How To Recruit The Most Highly Qualified Entrepreneurs For Your Business

How To Recruit The Most Highly Qualified Entrepreneurs For Your Business

If you’ve been searching for new ways on how to recruit better qualified leads and prospects for your business then you’re going to want to read this.

It is hard enough trying to recruit qualified leads through search engines or social media platforms but recruiting the most qualified entrepreneurs from the #1 social media platform is even more difficult certainly if you don’t know how to recruit them.

In this article you will read about some areas of concerning how to recruit the best qualified entrepreneurs online.



Luckily my friend Gloria MacDonald, a veteran and a 7-figure entrepreneur herself and a marketing expert, has recently uncovered a brand NEW way to attract and recruit the best prospects for your business.

And it has nothing to do with Facebook, and there is absolutely ZERO paid advertising or costs associated with marketing your business. You might say, How is that possible ?

And just so you know…

One quick way to find highly qualified entrepreneurs – Find out where they hangout and find out if you can provide a solution or maybe even collaborate in a join venture.

What we are talking about here are the most SURER HIGH QUALITY entrepreneurs you could find online.

These are the kind of entrepreneurs who are actually searching for you, need your advice and are excited hear about what you have to offer.

Now I do have to say this…

There’s hardly anything “new” under the sun as far as marketing is concerned anymore and most marketing methods are rehashed and sold as something new, but yet Gloria’s method is so clever and virtually unknown to 99% online, and are practically not used by any other network marketers because like I mentioned previously, It Is A Brand New Marketing Strategy!

Which opens the door for you with a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY before the word gets out.

T – To get the attention of top entrepreneurs in your space you should produce your own noticeable results or be able to help them with their business.

In fact…

And to my surprise and many top marketers online as well Gloria has personally earned near Six-Figures in her business, in less than 6 months using this one strategy.

And now she has finally agreed to reveal her secret sauce and the entire step-by-step for prospect generation, sales and recruiting system.


A big chunk of the proceeds will be donated to a special organization and a very worthwhile cause.

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social media recruiting frenzy

Let’s face it, Facebook is getting overcrowded and more difficult to recruit since people who go there are mostly there to socialize and not interested in being pitched to join your business opportunity or products.

T – How do you know what they are looking for and how do you find out ? There are several online tools you could use like Google Keyword Planner, Serpstat, Popular forums in your target market, Personal or Business blogs they might have, Social Media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter.

Some of the things we look at when searching for ways to promote our business and recruit more leads are:

  • Is there a market interested in my product
  • where do they hangout
  • What are they looking for
  • can I solve a problem for them
  • how do I attract them to my business – giving away a high value ebook, or some quality content related to what they are looking for.
  • Will it solve my problem for them ?
  • Is my product congruent with that they are looking for.
  • Do I have some advice that I could share with them.

Specially when it is a newly discovered strategy that we haven’t heard of but is making waves in the marketing world.

After years of learning different strategies on how to recruit and sponsor leads for our business we have discovered some great techniques but how to recruit top entrepreneurs, movers and shakers that could really make an impact in your business is even harder.

Don’t intimidated by other top entrepreneurs, most of them started where you are right now or somewhere along the way. Be will to be humble and listen to their wisdom or knowledge of an area you might need help in as well. In the end they could be someone who you might even start some kind of joint venture.

Thanks to Gloria’s generosity and for discovering this strategy that she has tested to be a proven method of picking and recruiting the best qualified prospects and leads for our businesses.

Be a listener not a talker and you will discover great things about your potential prospect and this way build a better relationship with them.

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