What Is The Secret To Getting To The Top With An Online Business?

Many have attempted to achieve getting to the top of their goals with their online business or career but getting there takes more than you might think. 


Achieving some of my own goals looking back and analyzing what it really takes can be overwhelming for some but make no mistake about it, it is a wonderful experience and the rewards of seen some light at the end of the tunnel and getting there are well worth it.

Here are some of what I have learned over the years:

  • Diversify Yourself – One of the things they don’t teach you in college, university or alternative educational system is diversifying yourself and being worldly in all topics, world affairs and world business affairs. Why? You can communicate and have an intelligent dialogue with the best and other top leaders in your industry. They will be surprised as to your worldly knowledge.
  • Having A Plan – Do you know what you want to achieve and how to get there ? If not, its time to develop a plan of how you will get there. Write out your goals and what specific steps you need to take to achieve them.
  • Visualize Your Goal – Visualize what your end goal is and what it will feel like, what you will do once achieving your goal. It’s not only visualizing your goal but keeping that picture in your mind every single day and visiting your goals daily. If your having a hard time understanding what I am talking about then you might want to read, ” Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life “. This a great book which brakes down how to visualize your goals or what you want to achieve. Create a visualization board with everything you want to achieve including photos, writing or anything that will paint a clear picture in your mind.
  • Make It Happen – It’s not just writing your goals, creating a visualization board or hanging out with the boys or girls. It’s about taking action and taking each step as hard as it may be. If you don’t know how to accomplish your next step then it is time to set the pride and chips on your shoulder away. For getting to the top you must invest in Learning and educating yourself in your career, profession or tasks will be crucial to your success. Learn it and takes steps accordingly.
  • Patience – Many believe that they can achieve success simply by hanging out with the right crowd which does not hurt but remember those in the crowd are on the hunt for the same goals and it is only the ones that stand out of the crowd whom will eventually reach their goal. Also sometimes it might take longer than anticipated to reach that goal whether it be lack of preparation, lack of knowledge or whether you fit in or not. So patience is key to any goal achievement and don’t be disappointed if you don’t reach your goals today but can achieve them by tomorrow.
  • Gratitude – When getting to the top be grateful for every achievement you have accomplished for yourself and those whom have helped you get there. All your achievements will be more gratifying and well received when manifesting gratitude. It is not just saying, ” Thank You ” but feeling gratitude within and expressing it as well.
  • What Now ? – Well now you’ve achieved what you always wanted and now it is time to just sit and soak it all in…Not Exactly! Once you’ve achieved your goals it is time to share and help others who are where you once were. Don’t shun or turn your nose up at others who want to be where you are now. If you aspire to go higher in your career, business or adventure then it is time to update those goals and roll up your sleeves for the next battle ahead.

These are some of the things that it takes in getting to the top of whatever you set your mind out to do and/or accomplish. Obviously you must know your business, career or profession inside out and better to even contemplate getting to the top.

Getting to the Top

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The Most Powerful Intellectual Property You Can Own ?

How Do You Define Intellectual Property ?

If you look at most word dictionaries or law dictionaries this is what they define it to be:

Intellectual PropertyIntellectual property (IP) is a legal term that refers to creations of the mind. But let’s break down the definition within the definition.

What does intellectual really mean ? Intellectual refers to the, ” Mind “. Right ? Property means something tangible or in this case because they are combined means Property of the Mind or Created by the Mind.

So now that we have that cleared up, What is the most powerful intellectual property you can own ?

It’s the same which created the property itself, ” Your Mind “. If nurtured correctly it is the most powerful asset you can own.

The beauty of it is that everyone is born with one and can be developed to overcome whatever obstacles or challenges  you encounter in life.

Intellectual Property

This is probably the biggest obstacle itself the misunderstood potential of the mind. It is engraved into our minds from young, poor or challenged in one way or another that you can not be or acquire what other successful entrepreneurs have achieved.

First, Erase it from your thoughts. Second, Don’t believe what anyone tells you unless you have determined it for yourself.

I hear more often than not, I can not accomplish this because or I can’t do this because I don’t have any money or whatever the excuse is…Stop Yourself from that negative mindset.

If you don’t know, You Learn. If you can’t, Ask yourself Why ?

The most powerful intellectual property you can own is, ” Your Mind “

Turn off the TV, Facebook, Stop wasting money onmind control material things you don’t need and invest in Your Mind.

This is probably going to shock you. You know that term loosely used in business, education and everywhere else, ” Knowledge Is Power “.

It is commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, although there is no known occurrence of this precise phrase in Bacon’s English or Latin writings. However, the expression “ipsa scientia potestas est” (‘knowledge itself is power’) occurs in Bacon’s Meditationes Sacrae (1597). That’s over 400 years ago that since this term has been used and it is not by accident.

So, Why is the mind the most powerful intellectual property you can own ? Because the knowledge unlike a tangible property, it will last you a lifetime.

If you had a tangible property it can be broken or destroyed and you can easily be out of business sought of speak. But intellectual property is in the mind and it is why successful entrepreneurs are continuously developing their intellectual property, ” Their Mind “.

It is why no matter where you are in your life or business it is detrimental that you start developing your most powerful intellectual property if you want to change your circumstances or whatever goals you want to achieve in business or in life.

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Patience Perseverance And Prudence Pays Respectively ?

Patience Alone Without Perseverance or Prudence Is A Formula For Failure!

PatienceLife is a difficult path to navigate and many times when obstacles get in the way we lose one of the 3 P’s in our quest to achieve the results we are after.

