How To Improve At Self Discipline

How To Improve At Self Discipline

Remember that huge achievement you made at some point in your life where you had either self-discipline or coached or mentored by someone which gave you the self discipline, momentum, drive and focus to see that achievement through its finally.

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Do you remember ?

You had that fire even express in your demeanor, body language, your tone or when you looked in the mirror in your mind you were already convinced you were going to be successful. Whether it was hitting that base hit if you played baseball, finished at the  top 5 in your organization in someway, made your first $100 in your business or sponsored 500 leads into your business, or whatever it was, it felt great making that accomplishment. Didn’t it feel GREAT ?

Can you trace back to how exactly you felt and how you reacted to those challenges, changes and what made you push so hard to accomplish and overcome them ?

First you identified what it was you wanted to accomplish and did whatever it took to make it happen, Right ? If you did not know how to do it you learned, you trained, you burned the midnight oil and your focus was laser sharp. Am I getting warm ?

You see, at some point we all struggle with self discipline specially when we don’t enjoy what it is that needs to be done or enjoy a good challenge either way there is a drive that almost automatically takes over and deals with the obstacles and the knowledge to accomplish what your after.

Self discipline must be monitored so you will be aware of its presence because it can sabotage your business and yourself if your not aware of its presence and how to cope with it or eliminating completely by doing some mindset training or consumption of great training through podcast, videos or written content. It’s why I subscribe to Self Made Man by Mike Dillard who started from nothing to do very well for himself and now is paying it forward for those who want to forge their own destiny.

I relate self discipline to cycling, one of the things I’ve learned to enjoy both as a sport and a healthy lifestyle but like everything else it has its challenges and of course we always want to do better if you have a competitive edge. When training for a cycling event there are days you don’t feel like it but what I’ve found out is, those are some of the best workouts.

When cycling and tackling those dreaded hills where you find yourself talking to yourself and trying to convince yourself that it’s not to far left in the hill climb plus telling your legs the pain will be over soon. Challenges in business seem like an uphill battle at times but just like cycling you take it one pedal at a time or in your business one step at a time.

In cycling you have to measure the power, heart rate and of course your body fatigue to know what to improve on. These areas typically today are done with cycling computers or phone apps that tract your activity. And if your a little more serious you would probably even watch your diet and nutrition intake.

Self discipline can be learned which is the beauty of the lack of or struggling with in mostly any situation your experiencing. One thing I discovered while deployed to the first Gulf War, the 11+ years of continuous practice and training kick in when activated to do the real thing. It was instantaneous without hesitation and somewhat of cloud of confidence in my training to take decisive actions in order to accomplish the mission. 

It was a very valuable lesson that I will never forget. When starting my business I just knew that if I could read literature, watch videos or podcasts or get coaching from more experienced entrepreneurs I could learn how to do business and so can you.

What ever it is your lacking self discipline doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end. There is a way to take on the challenge and enjoy the benefit of it and how it helps others. Many times we look at things the wrong ways. We look at it as labor intensive, to complicated, to many pieces to a puzzle, to big of a challenge or simply focus on making money bypassing many other important steps and people in the process.

Even if you are not doing something your passionate about you must be aware of the end result or end goal. The end goal should be always positive and rewarding. If it’s writing an article for your blog and you would love to get excellent readership and hopefully they enjoyed some benefit out of it.

In other words look at it as something positive that your doing to help others and this will feel rewarding which is the entire goal, Right? Hopefully you said, Yes!

Self discipline can derive from different avenues and it’s up to you to determine how to embrace them and make the best use of them. Looking at things in a positive light and getting rid of the negative influences in your head or around you.

Make a list of five things that you would like to accomplish daily with the highest priority tasks at the top. Tackle the top priority items first and continue down the line as far as you can get investing good quality time. What ever did not get done that day moves up in the priority list of things to do the following day unless some new high priority must do tasks come in.

It happens in business and you must be flexible to continue to move forward and making positive progress in your business. Sometimes it is easier said than done and believe me I’ve been there and it is why I highly recommend you invest time into improving your self discipline and skills to help you grow your business and you in the process by investing in mindset self-development.

Don’t let your self esteem get in the way either sometimes we sabotage ourselves with over thinking things and over complicating things that are truly simple. Sometimes we want to over improve things and not take a step back and look at things in the eyes of your reader or consumer to put things into perspective.

You can also build your self confidence by getting value training or mentoring or listening to great podcasts by other entrepreneurs who have been through the same experiences and tell their story to help you improve with your outcome as well.

A little self motivation goes a long way and is highly recommended. One of the best motivators is seeing the small successes in your business or your life as motivators. Do a little dance, share with your friends, share with your partner, share on social media and feel excited about small accomplishments but never loosing sight of how you got there so you can replicate the outcome or even scale up.

Hang out with like minded people who motivate you and hold you accountable and are looking after your best interest as you should theirs. Building your own mastermind group can help in all of these aspects and more but they must be the right groups congruent with what your doing.

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