SEO Tips Strategies And News Updates- Issue 001

SEO Tips Strategies And News Updates- Issue 001

Staying Ahead Of SEO Is

Well Worth The Effort!

In today’s issue we discovered some simple but yet effective way of staying in good grace with the 800 pound gorilla in the room, Google.

You should know Matt Cutts by now and how he is always making news with algorithm changes like Panda, Penguin and others that affect a great number of SEO websites attempting to get Top 10 results on Google to get free organic traffic.

If you want to keep the 800 pound gorilla at bay with SEO than you need to read this –

SEO Ranking Results 2014: The ‘rise’ of content

As Matt Cutts of Google says: “If you keep the mental model of what is Google trying to do – we’re trying to return great search results for users – then that helps you figure out how to align yourself with those goals, because if you’re aligned with those goals, then we’re going to want return the high-quality pages that you’re making.” Therefore, create content that is relevant and engaging to the user (your customers!) and watch your SEO rankings climb.

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It’s important to know how Google are thinking when it comes to rating site quality so with this new document leak we know the answer!

The 2014 leaked Google reviewer guidelines are one of the most important documents in SEO to surface this year. They give the reader a really clear outline of what Google’s manual reviewers have to do when judging a site for quality.

Quality is the important word here because Google is doing its very best to give the highest quality results to the user. What quality means in sort of debatable but in general in the context of Google and their perceptions of what is a good site, you can say it’s all defined here.

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Using Great Web Design to Support Your SEO Efforts

One of the most common mistakes you can make with your SEO is waiting until after your site is designed to consider what’s best for your site’s rankings. Great design starts from a foundation of understanding your core user. When you always keep this ideal customer in mind, design and SEO form a union that is rock solid for all your marketing efforts.

There are many design trends these days, and each of them have their own SEO challenges. Whether you choose responsive, HTML5, or parallax design, or any hybrid thereof, considering your SEO needs as you create or re-launch your site is imperative.

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