If you lose patience you lose focus and without focus you lose prudence and then perseverance takes the back seat and we wonder through life dealing with it’s many challenges thrown at us.

It is essential to develop ones mind first to fortify yourself from what is ever thrown at you during your travel of life and business.

When you can find your zone then you know you haveperseverance reached a place where you can assert patience in what you do, implement perseverance calmly and reach a threshold where prudence lies.

In 1996 I suffered one of the most difficult challenges in my life journey and could have easily turned to less productive behaviors.

These are the times when you have to reach deep and do soul searching to find what really matters and what is important in life.

I believe that as a result I expect more from others and accept no excuses to one not believing in themselves or achieving whatever they set their mind to accomplish.

PrudenceRecently I achieved one of my goals I set out to accomplish almost 20 years ago. I managed to get on top leader boards and share along side with some of the industry top leaders in network marketing.

And some may say, WOW it took you that long ?

I say to them, I never gave up and time was somewhat of a factor but reaching the goal is more important and more satisfying knowing you could achieve what ever you want to achieve as long as you have patience, perseverance and be prudent to holding yourself accountable.

My lesson has been that if you change your mindset of how you look at life or business there are no obstacles you could not overcome. You are the architect of your life and it is yours to make or to mar.

Keep far distance from those who want to rain on your parade, align yourself with like minded people who are either already successful or share the same vision as you do.

Set time aside to improve yourself and don’t be hesitant to invest in yourself. All great leaders and successful entrepreneurs are continuously enhancing their skills and learning from the best they can afford and you should do the same.

You must always take calculated risks and don’t be afraid to fail since it is not failure at all but a great lesson you need to learn from.

Another lesson learned has been that if you want to really succeed in life or business you need to help yourself by helping as many as you can with purpose and never expect anything in return.

Life and the universe has a way of reciprocating on to you what you put out and rewards can come in many different forms when you least expect it.

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To Your Abundance!

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Help Yourself By Helping Others ?

Do You Help Yourself By Helping Others Or Do You Only Help Yourself And Expect To Get Great Results ?

Sometimes We Get Lost In Our Businesses And Don’t Understand Why We Are Not Succeeding!

Help Yourself By Helping OthersWe sometimes loose track of what works in our business because of achieved success or never learned the laws of attraction.

When you experience success it is easy to loose sight of where the foundation of success really lies.

At the beginning we would go out of our way to help others because we want to achieve success so bad and in many cases our families depended on it. It was not a Want but a Need!

Years ago I experienced this same exact life changing experience going from living an affluent lifestyle and had no worries about much but in the process I lost touch with reality and forgot where it all started.

In business online or off-line either way we are in the People’s Business. Whether you provide a service or sell a product without customers we don’t have a business.

It is essential and downright necessary to keep focus of this if you are looking to continue doing business.

If you look at the most successful businesses mission statements and notice what they all have in common:

  • Microsoft takes a strategic approach to improving the accessibility of our products and thereby helping people to achieve their full potential.
  • Amazon:  Amazon’s vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.
  • Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.
  • Yahoo:  Yahoo!’s mission is to be the most essential global Internet service for consumers and businesses

It’s not a coincidence but actually the oldest proven method in humankind of doing business but somehow we sometimes want to reinvent the wheel.

Help Yourself By Helping Others is the true secret behind the most successful businesses but also depends on how you apply it.

Helping others without the expectation of receiving in return and giving people value that will solve their problems has created multi-millionaires and billionaires without fail.

By having this approach in your business when writing content, making videos, building products or providing a service can yield great rewards.

This is the reason our business thrives and prospers because our mission at Elite Marketing Pro is to help people empower themselves to achieve great success in business and life!

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To Your Abundance!

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Who Was The First Self-Made Female Millionaire ?

Did You Know Who Was The First Self-Made Female Millionaire ? I didn’t until I read a great business history article online at brightknowledge.org.

( This historic article has been removed from archives as of August, 2017 )

Madame_CJ_WalkerSarah Breedlove (December 23, 1867 – May 25, 1919), known as Madam C. J. Walker, was an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, regarded as the first self-made female millionaire in America. She was married by the age of 14.

She worked as a laundress for as little as 1 and a half dollar a day but managed to educate her only daughter.

In the early 1900’s because of the lack of plumbing, heat or electricity she would wash her hair only once a month and as a result she suffered severe dandruff and almost went completely bald.

This gave her the idea for hair care products due to the experience she had endured. After a failed marriage in 1905 she moved to Denver where she worked as a sales agent for Annie Malone, another black female entrepreneur who manufactured hair care products.

Then she consulted with a Denver pharmacist whoWonderful Hair Grower analyzed Malone’s formula and came up with her own line of products. Then she re-married for the third time with Charles Joseph Walker and changed her name to Madam CJ Walker and founded the Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company.

By 1917, it was the largest business in the United States owned by a black person. She became an inspiration to other black women.

And fully recognizing the power of her wealth and success she than lectured to promote her business which in turn empowered other women in business.

She gave lectures on black issues at conventions sponsored by powerful institutions. In 1918 she was the keynote speaker at many National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) fund raisers for the anti-lynching effort throughout the Midwest.

Madam Walker died at the age of 51 and she was considered to be the wealthiest African-American woman in America and known to be America’s first self-made female millionaire.

Credits to brightknowledge.org for writing this great article and helping us entrepreneurs understand more about the history of business and how she has  transcended her business knowledge through future generations.

If anything, the big take away for me is that regardless of circumstances or financial situation there is always a way to achieve your own success in life and/or business if you truly have the perseverance and desire to make it happen.