5 Online Marketing Courses To Increase Your Marketing ROI

5 Online Marketing Courses To Increase Your Marketing ROI

There are thousands of online marketing courses that could help any business with their marketing results but which ones are right for your business marketing efforts.

Online Marketing Course

Usually, ” Do It Yourselfers ” and Hands-On type of marketers are always looking out for better and more cost effective marketing strategies available that could be applied with positive results into their business.

Struggling with marketing online is something very common in the business world for most because they either don’t understand the platform or how to create an ad that attracts ultra-targeted traffic to your business.

Many brick and mortar businesses are still depending on the old methods of marketing their business and costing them valuable assets and unfortunately even loss of business. Because of the stigma with cost of marketing via Newspapers, Radio or TV which are out of reach for most business owners. 

But marketing online is really not that complicated… Anyone can do it if you are a little patient and willing to put in a few hours to pick up a few marketing skills to grow your business. And the best part is you don’t have to spend those astronomical costs like on Radio or TV marketing versus doing your marketing online.

With everyone moving onto the internet via social media, it is the place to find your market regardless of what kind of business your in.

According to TechCrunch 79% of people in the US do their shopping online. And according to Invesp research presently, mobile devices account for 19% of all US retail e-commerce sales. This figure is estimated to reach 27% by the end of 2018, which represents 1 out of every 4 US retail e-commerce dollars.

After several years of testing and trials ourselves I can honestly say that EMP delivers the most up to date and latest online marketing strategies working right now. While there are other online marketing courses I can only speak about the ones I’ve used in our business or still currently using in my business.

You can learn more about EMP below.

It is why I recommend you take a look at the latest and most effective 5 online marketing courses recommended:

  1. LinkedIn Recruiting Blueprint Course – Imagine Waking Up Every Morning To A Steady Stream Of Top-Notch Prospects Reaching Out To You (Instead of the other way around). As you might already know LinkedIn is a network where top entrepreneurs from every business industry is seeking answers and solutions to their problems or trying to solve someone else’s problem. This is the latest and the easiest online marketing course directly related about recruiting on LinkedIn.
  2. Social Media Recruiter Discover how to use secret spy recruiting tactics on social media to rapidly Enroll New Team Members into Your Business… WORKING JUST ONE HOUR A DAY! Find out if you are doing social media marketing all wrong and could be destroying your reputation in the process.
  3. 10 Minute Traffic Machine – This Free Traffic Generation Master Class will show you how you can get started generating ultra-targeted traffic to your site or offers. Learn how to attract the very best prospects, get paid and quickly build your team in just 10 minutes a day and $10.
  4. Attraction Marketing Formula – Discover 5 myths you’ve been told about network marketing that are keeping you stuck and struggling… Plus how to break out of this mode and create a never ending stream of red-hot prospects ready to join your business today! Learn how to attract the right people to your business rejection free.
  5. Ultimate List Building System – Learn a 3-Step Formula that gets 400 New Ready-To-Buy Leads every single day… This video will show you how you can build a huge list of subscribers and potential buyers every single day…
  6. BonusElite Marketing Pro – If you want a complete system that helps you build and grow your business plus a complete marketing strategies plus get live marketing training every week, Marketing Strategies Library of written reports, case studies and videos from top industry marketers, Exclusive Private Mastermind Groups to get answers to your questions and share ideas and other marketing strategies, And Free coaching where you get one on one training to keep you accountable and have a better chance of succeeding with your marketing and your business. EMP has other higher level of trainings depending at where you are with your business.

This is one of the top marketing platforms we use to stay on top of our marketing and our business for over 5 years.

An additional benefit to being part of EMP is that if you don’t have any products of your own you can share their high level products and make an additional source of income. You can checkout the free video to learn more