NFL #1 Marketing Sin And Limiting Their Losses

NFL #1 Marketing Sin And Limiting Their Losses

The NFL made the #1 cardinal marketing sin and when they realized it was to late with massive repercussions as a result. What some very affluent and successful businesses who make such blunders in their marketing strategy forget their number one element responsible for their success, ” People “.


As a domino effect from one of the biggest sponsors whom had been with the NFL for a few years had to cut their ties because of the back-lash happening to the NFL league.

They were literally loosing millions of dollars in the process and had to cut the cord in order to save their business and distance themselves from its association with the NFL.

The most important marketing element of any business is their consumers. If your consumers don’t agree with your narrative, what the company stands for  or its message you can bet that they will leave as quickly as they came.

Believe it or not people still have morals and keep certain things to heart and every marketer should be aware of this and should never take it for granted. It does not matter how big or how much influence the company or entity holds in the market. This should be a direct message to business owners whom forget where their roots lie.

In retrospect the league is doing everything possible to restore its name and how it conducts its business but the damage has already been done and frankly don’t know if people will ever forgive them for its stupidity. Maybe they will forgive them but not forget and therefore never give them their business ever again.

In my opinion , The bigger problem is that most of these families whom boycotted them have kids whom they brought up in the sport and pretty sure as a parent myself these kids are probably forbidden to watch or follow the sport as a result which means that future generations will be less in attendance or follow the sport specially in todays world where they have so much technology at their disposal.

NFL being a billion dollar organization is implementing all of their marketing resources to recoupe this massive loss in revenue and loyalty to the sport.

Recently seen on tv a dog puppy Super Bowl LIIgame promoting the Super Bowl. On another tv show on HGTV a popular NFL figure using his foundation to build a suitable home for a special family but subtly giving the NFL some light doing positive things for a community.

Most people would see it as simply a great show to watch without seeing or understand what their ultimate goal is. Every type of media has a purpose and a message underlying its main goal they want to accomplish.

Business Owner

This is why it is so important as a marketer and a business owner to see beyond the screen, the images, videos, text and the message it’s trying to convey to its reader, viewer and audience.

It is why most companies have their own marketing department or at a minimum in contract with a marketing agency who masterminds with business owners at what the company goals are and what they are trying to achieve.

It is a big responsibility and pressure for the marketing department or marketing agency to meet the companies requirements and/or goals.

In prior years when being more active in the marketing world and dealing with these kind of responsibilities there is a lot of data crunching that goes behind the scenes after a thorough market research has been conducted.

And I believe this is where the NFL is at this present time trying to mend its bruises and could possibly take a couple of years at minimum to recover from this one.

As a marketer and business owner my advice is to take heed from this blunder and never make this cardinal sin in your marketing strategy because it might not be enough to say, ” SORRY WE MADE A MISTAKE “.

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