How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

In this article I am going to share with you how to start a blog from scratch and the important components that make up setting up a blog.

So, What does it take to start a blog from scratch ?

First, What is a blog ?

A blog is sort of a journal from what ever topic or topics you are interested in publishing. It is the beauty of owning and running a blog. It is an awesome platform to give back to the world your wisdom and expertise.

There are several moving parts of but pretty simple to do.

  • The first thing is market research. You can use a free tool like Google Keyword Planner to do your research

This tool gives you information like: What your market is searching for via keyword and keyword phrases, how much competition you will have and what keywords to use in your Domain Name and blog content when making blog posts.

  • The second thing you should get but not necessary if your starting out on a tight budget. This is getting a Domain Name to Brand your Blog and yourself. A Domain Name will only run you $12 to $15 a year and when selecting your Domain Name do your due diligence and do a good market research before you decide on it.

Getting your own Domain Name is the best way of branding yourself and getting found on the top search engines and should include your main keyword preferably.

This keyword should be the one with the most searches and least competition you found while doing your keyword research.

  • The third thing you need is a hosting account. There are many hosting registrars out there like;,, and many

I have personally used Hostgator to build over 25 sites and have had a very pleasant experience with them and their support is awesome too.

We are now using for a few years and had excellent service with them as well as their support too.

If you go the free way of building a site then I recommend or These two platforms and are the more popular ones but I favor WordPress because of it’s simplicity and how powerful this platform is in it’s versatility with the thousands of Themes and Plugins ( Only With Paid Service ) at your disposal.

  • The Fourth thing that I highly recommend getting an Autoresponder email management system like; Aweber, Get Response, iContact and MailChimp which is free but a little limited in what you can do.

Email ManagementI have personally been using for years. If you want to go with a free service then MailChimp is great.

Why do you need an Autoresponder you might ask ?

Because, ” The Money Is In The List “.

If you are going to have any success or be online for any amount of time then you need to build your email list so you can nurture and stay in touch with your subscribers and more importantly make continuous sales from your list over and over again as long as you provide solid, high quality products and high value that they will benefit and keep coming back for more. You will more than likely make more sales with your list as well.

  • The last thing and very important is, Your Blog Content. Your content should be unique and of highest quality possible if you want your readers to come back to your blog and get the attention of the search engines.

If you are not a writer or don’t know how to start a blog content, don’t worry. You will develop your skills as  you go along and the truth is that people like content that is natural and not made up or stolen from elsewhere. Later you can outsource this if you wish but this is the core of your blog and should be looked after diligently.

Content Marketing Content Is King*** Note: When starting a blog from scratch it is important to keep in mind your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

Make sure that you find what your best keywords are and use them in your content sparingly and do not over stuff your content with keywords. Make sure that you use your keywords in your Meta Tags, Your Site Description, Your H1, H2 Tags too.

The other day I was listening to one of my marketing training masterminds with a well respected blogger network marketer entrepreneur saying you should never write content or do marketing of any sort without doing a market and keyword research. And being a blogger for over 7 years myself I completely agree 100%.

Before I set out to write an article I want to research what the topic will be and what kind of demand there is for said topic. Once you have done your research and come up with a topic you want to know how big or small of an audience you have before you spend hours or days writing an article.

Then you can pour your heart and soul knowing that there is an audience interested in reading your content.

When content is done properly it can yield an ongoing audience for a long time.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Social Media platforms and it’s power to share your content and create a following. 

Best place to start a blog is anywhere you choose and it is the reason blogging can be some much fun because of its flexibility to do from anywhere you are as long as you have internet connection. 

How to start a blog is not as difficult as you might think but growing your blog and business will take persistence and perseverance to enjoy success. Just make sure what ever you do your passion can be very rewarding and you’ll never work a day in your life!

Hope you enjoy this post, appreciate if you share it with others.

To Your Blogging Success,


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