Are These Questions Holding Your Business Back ?

Are These Questions Holding Your Business Back ?

What if I told you that there is an answer to these questions that could be possibly holding your business back!

Here they are:

( Why, Where, What, How )



  • Why are you doing it ? Is it for personal success, retire early, residual income or you just have a passion about doing something or helping others ?
  • When most entrepreneurs start seeking out these options they go through an emotional roller coaster because they do it for the right reason but with the wrong approach.
  • You have to know who your market is in detail, Demographics, Age, Gender, Purchasing Habits and where are they hanging out. ( It’ll be much easier this way ).
  • Why should you do it ? Will it help others solve a problem ? This is where I would start…
  • Why are you not starting ? Are you Intimidated, Don’t know how or Think you need a lot of money to start ? ( Not True ) Just start!



  • Where do you start ? Anywhere as long as you start. Starting is the hardest part. You can use a nook in your house, the bedroom, the kitchen or even a patio. You need to isolate yourself for a few hours a day to do certain tasks and this way you will be able to focus and be productive with your time.
  • Where do you find a real step by step system to teach you without costing you a fortune to start ? Elite Marketing Pro has a “Business Kick-Start” Training Video to help you get started. Click here to get your Business Kick-Start Training Video.
  • Where is the best place to start ? At the beginning. Be cautious in taking shortcuts. In most cases shortcuts end up being the long way around. From home anytime and anywhere! All you need is a computer and internet service.



  • What will you do ? Will you write an eBook, build a new course, sell affiliate products or write about something your passionate about and there is a market.
  • What do you have to offer ? Maybe experience and knowledge you can pass on through content or videos. You can offer other people’s products, physical products through eBay or Amazon. There are limitless opportunities available.
  • What can you offer that solves someones problem ? When searching for a product you must ask yourself, Will this product solve someone’s problem ? Better yet you can search for a hungry market first and then find a product that matches the need then you have found a perfect match that can be very profitable.



  • First you must change your mindset and how you perceive every second of your life. This is how you go to the next level.
  • You must isolate negativity away from yourself. It is a poison avoided by the successful entrepreneurs and even down right upsetting to them and you as well. It is non-productive time, Period!
  • How will you use past lessons from helping you move forward ? Learn from past lessons and do not dwell on the past since it can not solve any of your problems currently and/or in your future.
  • How will you prepare yourself mentally before going into battle and be able to persevere through any obstacle or challenge that presents itself.
  • How will you approach your marketing ? Will you just wing it or will you connect with someone who is doing it and will help you get results faster ?
  • How will you market your business and/or product ? Will you use Social Media platforms or paid marketing methods ? We recommend you do both!

Which ever way your headed make sure you do a thorough market analysis before venturing into any business. Due your due diligence.

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