How I Escaped Prison – Easier Than You Think!

How I Escaped Prison – Easier Than You Think!

Being In Prison Is The Most Agonizing Pain I Have Ever Suffered.

alcatraz prison cell david cordnerWhile many that live in this environment find it to be a normal way of life. Even though I was born in a poor environment but seemed content at the young age of 4, I still knew that this was not an ordinary life.

My mother and father struggled to make ends meet and by the age of 13 my father was no longer around essentially having no roll model and fending for myself.

After struggling my way through high school I decided to join the US Army to make a better life for my mother, sister and brother. After 12 years of serving and participating in the Gulf War I decided it was time to come back home.

At first I struggled with finding a good job but shortly after I found a sales job that earned me a decent income but in a couple of years I found myself without a job and had lost everything.

On and off I worked over 12 jobs to try to make ends meet but it was difficult to say the least. I said to myself there has to be a better way for me to make a living and not having to depend on anyone else.

After doing some soul searching and cleansing my mind from what had been holding me back I discovered something most people simply wouldn’t want to here or even entertain and let alone talk about it.

Why ? Because it is so painful to accept it and for it to be the true reality and we rather live in pain and denial all of our lives.

But, I was determine to find out the truth about why I was failing and others were lavishing in success.

I discovered that I had been in a Prison all of my life whether I realized it or not. You see here are three types of prison that are most significant in our lives.

  • Spiritual and Religious Prison
  •  Mental Prison
  • Physical and Material Prison

Spiritual and religious prison is where many people try to find salvation or emancipation to be saved from sin or looking for ” freedom ” or ” liberty ” in their lives which is, simply escape from prison.

Whether physical, material prison or a mental, spiritual prison the meaning is the same. In all cases, we want freedom.

Those who lack the wisdom can see and fear only the physical, material prisons.

Mental prison is one of the hardest to escape since it is engraved in our minds through life as if everything seems normal until you face life realities, challenges and difficult circumstances in your life.

Breaking out of mental prison can be done but requires the will,  determination, perseverance and the desire to having escaped prison through its end.

Keep all the mental blocks out of your path like negativity, nay sayers, non-supporters or those who can not contribute positively to your goals

You can overcome this by reading and filling your conscious and sub-conscious mind with knowledge, wisdom, motivating and productive literature everyday, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Associate yourself with like minded people and you will exponentially increase your chances of success and escaping prison.

In the Physical and Material prisons they both have similarities of  having walls that enclose you have done wrong in society or shopping at a mall. They both have concrete walls and neither is easy to break out of.

The material prison is what 95% of people are lock into without even knowing it. From the start of an early day to work and stopping to get your favorite coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts or Starbucks to going to Walmart for lunch and shopping for the latest Black Friday, Purple Friday whatever you want to call it. Now it’s Cyber Monday or Cyber Week. It’s all a material prison.

Sometimes we buy things because our neighbors looks better than ours or the neighbor just bought a new Camaro so you have to now go buy a new Corvette.

Breaking out of these prisons for some seem impossible and many will die in these prisons. I am not saying that I am perfect or I can walk on water but what I am saying is that every living human being has a choice to escape these prisons.

And what you do with that choice is what really matters. You can use it to improve yourself and your family’s circumstances or you can escape from being in the rat race to enjoy time with loved ones. It’s up to you what you do with it but use it wisely.

Be humble, Be Knowledgeable, Be A Teacher and most importantly Be Grateful for what and who you have around you and within you will find true happiness.