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What is an affiliate marketing salary ? This is a question that comes up often and understandably so since it is not a main stream way of earning an income.

affiliate marketing salary

Your affiliate marketing salary depends on how many sales you make. In other words there is not a salary but a commission based industry.

One of the great things going for affiliate marketing is that you can do it from anywhere in the world and don’t have a boss per say. You are your own boss and you determine what income or salary you would like to earn.

When doing affiliate marketing it is your sole responsibility to make your income and therefore you will be in business for yourself and should be treated as such if you want to make it your source of income.

If affiliate marketing is something that you would like to learn more about here is a great article which talks about more about it and does it really work:  What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work ?


What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work ?

What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work ?

To Be Successful Selling Other People’s Products Using Affiliate Marketing You Need To Answer One Question, What is affiliate marketing ? Affiliate marketing is basically selling other people’s products without the responsibility of taking care of purchasing process, setting up and maintaining a website, or customer issues. You simply refer people to other people’s website more »