Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website ?

Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website ?

Domain Name Research

There is A Wrong Way to getting a domain name and there is My Way, which is what ever comes to mind and then there is the Right Way to get a Domain Name that will carry weight in search engines.

Many say I just want a name that sounds cool and you like it. I know you mean well but I have to bust your bubble right here right now because you are targeting your audience and consumers not targeting yourself, you are not the customer.

That being said, so what should you think about when searching and researching for a Domain Name. Whatever your product is whether a Physical or a Digital product either way what we highly recommend is to try to use your main keyword in your Domain Name.

If your selling stuffed animals then you would do a research on stuffed animals and teddy bears and see which one has the best search results. Also when you do your search you will probably see a better keyword that has good search volume and low competition.

Let’s look below…

In this image below you’ll notice that the keyword stuffed animals was searched using Google’s Free Keyword Tool and you’ll see that there are 33,000 people searching for this keyword with high competition and 0.79 cents for the keyword bid.

Keyword Search for ” Stuffed Animals “

Stuffed Animals Keyword Results

In this next illustration you will notice a keyword search for ” Teddy Bears ” but had 27,000 searches fewer than the ” stuffed animals keyword “, with higher competition as well and $1.09 for the keyword bid for paid ads.

But you will also notice a second rectangular box in the middle of image below. This I stumbled onto when I did this search and noticed the keyword, ” Teddy Bear ” without the letter (s) had more searches 90,500 a month and only medium competition and suggested bid for paid ad marketing $1.29 per click.

In other words, You might have found light at the end of the tunnel with this keyword because it has more searches a month which means you have a larger audience to market to but I would prefer a lower competition keyword even if its a smaller market to start a website or blog with.

Now you need to see if the Domain Name ” Teddy Bear ” is available. If not don’t worry you could just ad another word related to Teddy Bear.

Quick Tip: Here are two examples of getting a Domain Name with the Main keyword in it; Teddy Bear Dresses dot com, Teddy Bear Accesories dot com, etc…

Get the picture now? I hope you get this because it took me years to get this kind of information.

You could use a website like to search for your domain names to see if they are available to buy.

Tip: Years of experience have taught me that when you target a low competition keyword with over 1,000 searches a month of course the larger audience and market for your business even if there is outside competition like someone else with the same idea as you and marketing the same product. Chances are that 95% won’t do this process to find a Domain Name and laser target your market.

Teddy Bears Keywords

I have to tell you upfront that the keyword research part of this process can be a little tedious but well worth the find in hidden keyword jewels not exploited as much.

The most important thing to keep in mind when doing this keyword research is to write down all ideas of domain names and keywords that people might type when searching for your product.

I hope you get the picture of what I am trying to show you here, in other words when someone searches for something online you will have a better chance of showing up in search engine results.

The other part of the equation is, Is the Domain Name available for purchase ? If it is not you need to know how to improvise and still get the main keyword within the Domain Name by using ” Review, Info, Your Name with the keyword combined, using an X or other letter after or before the domain name.

To find out if the Domain Name is available or not. You could use a free online tool like It is a fast way of finding if its available or not.

Once you have found the right one then it’s time to get it up and running on your own blog or website to stay in touch with your prospects and consumers too.

Domain Name

You could use Domain Name Registrars like,, or to purchase your name for one or more years. Do not recommend more than two years initially.

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