How To Use Website Data To Increase Website Traffic & Conversion

How To Use Website Data To Increase Website Traffic & Conversion

When most think of website conversion traffic they don’t think of conversion marketing and about their analytics reports as much as they should. Some bloggers would think of writing an engaging article that provides high value in order to increase website traffic but don’t have direction.

You must know where your going in order to know where you’ll end up at! And what this website data provides for you. Allowing you to spy behind the scenes of your businesses performance and pulse.

Here are two ways you could use to improve your online presence by exploring other discovered data to help your presence online plus continue to grow it.

Today, Data is everywhere and at our fingertips through the use of your computer, ipad, iphone or android smartphone and the internet, applications for Apple & Android to simplify yourself your business, search engines where you could literally do and find anything your interested in including online meetings. Its amazing how we are evolving into a technological digital world and its opportunities being afforded if you know where to look.

Personally, I have learned to use data to improve my blogs presence online by asking some simple questions:

  • How Can I Improve And Grow My Presence Online
  • where are good opportunities ?
  • How can I use the data to increase my website traffic ?
  • What blog posts are getting the most traffic

Here are places where to get your data to start analyzing it…

Facebook Insights Organic or Paid Marketing – Free

Google Analytics – Free

Here below is the beginning of a live marketing campaign with some paid marketing I’m currently running. Already had to tweak the image of one of the ads because the image contained to many variables like 0’s and 1’s.

But i thought it represented my blog post congruently. This is one of Facebook’s pet p’s and I should know better but still wanted to try it.

Convert Data Into Website Traffic
Convert Data Into Website Traffic. Use It Wisely!

You can click on the bottom left Acquisition Traffic resources to really dig deep into exactly how your traffic arrives at your site.

Where is your market coming from and what new markets that fit your target Avatar are available. Below is what analytics gives you to help you make wise marketing decisions based on where you want to target and what is your reach thus-far.

Where does website traffic come from
Use your data to target your market more directly! What are you waiting for ? Get Busy!

Start collecting data and saving your discoveries and opportunities for improvement in your marketing efforts.

Digging deeper into your marketing here is another area below you should look at if you have a blog and are always contributing articles and are including in your marketing efforts to increase blog post traffic and website rankings.

This gives you knowledge of what articles are getting more traffic then take the time to improve them and make them an evergreen article that continues to be relevant in your market.

One article alone has been responsible for many leads and many sales because I went after a market that was looking for a solution to their problem, Marketing!

Everyone needs understanding marketing knowledge to improve their business website or products in front of the right consumers.

Website Data from blog post articles

It wasn’t until I took this awesome step of joining EMP that leads and sales started to come in. They spelled it out for me with easy to absorb training and  training videos you can pause while you implement the new strategies to scale your business too plus join the live training weekly, and be part of a private mastermind group of like minded entrepreneurs like you who started from zero to where doers can reap some great rewards like a private vip training with Ferny himself plus then attraction marketing formula came into the picture which I jumped on immediately because I seen the value of this EMP System.

These are data driven results with my blog using attraction marketing formula bootcamp strategies.

Elite Marekting Pro System

I learned to give freely to meet other like minded people who were interested in building a business online or those were serious enough to take their existing business to the next level, everything is possible and there are real stories everyday of new achievers and building an income online through education platform.

Everybody wants to learn how to become self sufficient-financially and it’s great for for all of our communities and people online who are looking for a solution to their problem and you could provide it. What ever it is!

But going back to the topic at hand and the one way you could improve your online presence is by looking at your analytics through each of the marketing platforms used ie. social media, paid marketing, and your categories and keywords of interest related directly to your business market.

I really mean, ” look into depth ” in your analytics and insights because it provides you with such powerful information that will literately can change your business outcome and website conversion.

Look at your social media data insights like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and all marketing methods used which provide you with a wealth of information about what people are looking for and which you can target directly using free and paid strategies to quickly grow your business.

Facebook Insights – Starting a new blogging campaign using images plus trending stories online on a blog post for 7 days of testing and will share results later…so watch-out for that!

facebook insights sample

Day # 2 – Starting to get some more data. As you can see the ad needs a little tweaking. This is when you start looking at what part of your ad is not engaging.

Is it your image like in my case here but we are changing it now, is it your headline or is it your body text in your ad ?

These are the questions that immediately come to mind about this ad and should ask the same questions when running your ads.

Website Data FB Insights

Day 5 of our 7 Day Test Update Plus As you will see below we started running three campaigns on normal postings on Facebook and boosted each post except the first one we paused that targeted the website directly, have to work on this ad.

Increase Website Traffic To Your Website

We are now reaching over 2,000 in potential reach 162 engagements 15 page views and 2 Likes. Will run the best performer and see where I could tweak the second performer or see its potential to decide if we continue to run it or not. Stay tune for an update in two days.

Live Campaign Update WP BP

Using the blog post “boost strategy” can work well with sharing your content across the internet and get more traffic to your website. You can also create your own Ad as well with your own image, content and where you would like the traffic go to. This is a basic marketing strategy on Facebook but you can also grab your social media recruiting guide.

Another particular area of website conversion data I recommend you look at are:

  • How did they arrive at your website or blog or in your leads file?
  • What terms or phrases did they use to find my website or find a particular product you are offering ?
  • What pages did they land on and how much time did they spend there ?
  • And, How can I capitalize on all this information ?

Most who don’t understand the value at their finger tips would look at their website analytics and say, Awesome my bounce rate is down 1% and everything looks good and close the page and go back to chatting on Facebook or other platforms missing the entire point of having this information.

When I look at analytics I want to capitalize on the information by doing some due diligence to find out where they came from ie. Google, Yahoo, Blog Post, Social Media etc…

If you have a blog which blog posts are generating better presence online by doing some reverse engineering on your top competitors online business and related terms.

Lets say you want to write an article about ” Online Business ” and maybe you want to attract this market. See search results below…

First thing you do is, a good market research to see if you have an audience and what other information can you gather while doing it.

Here are terms related to Online Business that have good search volume and low competition. Next you would take each term into a Google Browser and make a search for each term in closed quotes to give you specific amount of other websites whom are using this term, keyword or phrase (s).

See what kind of content is out there you feel you could improve on it or give it a completely new perspective based on your experience or ideas you conclude within your findings.

Doing this can increase your website conversion using all the data accessible to you and your business.

Notice the Targeting directly below Keyword Planner where I chose Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

The suggested bids only relates to marketing on Google Adwords which I advice use Facebook Marketing Paid Ads with less cost but targeting who your market is through your content.

You could take these terms discovered and write a very well researched article blog post providing excellent value to improve website conversion.

Google Keyword Planner Market Research

You see the term, ” employee online “. This would be a good market to convert from employee mindset to entrepreneur mindset through your shared educational blog posts, in your paid marketing, or your social media shares.

T – This is the beginning of finding and defining your market and how large your market is.

Social media is an important part of marketing online because it gets faster results targeting your marketing efforts directly with your audience.

As a website, blog or business owner it is critical to understand your marketing you feel comfortable with until you producing some results and then scaling your marketing efforts and moving on to a different method of marketing to leverage different platforms simultaneously to increase your website conversion even more.

If you want to have a guide that paves the road for you with social media then get the free guide below…thanks for reading!