Search Engine Optimization – Is your website seo friendly ?

Search Engine Optimization – Is your website seo friendly ?

Search Engine Optimization

Why should you do search engine optimization on your website and what is SEO anyways ?

Definition of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is exactly what it implies, Optimizing your website and content to be search engine friendly.

Now, You have to understand what the search engines new practices and what their end result is, Give people relevant information to their search done when inputting a search term or phrase into their browser and Google returns content related to what they wrote in their search browser.

Wikipedia: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine‘s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic“, or “earned” results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more…

The fact is that Google which is the largest search engine on the
world wide web and is who you should cater to when thinking of doing
search engine optimization on your website and/or blog.

Disclosure: Don’t forget the other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and others with millions visiting everyday to optimize your content for their search engines because they all crawl your website or blog.

Quick Tip: Just make sure to summit your website to these search engines, I prefer doing it manually since I’m in control the back office of my websites.

Using the right seo strategy, search engine optimization and making your website/blog seo friendly is essential to improving your website ranking and getting your website in front of people searching for your specific niche or market.

The best way to make the best of seo is to start your seo strategy from the minute you think of building a website or blog by doing some
market research on your market you intend to build your site that is relevant.SEO Goole

Here are some SEO TIPS you could follow:

When starting a website the first thing that people will be find is
the title of your website or content and the meta description describing what your website or content is about.

Google says; Create unique, accurate page titles. Your title should tell the reader what your website or content is about and include your primary keyword (Search Term/Phrase) relevant to your site or your product which should give the reader a solution they are searching for.

It not only makes it relevant to the reader when searching on their web browser but it gives search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing etc… relevant information to make your website show up in their search results.

In the image below you will see when someone does a search on Google for baseball cards and below that you will notice the search suggestions by Google.

  • Meta Tags – This is where the description of your site should be
    poured on as accurately as possible and give your visitor a reason
    why they should keep reading and searching your content for a
    solution which solves their problem. And you have only 140
    characters to do it with because the rest will not show up on the
    search results. Do a search in Google browser and see how many
    words shows up in the search results after the website link. So, pick
    your words selectively and accurately to make the visitor want to
    visit your website or blog.
  • Research your niche to see if there is a market for your topic or
    product by going to google search and typing in your main keyword
    to see who your competition is and what are they writing about,
    talking about and what keywords they are targeting and using in
    their content.

For Example: If ( Best Tasting Water ) is your keyword, then what is your market searching for ? They are searching for water filters, how to purify water, or are they looking for spring water or are they looking for a water bottle which is bpa free ? Maybe your primary keyword should be ( The Best Water Filtration Systems Online ) or ( The Best BPA Free Water Bottles ).

  • Use Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords associated with your niche or market.
  • Reverse Engineer The Competition – Visit your competitors website and spend some time going through each of them to see what is working and what isn’t.

They are in the top search results for a reason, they have done their
research and have search engine optimized their websites properly.

They’ve already done the hard work for you so why not capitalize and copy their success and help you build a solid foundation for your business.

Tip: Don’t copy verbatim what they are doing but put it in your own words and make it unique and do it better then their website.

  • Your site URL structure – Make sure that your URL is seo friendly. For
    Example: This would be the wrong url configuration: ( and here would be an seo friendly url configuration ( ).

If you use WordPress then all you have to do is set the Permalinks to Post Name or Custom  /%postname%/ to automatically generate a search engine friendly url.

Another important factor of improving the site structure is making your website easier to navigate so your readers can easily find what they are looking for.

You can place categories in the right or left margin of your website so visitors can find additional relevant information giving your site a lower bounce rate and longer time on your site which Google rewards you by sending you additional free traffic.

To proof this simply look at your Google Analytics and compare to increase in website traffic and what your bounce rate is. I use several tools to compare statistics and scour additional data to help our marketing strategies according to what data tells us.

  • Website Content – The quality of your content will dictate whether your readers and visitors will continue to come back and visit your site in the future or even purchase anything from you. Yep! That is all in a nutshell what quality content will and will not do for you as a blogger or entrepreneur.

If you provide quality content that gives your readers a solution, help them make an intelligent decision on buying a product that provides the solution they are looking for you’ve done well.

When writing content for your site you should be thinking about an evergreen article that will stand the test of times, can be relevant regardless of how long you wrote it plus is so effective in its end goal that it could go viral online giving you a long term stream of traffic to your site.

  • Anchor Text on your site. What is anchor text you might be asking ? This is when you select a word or words/phrase or a sentence and hyperlink/linking it to an internal link like another article on your website or another page on your website or an external link to another website or product. You can also use anchor text when commenting on other blogs.

Making the best use of the anchor text is critical to making that word or phrase a relevant search for your readers and more importantly for search engines as well improving your website ranking too. These seo techniques are simple but yet very effective if you use them properly.

  • Images on your website should be seo friendly as well. What I
    mean is your images should be named accordingly and be relevant
    to your content as well. Images should have alternate text associated with image. Most website platforms when uploading an image will ask for you to fill in the: Image Title, Alternate Text and Link you would like to send the people who click on your image. In googles eyes you score additional points for website ranking factors too.
  • Heading Tags – Normally your blog post or page title will be an
    H1 Heading if not make sure that it is. Following your title is your
    page or blog post content which should include your H2, H3 and
    other Heading Tags. Choose them wisely, more than likely secondary keywords that are associated with your content.
  • Robots.txt – My suggestion is visit Google Webmaster sign up if
    you haven’t already and connect your website with them so they
    can provide you with data and analytics of your site so you can
    make improvements as necessary.

Checkout image below where you will notice Google Robot searching for specific content related to Marketing Techniques keyword. This shows you how the url is structured and why it is important to get search engine robots crawling your website.

  • No-Follow links – For example: If your promoting an affiliate
    product make it a no-follow link when hyperlinking anchor text or
    an image so search engines don’t crawl it with their robots. Or if
    you don’t want certain text, content to be crawled by search
    engines then make it a no-follow.
  • Mobile sites – Today if you want to have an impact on search
    results then it is important that you make your site mobile ready
    and compliant to make it easier for readers to view on their mobile devices. Make sure that you guide your mobile users accurately so they can have a pleasant experience with your site.
  • Promoting your website properly will have visitors engaged with
    your content and will be more apt to sign up for blog updates,
    register for your webinar, and even purchase your product. When
    promoting make sure that your ad and ad copy is congruent with
    your website and products you want them to purchase from your
    website. Use the free Google Webmaster Tools and free Google Keyword Planner they make your search engine optimization a whole lot easier.
  • Categories on your website are important as well and should include the Primary, Secondary and Alternate keywords related to your website content your visitors are searching for.

Categories might not have a lot of ranking juice per say but making your website more optimized in every little detail gives you more leverage in the search results and besides there might be other categories your reader is interested in learning or reading about then why not give them more relevant content that keeps your readers and visitors on your site longer which improves your bounce rate and relevance in Googles eyes.

Makes sense to me, how about you, what do you think ? Let me know what you think about search engine optimization and seo tools you recommend in the comments below.

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