It’s Decision Time… Time To Make 2015 New Years Resolution

It’s Decision Time… Time To Make 2015 New Years Resolution

I go this email today, by Vitaly Grinblat and I thought I would share because it is spot on the things we go through every year…

Happy New Year 2015We’re just 5 days away from the New Year on Thursday, January 1.

Every year, around this time is when I think about what I want to do next year.

I usually get out a piece of paper and start writing things down.

Almost everyone has New Year’s resolutions. But most also abandon them quickly.

What I discovered over the years, and I believe it more today than ever before, is that the results you will reap next year, are determined by the thinking, planning, and actions you take today.

And throughout the year.

But action always comes after the other two.

And the actions you take, or don’t take over the next 12 months are directly corelated to what you decide today.

See, you decide RIGHT NOW what the next 12 months are going to look like for you.

One of my favorite books, which I highly recommend is “Success Is Not An Accident”.

The book starts off with this…

“Success occurs in the lives of specific people for specific reasons. Success is not something that randomly happens to you, it is something you make happen.

If you will inves.t the time to find out what other people have done to be successful, and then begin doing the same things, you too, in due season, will achieve similar results.”

I think most people will agree with this.


Deep down inside, I think, most don’t really believe they can do it.

Fears, doubts, worries, and (this is a biggie)… dwelling on past failures and defeats keeps them mentally stuck.

Why bother writing down goals just to be disappointed, again?

Of course if all you do is write them down, put them aside, and continue doing what you’ve been doing… very little, if anything, will change.

But here’s another quote from the book which brilliantly sums it all up…

“Success in life comes from one thing:deciding exactly what you want to accomplish and then deliberately choosingto invest the minutes and hours of your life doing only those things that move you in the direction of your goals.”

Every minute we have a choice of what to do with our time.

  • We can spend it.
  • Waste it.
  • Or invest it.

By the way, when you spend time with your family, away from working on your business, that’s an invest.ment as well.

But unless you take the time and get clear about what you want… what you REALLY want… success will be nothing more than a wish for some vague dream.

The very best definition of success I have ever heard, is from master sales trainer Tom Hopkins.

Years ago I attended a number of Tom’s boot camps, and he made us memorize it verbatim.

And I haven’t seen a better definition since.

Success is the continuous journey towards the achievement of predetermined, worthwhile goals.

I would read that a few times to let it really sink in.

So as we get ready to finish this year and head into 2015…

Have you decided exactly what next year is going to look like for you?

Have you set big goals which you want to accomplish in 2015?

Have you made the decision right now, to wisely choose what you will do and what you won’t do in order to stay on track?

And with only 5 days left in the year, there’s no better time than to do this RIGHT NOW.

P.S. Aside from making the decision about what you want, nothing will help you achieve your finan.cial goals faster in 2015, than having a list-building machine ready to kick-off by January 1st.

Tomorrow we’re helping 20 people build theirs LIVE on our 6-Figure Virtual Workshop.

If you want to grab one of the final 2 spots left…

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Start 2015 with a Big Bang… Make Your New Years Resolution Come True!

Happy New Year!

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