Target Marketing Tips For Increasing Leads And Conversions

Target Marketing Tips For Increasing Leads And Conversions

An Area Often Overlooked Is How To Apply Recruiting Strategies That Gets You Results Before You Even Start!

target marketingTarget marketing should be the first priority when planning to do affiliate marketing, network marketing, mlm or sell your own product online.

The idea is to find the right market already looking for your product before building your website or blog and the reason is simple, ideally you want to implement the keywords into your Domain Name, Website content, Articles and Posts on your website and/or blog.

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Here are a few search strategies to find your target market:

  1. Do a Google search and see what keyword suggestions the search gives you while typing your search and at the bottom of the page you just searched.
  2. Look at the websites on the first page and reverse engineer these websites by using tools like, Google Keyword Planner,,, and see what keywords they are using which gives you great keywords already proven to be successful online.
  3. – If you are selling a physical product you could do a search on Amazon to see what keyword suggestions it gives you when typing in your search. Image below is a screenshot of what you would see when doing a search.Amazon Keyword Suggestions
  4. – Ebay like Google and Amazon gives you keyword suggestions as well which are the popular products related specifically to your search. See screenshot below and the Boxed area at the top of image…Ebay Keyword Suggestions
  5. Youtube – Like Google, Amazon and Ebay | Youtube gives you keyword suggestions when typing in your search. Youtube Keyword Suggestions

It may seem like a lot of tedious work and it is but this is the most important part of doing business online or doing marketing for an off-line business as well.

Without a target market the product does not matter regardless of how good your product is. Target marketing is a skill that if you are doing any type of business you need to learn and study continuously since the markets are always changing and products improving everyday.

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