How Can Baking A Cake Help You With Your Marketing ?

How Can Baking A Cake Help You With Your Marketing ?

Understanding Your Marketing Is Essential As It Is In Baking A Cake Believe It Or Not!

Today I visited my friend and family restaurant and while waiting for my lunch to be served I noticed the wife of restaurant owner Pee Vick making a cake.

So I asked her what goes into making her cake ? She replied, Crepe CakeThere are many steps in the process of making a cake.

The first thing Pee Vick told me was, before you start to make a cake you need to know what kind of cake you will make.

Once she knew what cake she would be making then she said, you need the recipe to follow.  Once you have recipe you will need the ingredients required to make that particular cake.

Then after you have the ingredients there is a certain way to mix the ingredients so the cake comes out the way she expects the cake to taste.

Fresh Coconut CakeWhile Pee Vick was explaining to me this entire process it dawned on me that the process of marketing is exactly the same except for the ingredients of course.

This is probably the most basic way to understand marketing and the process to go about it.

In marketing you need to know who your market is which is similar to, What kind of cake you will make first.

Once you know who your market is then you must reach your market. This is your where the recipe comes in or as in business ( Your Marketing Plan ).

Now that you have a plan of attack it is time to mix the ingredients to make the cake, in the marketing world this would mean to craft an effective message that when people see it they will want to eat the cake or rather click on your Ad to find out more.

Once you have tested the mix and come up with a winning combination or as in marketing ( craft a congruent and strategic message ) then it is time to put the cake in the oven meaning put your Ad out on a marketing platform via Facebook, Microsoft Ads or Adwords etc…

Of course there are many mediums to deliver yourGreen Tea Cake message to your prospects and potential leads to get them into your business but this is where the testing of your cake mix and baking at the right temperature for the right amount of time to end up with the results you are expecting to get.

In other words placing an Ad in the right marketing medium with the right message for the right amount of time to see which of the Ads will be the winning Ad that brings in the results you are after.

This analogy is simple but if you really think about it, it has similarities in how you go about doing your marketing.

You must have patience with this process as you need to have with baking a cake.

Not always will you get a perfect cake or a winning Ad but if you do this diligently and with patience the rewards are always an exciting feeling and more importantly could be very profitable.

Marketing is a science and just like creating an awesome cake you must study it and continuously test your recipe mix to get great results.

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