Stay Focused And Earn Extra Money Online?

Stay Focused And Earn Extra Money Online?

Earning an extra income online is not only about putting up a website and that’s it.

Stay FocusedMany try and most won’t succeed! This is the reality of doing any type of business for that matter. When I became a student of Robert Allen a few years ago and going to one of his seminars I learned from real professional coaches that not only told me frequently, Stay Focused!

” Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work ” like, Richard Carlson titled one of his books which is a great read if you haven’t read it yet.

At first I didn’t understand what it meant other then concentrate on what you are trying to accomplish. But, no one said it the way the coaches explained it to me and this when it all clicked.

I used to stay focused on the big picture which is not bad but, staying focused on the small things to the nano micro things that go on behind the scenes of the business.

This is, ” Where all the magic happens “

Staying focused and to earn extra money online is about paying attention to as little as:

  • How long was the visitor on your website.
  • What keyword search they used to find your website when the Search Engines sent you the traffic. For Example: ” Blue Tennis Racket ” This is the words they type in the web browser to find your site through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and others…
  • Which traffic source did you get the traffic from if you are using various marketing sources as most of us are.
  • Know which Ad is working. Very important because this is the one you want to invest more into since it is a winning Ad. If you are having a positive cash flow with this Ad then, It’s time to Scale Up or Ramp Up your marketing as some of us marketers refer to.
  • Stay in touch with your subscribers to your newsletter or blog posts. Follow up with them even if is just to remind them that you appreciate them reading and/or visiting your website.
  • Make sure you always share more value. Whether it is the content of a blog or a physical product you must understand that the potential customer is only a click away from visiting elsewhere where value and quality are given and as, The Client Wants!
  • I had a discussion about this type of understanding with a client of mine and the business owner could not accept that the customer is always mostly right even when they are wrong you have to take it like a man or women and suck it up.

This is part of being in business providing services or selling products online or off-line. Right then and there I knew what the problem with the business was. The EGO of the business owner was to big to fit through the door.

Incredible, My jaw dropped to the floor when I heard this because I couldn’t believe what I just heard. If you believe that the customer is wrong 100% of the time then you need to reassess why you are in business in the first place. Business is always a service that is provided to clients and if you don’t make your clients happy someone else will.

  • Set out a few hours a day or at least five days a week to work on your business and analyze what the data is telling you and make small changes accordingly.

Hope this shed some light on this subject and why it is important to stay focused on what accomplishes your goals.

Quick Tip: Use Google AnalyticsIt’s Free and gives you a lot of data you need to understand if your marketing is working. Use your Gmail Account to login or just sign up for a free account.

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