Marketing Psychology – Why Is This Critical For Your Business ?

Marketing Psychology – Why Is This Critical For Your Business ?

Understanding Marketing Psychology Is The Reason Why The Top 5% Of Businesses Have Become So Successful!

Marketing PsychologyThe largest businesses in the world have spent millions of dollars to understand marketing psychology and consumer behavior to perfect their marketing strategy.

Why is it so important to them ? The answer is simple, If you understand behavioural psychology you can pretty much write your own ticket.

If you have done any marketing online at all you will find that when selecting who your target market is you are given the choices to select from geographical to income levels, age group and purchasing patterns of consumers which are available to you.

This is because these marketing mediums have gathered millions of bits of information on all consumers online and off-line.

Why do you think it is that when you go to the A woman hand carrying a bunch of colorful shopping bagscheckout at Macy’s or any other department store they ask you for your phone number or even your email information ? ” To understand consumer behaviour! ”

So, What are these behaviors they are after and how can you apply it to your marketing strategy for your business.

First, you must understand the emotional triggers of consumers:

  1. Pleasure – It makes them feel good and satisfied.
  2. Need – They need the product or business opportunity. Maybe they need to supplement their income.
  3. Desperation – They probably lost their job or their source of income and they need a way to support their family and their financial obligations.
  4. Fears – They probably fear the economic conditions and understand that they need to be in a position to ride an economic crash. Or maybe they were homeless and never want to be there again.
  5. Entrepreneurs – These are action takers that see it no other way but to achieve and accomplish bigger goals they set out for themselves. This is why the richer get richer and the poor get poorer.

Savvy successful entrepreneurs and large companies target these emotional triggers when they apply their marketing strategies into their advertising.

What are the the four quadrants that decide on whether the consumer buys a home business product and takes action to see it through.

  1. Potential – What is the potential of the product ? Will it satisfy their needs ? Can they have the financial future they are after ?
  2. Taking Massive Action – When they purchase the product or business course, Will they Take Action ?
  3. Results – If they take action, this will determine what results they get.
  4. Believe – Does the consumer believe the product will work for them ? If you believe that there is little potential in the product this will determine how much action they will take and in turn it will determine what kind of results they get. Now if they believe that the product or service will work for them with certainty and ultimate believe.

If you can deliver a message that create unwavering certainty in their believe through your marketing strategy then you will accomplish all four of these quadrants above.

Marketing TacticsIn essence your marketing tactics gets the consumer to purchase your product ( they take action ) because they now believe that this is the product they need and will work for them and more importantly gets the results they are looking for.

With business psychology the same applies. If you are marketing an at home business opportunity you don’t just want them to buy your product but you want them to take action and be successful as well. Why?

When someone joins your company or business opportunity if they are successful your company will be as successful and potentially even more because now they tell their friends and family and get more people to come to your business and/or website.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of marketing psychology and change the way you apply into your marketing techniques and advertising strategies.

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