How To Make Money With Free Traffic Online ?

How To Make Money With Free Traffic Online ?

Is it even possible to make sales let alone make money with free traffic online ?

web trafficI have been testing this theory for a long time since I didn’t have a big budget to market my business online so I had to learn alternative ways.

What I found is that the internet has been called, the web, the world wide web and some call it web marketing.

It took me a long while to figure this one out but when I did, it was like a fourth of July type of AHA Moment!

Many online are cleverly and quietly using these strategies to rake in some serious incomes online.

One of the preferred methods is blogging. Yes, BLOGGING! With the right strategic targeted content and the right free marketing strategies you could be making an income in three to six months time.

The way you set up your web is exactly what it means. A web is an inter-weaved tentacles sort of like an spider web where everything is connected in one way or another.

For example: As you see in the image below your website is at the center of your web and outside your web is social media, bookmarking sites, video submission sites, search engine submissions, Groups and Blogs from other niche related sites, free advertising sites, SEO Optimized Press Releases and hundreds if not thousands of other free mediums to market your website or blog.

Web Marketing

The strategy that always gets results as I have witnessed from other bloggers as well is that having success online means Consistency, Quality, High Value Content. This is really the core of having success online and making money with free traffic.

However, there is another reason I must warn you in order for you to have success online too. You must always create Unique, Quality and Valuable Content your readers are looking and hungry for.

It makes no sense for you to spend countless hours writing the wrong type of content that no one wants to read. It should be niche and market specific to your audience needs and problems they need a solution for.

The best blogs online are those who focus on helping people solve their problems whether it be, How to bake a pie, How to write an article, How to train a dog to sit or How to knit.

There are endless topics and areas you can create a great blog around that people will love to read and ultimately subscribe to because they want more.

Building your list should your number one priority but not sacrificing the quality and value of content on your site.

Why do you ask ? You can stay in touch and build a relationship that would be good for business and your brand ( You Inc. ).

If you run out of ideas all you have to do is do a google search and you will get endless supply of things to write about or improve upon.

  • Another thing you could do is subscribe to other blogs and sites that are related to the niche your interested in. I personally subscribe to about ten or twelve and when I have those lazy days or just have a brain freeze I just read other related content and the ideas just start to flow.
  • Visit General Forums like Quora, Yahoo etc… that are related to your niche or market to get ideas by reading questions people are asking for which you might have a solution for and write about in your blog.
  • Use Google Trends to see what is trending in your market and how you can capitalize on it by targeting that market with your content with a solution at the end with a ” call to action ” leading them to your free eBook, free report or guide or your newsletter and on the exit have an entry level offer that is congruent the free stuff you gave them this way your conversions will increase as a result.

Make Money Blogging

At first it might seem a little overwhelming but believe me I didn’t start out as a blogging pro or had any idea what I was going to start a blog about. It just happened naturally over time as I grew my mission and what I am passionate about.

Don’t worry if your first piece of content does not look like a piece of content from entrepreneur dot com and unless you have a huge budget you’ll have a hard time competing with some of the best writers hired by them.

Yes, many of these really successful blogs online outsource there writing, there are a few that still write their own stuff just because they have a passion for what they do. And this is key as well.

Whatever niche or market you decide on you should have a passion and find it fun to do. Then building a blog that shares high-quality value, solves a problem and creates an income at the same time. Its a Win, Win!

Here are some ways to monetize your blog once you have populated some great content on your site. As a rule of thumb you should sort of marinate your blog by publishing high quality targeted content for at least a one to three months before starting to promote anything on your site.

You could use Google Adsense, *Affiliate products related to your niche, sell ad space like banners or text ads, or maybe you have a product that you want to promote.

You could offer coaching or consulting through your site as well which by the way are the highest paid methods online.

Another great article: How to Increase Blog Engagement

My friend and business partner Tim uses a similar method doing a 10 minute a day strategy to getting high quality and super-targeted traffic every single day. Of course results may vary but imagine having targeted traffic every day just spending 10 minutes a day to making an income for you day in and day out. Watch his free presentation where he reveals how…

website traffic

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To Your Abundance!

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* I personally believe with Affiliate marketing in being a product of the product by owning the product you can give real testimonial that it works by sharing your results…very powerful strategy!