro alone.Attraction Marketing Formula

It wasn’t always like this. As a matter of a fact when I first started trying to make money online selling affiliate marketing products and trying everything I knew and continued to purchase many programs, systems and shiny objects online but not getting any results.

I did not know how to generate leads, prospects or subscribers to my blog and almost quit but as being someone who never quits I had to continue trying since I was fully committed to getting results and financially at a loss.

Then I purchased an SEO course to start building sites/blogs and ranking my sites on search engines to get free organic traffic since I had almost no cash avaialble but quickly learned that ranking a site does not mean that you will convert that traffic to subscribers, leads and sales.

Prior to me going through the Attraction Marketing Formula Free 10 Day Marketing Bootcamp and the full course I had a hard time converting that traffic coming into my website (s) or blog. After I went through the course I quickly realized that I was doing it all wrong.

This is what happened after I went through the attraction marketing formula course…below you can see I own the AMF course and why it gets me continuous results!

Attraction Marketing Formula


292 Leads through my Mailmunch account!Mailmunch Leads

What is Attraction Marketing Formula ?

red carpet

Attraction Marketing Formula is the Red Carpet Doorway to any business regardless if your online or not…

  • Learn Effective & Leveraged Internet Recruiting Strategies
  • Immunize Your Income from Attrition, Comp Plan Changes and Even from Your Company Going Out of Business
  • Trains Your Downline & Prospects on How to Find Prospects and Recruit Online!
  • Teaches You How to Build a Brand First, Empower You to Recruit with a Push of a Button for Life!

Personally I would recommend you start with the Free 10 Day Marketing Bootcamp of Attraction Marketing Formula.

Each of the 10 days you’ll receive an email covering each topic as you see above. I personally keep a notepad or similar program open to read these 10 marketing strategies to remind myself of which technique to apply when creating content.

It is also recommended that you go over the entire course a few times to understand every strategy clearly before you implement into your marketing, blogging or even writing your ads.

The question everyone wants to know is, ” does attraction marketing formula really work ? “.

Well I want to clarify something before I tell you what I think, You have to apply the formula to your marketing efforts as shown inside in order for it to work.

Why would I tell you this ?  In the past I’ve had others tell me that it doesn’t work. So, in order for me finding out the reason it hasn’t worked for them I go through a series of questions concerning attraction marketing formula.

And low and behold I find that they have not applied the formula as prescribed and skipped a few areas because they thought it was not relevant or important or maybe they didn’t understand what they’ve read.

Once you apply these marketing tactics and formula you will get results without fail. You will see leads coming in like clockwork and your list of subscribers, prospects and buyers increasing everyday.

Disclaimer: I cannot legally tell you that this will work for you with a 100% certainty. Everyone’s results will vary and depend on how they apply these attraction marketing formula’s.

If your a more advanced marketer and want to get into the heart of the Attraction Marketing Formula Course advanced strategies then I suggest you check out the 72% discount for a limited time.

70% Off


One thing that I must say is that, Just because of its simplicity don’t underestimate the power of attraction marketing.

Like many I am sure, when I initially purchased the course and read it once I thought that I knew everything there was to learn and set it on my computer shelf to collect dust for a while and struggled to get my business going because of lack of leads and sales.

I read through the course again and to my surprise I had light bulbs going off in my head with “Aha Moments” as I digested the content and pictured it implemented into my marketing strategy.

It all started to make more sense to me and this time I applied the marketing strategies as taught in the Attraction Marketing Formula Course and to my surprise I quickly started to see results, generating leads and sales and have not looked back since then.

In this full course you’ll also discover the 5 Big Lies you’ve been taught from your up-line about building your network marketing business:

  1. Big Lie # 1 – This Is A Numbers Game
  2. Big Lie # 2 – You Are Just One Recruit Away From An Explosion
  3. Big Lie # 3 – Most Of Your Time Should Be Spent Prospecting
  4. Big Lie # 4 – Recruiting Is The Key To Your Success In Network Marketing
  5. Big Lie # 5 – Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

In conclusion I have to say that I am happy to report that this has dramatically changed the way I do marketing online, generate leads and buyers to my business.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by many courses teaching you so many different marketing strategies in which some work and some don’t but also can cause some confusion in your brain.

But finding something that is consistently working day in and day out is scarce to say the least, I’ve seen many systems and tell you from experience that AMF magically works and how rewarding it is to see great results as well.

Like Mike Dillard says about Attraction Marketing Formula and Ferny C., “ You will be in good hands… ”

” Mike Dillard has a free Podcast that I recommend you checkout and listen to regarding business, entrepreneurship and a better life. You can get the podcast on his website:

After you go through this course you won’t have to worry about:

  • No more cold calls or late night hotel meetings.

  • No more passing out flyers or talking to strangers trying to get them “interested” in my business.

  • And no more hassling my friends and family about joining my opportunity.

Quick Tip: Go through the entire course two, three, four or as many times as you need until everything clicks and makes sense for you. Most importantly take action and apply the marketing tactics to your marketing, content creating, social media signals, program profile creations and Ads so you can see the same positive results for you as well.

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