Reinaldo’s Story

Reinaldo’s Story

My life story…

Quote I Wrote :  As humans we are incredibly creative with our thoughts specially when you put them into action. by Lun Rey

Life has it’s ups and downs and many obstacles along the way and I have certainly been through many in my journeys in life.
First, I dropped out of high school to help out my mom, brother and sister at home because we didn’t have enough money to make ends meet so I decided to join the US Army at the age of 17 and serve for 12 years and before completing my career in the military I also served in the Gulf War for eight months.
Reinaldo Lopez
By the end of this great career I had learned a lot about myself and what was possible when you are confronted with difficult challenges under extreme conditions and how to succeed and overcome adversity with anything you put your mind to.
Sometimes we don’t know or quite understand how powerful our minds are which can be programmed to do exactly what you want to accomplish in life, business and anything you truly desire.  ( It’s a scientific fact )
After I left the military I went to work as a salesman for a top name brand automobile company and quickly moved up to management but one Friday ( I never forget ) I was called into the office and told that my services were no longer required.
I found myself without a job and over 140K in debt which cost me my marriage and no clue of what to do and how I was going to support family.
It had to be the lowest points in my life feeling hopeless and needless to say I lost everything I worked so hard for.
I vowed that, No-one or no employer would ever have control over my income or life circumstances ever again! 
I turned into a madman reading, learning, studying, implementing and trial and error during my next years while I worked a 9 to 5 job and never satisfied with complacency ever again.
In the course of over two years I worked in over 12 different jobs looking for a way to make a decent income.
Then I found out that military disabled veterans had preference in getting a job as maintenance personnel in the US Post Office.
So, I took the test and was hired in two months. I cleaned floors and worked as a Janitor for about one and a half years while I worked my way up the latter to becoming a building engineer after going to school and training for over three years.
I worked there for 16 years but by this time I was already burnt out and wanted to retire or find something that would replace my income.
So, I turned to the internet and purchased many make money online scams that left me more broke and frustrated.
The last Network Marketing company I was part of I had spent over $5,000 dollars in purchasing their products and shortly after they went out of business. Imagine that, Right! 
Even going through this I knew that when you want something bad enough you will persevere no matter what and you will make it happen.
 Still reading, learning and searching the internet probably like you are right now wondering if an at home business is right for you, I finally had a breakthrough.
I started reading this course called Magnetic Sponsoring and I started to get results and then I upgraded to the Elite team and things have dramatically changed for me and my business.
In 2013 I put in my retirement papers, moved to Thailand with my beautiful wife and now I work in my own at home business part time.
My Wife & IWake up when I want to, work from where ever I want to, travel with my lovely wife and enjoy helping other affiliate marketers find their success online. 
Hawaii Vacation
This is me and my wife on a two week vacation trip to Haleiwa, Hawaii (North Shore) If you’ve never been there you need to visit!
This is a real story:

A Secret Millionaire Amputee who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident said, ” You Have To Deal With It or It Will Deal With You “. Very Powerful, Don’t You Think? True Story!

You posses the power and the choice to make your life the reality you desire and persevere to achieve. You are the architect of your own life and it is yours to make or to mar.
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To Your Abundance!

Lun Rey

( Alias given by my Thai family )

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