Reinaldo’s Story

Reinaldo’s Story

Reinaldo LopezMy Story…

First of all I want to thank you for visiting and hope you find an answer to your question or you find a solution to helping you with your business. If not let me know in the comments area below.

Reinaldo Lopez is the founder of Business Building Blueprints Blog. His passion building businesses online, over 8 years of testing, learning and implementing marketing strategies in his own business decided to make it his goal is to help as many people as possible find the solution to starting their new blog or website, build a new business online, learn about attraction marketing formula or growing their existing business.

After finishing his 12 year distinguished military career with numerous distinguished awards and spending 8 months in the middle-east conflict he returned home where he began to work for corporate america private sector where he quickly moved up the ranks to the top 10% in sales and recurring business growing it to a six figure income in approximately three years.

His attention to detail and how to implement structure helped propel himself quickly while learning the business side, how to deal with financial instruments and clients, and overseeing important aspects of  running a million dollar plus business. 

As he quickly found out about corporate america and how competitive the market is after six years his services were no longer needed and find himself looking for a new way to generate an income after being left with over 140K in debt and a family to support.

With no time for a chit chat or time to waste, he quickly gathered himself and after struggling for a few months but within a year he started a career with the US GOV where he work for 17 years until he retired at a still very young age as far as retirement is concerned. Why?

With no time to sit on his laurels or being complacent at the same time working at his regular nine to five JOB he would stay up burning the midnight oil almost every single night plus weekends to never be complacent ever again and continue to build long lasting skill-sets on Internet Marketing / Affiliate Marketing / Blogging / SEO Plus Advanced Marketing Strategies to grow his own business online using a blog.

After many years of trials and errors, wasting thousands with not so many victories he discovered something very special that has helped him build his online team almost completely on autopilot.

Knowing how big of a void there was between having built a various online businesses and starting one plus countless people looking for answers this is when Business Building Blueprint Blog was born in July of 2009.

Hearing so many people voice the same questions, concerns and wanting answers on the smaller details to building a business online on a budget, blogging and growing their business online, Reinaldo decided he wanted to share his knowledge, wisdom and experience of over 8 years running his blog, other online business ventures and over 17 years of business experience and finance to help others who are looking to start a new business or grow their existing one.

Recently the Home Business Review page was built to help you decide on what tools, resources, courses or training you can consider in your business. Most of these systems or products have been tested and used in our business and the reason why we recommend them.

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Reinaldo LopezReinaldo Lopez is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in online marketing strategies and online business development coach who helps affiliate marketers create REAL businesses by leveraging proven sales techniques and funnels.

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