5 Things for Planning Engagement Party Venue

Choosing an Engagement Party Venue

5 Things for Planning Engagement Party Venue

Choosing an engagement party venue is one of the critical first steps in your wedding planning journey. The right venue can set your wedding process off on the right foot and allow you to enjoy all of the fun events surrounding a wedding. Here are 5 things to remember when looking for an engagement party venue:

  1. Establish the Location

Nowadays, engagement parties and weddings can be held anywhere—in either partner’s hometown, the city where a couple currently lives, favorite vacation spots, or even destinations that you’ve always wanted to visit. Select the general location where your wedding will take place first, as this decision can affect all the other details of your wedding day and other events like engagement parties.

  1. Nail Down Your Budget  

It is a crucial consideration to determine how much you can spend on a space. Figure on your venues and catering comprising about half of your wedding budget. Talk to your partner and other loved ones who may be contributing financially to your wedding process and establish a total budget—then divide that number by half to find the amount you can spend on your venues and catering (this could be a combined cost if you select an all-inclusive venue).

  1. Estimate Your Guest Count

Venues have a guest capacity, which is the maximum number of guests that it can comfortably hold. This number is typically not flexible, so you’ll need a pretty good estimate of your guest count. You’ll likely want to sit down with your partner and your families to establish a guest count. 

  1. Consider Your Priorities  

Do some pre-planning and start thinking about what your dream venue would look like. Perhaps you and your partner can determine your preferences and choose certain key features that your ideal venue would have.

  1. Narrow Down the Potential Dates

When you book an engagement party venue, this will set your wedding process off on the right foot and begin your timeline for the wedding itself down the road. You and your partner may already have a specific wedding date in mind, or you may be a bit more flexible. Either way, you’ll want to narrow down a few dates that you are sure will work for you, your partner, and your closest loved ones. You should have at least a few specific dates in mind before looking at venues.