Are Solo Ads Worth Using In Your Marketing Strategy?

Are Solo Ads Worth Using In Your Marketing Strategy?

Have you ever considered doing Solo Ads for your marketing or probably you’ve tried but did not get a good ROI? There are many solo ad marketers online but without trying them out you wouldn’t know otherwise specially if you see no reviews of sellers and/or their products.

I’ve tested a few solo ads and did not have much success because of what I described above maybe you’ve had this experience yourself.

Obviously, there is a learning curb but who has time to be reverse engineer every solo ad seller to find one that works for you. I might have a solution… keep reading!

So, What exactly is a Solo Ad and how does this work ?

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According to Google: A “Solo Ad” is a standalone email that ezine administrators send to their subscribe base. These solo ads are the most effective method of getting your message in front of new subscribers without any distractions and can be ultra-targeted market for your product.

Some of these Solo Ad vendors have massive email lists, ezine subscribers and while it is good to have a huge crowd to see your ad what really counts is, how many will opt-in to your list or purchase your offer? This is the bottom line…

A lot of times when buying these solo ads you do not know what market your ad is being sent to and that in my opinion is a waste of good hard earned money and your valuable time.

If you choose this method of marketing then the least you want to know is:

  • Is the Email List or Ezine the right market for your product?
  • Is there any information about the solo ad vendor that can help you make a decision of whom to choose for your solo ads?
  • What are there conversions?
  • Is there a Top Tier option to send your solo ads? Top Tier – High Quality Conversions
  • Are there options for starting out with a lower budget?

The question posed here, Are solo ads worth using in your marketing strategy?

The short answer is ” YES “.

But, the fact is that it all depends on the quality of the vendors list and how truly active are the subscribers on these list plus what kind of relationship does the vendor have with the list and it is why paying attention to the little details of the vendor and his website or an about me information would come in handy.

In other words doing your due diligence is no different with doing solo ads for your marketing strategy. As a marketer you must take the time to study, experiment, test and re-test to get the results desired in your marketing.

Another way is to connect with the solo ad vendor directly and ask questions ( Due Diligence ), ask what kind of message works well with their list or what products work best with his list and what type of niche is his or her list is in?

Even after my first time around using solo ads to generate leads and the real reason my marketing did not succeed was because my message was the wrong message to the wrong market but after doing more due diligence I discovered that there were legitimate solo ad vendors I did not know about either.

This is why I enjoy what Udimi offers a marketer with a wealth of information to make a smart cost effective solo ads marketing decisions.

solo ads udimiTo have a better experience with your solo ads there are solo ad networks like Udimi that offer a variety of levels of vendors and targeted niches/markets you could laser target which is great because most of the leg work is done for you by giving you reviews, vendor information, their experience, list size options, low start-up solo ads plus much more features you will find very handy in making your solo ad decision. 

You can sign up for a free Udimi account and see if there are solo ads in your market too.

The way it works is you find the right solo ad vendor that meets your business criteria and communicate with them to make sure everyone is on the same page and help you build better solo ads that get better conversions.

Once you are in agreement then proceed to build your solo ads and make a payment to complete your order then wait for confirmation and when order is processed so you can check out stats and monitor your ads performance.

It is important that you track your marketing ads so you can make adjustments and improvements resulting in better conversions but not obsessively checking your ad every two minutes or so. Give your ad 24 to 72 jours before starting to make changes or test new solo ads.

And most importantly, Don’t give up on your first ad because it could have been your message delivery. If the solo ads sellers has many 4 and 5 Star reviews with many buyers making sales then more than likely its your solo ad message that is not delivering.

So, test, test and test some more plus communicate with solo ad seller to see how you can improve your solo ad. All are very helpful and want you to succeed because they also want your repeat business.

Quick Tip: Use the W.I.I.I.F.M. ( What Is In It For Me ) Formula when creating your solo ads. In other words tell them how your product can solve their problem. People want to know how it will help them solve a problem they have in your niche or market and make sure that your message is congruent with your product too. Happy Solo Ads!

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