Video Ranking Formula Tips And Resources

Video Ranking Formula Tips And Resources

Video Ranking

Here are some video ranking processes, steps, and blueprint you could follow every time you create a video that you want to rank and get more views online.

It may seem complex but it’s not…there’s just lots of little steps to take. Sometimes you don’t have to do them all BUT if you do them all for every video you create and upload to’ll have a much greater chance at success.

BEFORE you even create a video you should always check the competition for the keyword phrase you’re going after. It’s just like doing keyword research before building a website. why go after a keyword/phrase if you don’t have a chance in hell at ranking for it and let alone get traffic and people to find it ?

So here’s a very simple method to check on competition for a keyword phrase before you create a video. ALSO.. keep in mind Youtube has a PR of 9 and google loves itself, so your chances of ranking even a highly competitive keyword are good specially when you do the following:


If you check competition and see another video showing, that’s a sign you might be able to get a top 10 ranking yourself.

If you see urls ranking that are NOT the primary domain/index url, that can be a good sign. If you see web2.0 properties like squidoo, or weebly sites…that’s good.

Do a simple search on google by putting your keywords in quotes. Example: “back pain treatment phoenix”

If the results at top of google return under 100,000 results, 50 or 60,000 is usually a slam dunk, then you would do a video for that keyword.

You could also use a tool bar called SEO Quake which is a free plugin/add-on Firefox or Chrome to check the PR ( Page Rank ) of sites that show on page 1 of google search results. If you see a few PR1’s and a couple of PR2’s then you should feel you could rock and roll with your video.

Tip: ALWAYS DO YOUR COMPETITION KEYWORD CHECK BEFORE YOU SPEND TIME CREATING A VIDEO. ( Just like building a website be sure you’ve got a chance at ranking first..then create your video ).

IF ALL IS GOOD CREATE YOUR VIDEO AND RANK USING THESE STEPS….I make no guarantees but give it a shot and see what happens.


Basics Youtube On-page Video Optimization

1. Video FILE NAME – Name your file exactly as the keyword you want to rank for. Example: If your video is about dog training then try to find a keyword associated with this keyword or phrase. ( Keyword/Phrase: Dog Training Phoenix )

2. Create a Keyword Targeted YOUTUBE User/Account name. Must change this info after you’ve signed up and created a google account. Youtube user name can be changed once you’re inside the youtube account from the Settings area.

3. Video Title = Target 1 primary keyword, should be related to your Utube account user name if possible but keep in mind only so many characters are allowed in user name so this will not be exact. Having a user name keyword related to your niche is important to rankings as well.

4. Video Description – optimize content with keyword used 2 to 3 times of content that’s from 300-400 words minimum.

Use related keywords to main keyword or keyword phrase, LSI style. You can get ideas from google suggestions that show on bottom of search page and when typing in the browser. Simply using common sense works also.

Simply use your main keyword and secondary keyword phrases in your flow of writing your video description.

Quick Tip: Read Youtube Policies, Safety and Reporting: Spam, deceptive practices, and scams:

5. Video Tags – Use primary keyword phrase and secondary keyword phrases in your video tags.

NOTE: Seems certain words tube will NOT allow in your tags. One word seems to be “discount”. Also it seems you can’t use more than 4 words for a tag unless you use a comma after each group of keywords.


“happy camper rv center modesto”, “rvs for sale in modesto”, “modesto discounted rvs for sale”,

NOTE: place a comma after every phrase then space between next set of tags.

6. Video Category – Some feel that “news & politics” gets indexed or ranked faster but your video will not be targeted to your market and more importantly your video should be in its related category in order to get targeted viewers and potential prospects.

7. Geo Target Video – select a location especially if a local business. If a product select a location anyway just to provide more complete info.

Check “caption” after uploaded to tube if there is one. If no caption check back later to see if there is one.

If you have a caption that was auto created by UTube then check the content of it. You can download the caption file and correct any errors.

Be careful not Breaking the Formatting of the caption. You can use notepad to edit and change the caption just be sure the file type remains unchanged and save it as .sbv file

Google spiders and crawls text but remember the caption file it creates, from the audio in the video, will get scanned and may help the videos ranking and relevance.

I always add my primary keyword/phrase near the begging of caption content, 1 time in middle and at the end.

Be sure to target only 1 primary keyword and it should be the exact keyword used in your video TITLE and the first tag keyword you use.

Your video title should begin with your primary keyword.

Your description should naturally start with the same keyword then a link to website or wherever your sending viewers. ( Be mindful of what your writing and how your writing it ) so your writing flows and not just over stuffing your keywords for the sake of ranking your video because your Utube channel can get flagged and shut down if the Spam filters pick up your spamming.

Your description should be approx 300 to 400 non spammy content with keyword sprinkled in content several times at least 3 to 4. Be sure to use related keywords in the content.

Your Tags should also begin with your primary keyword first, next related keywords. Be sure to format and follow instructions above on exact way to format your tags.

Video Ranking

Offpage SEO Video Ranking steps:

As soon as video is created and optimized as completely as possible then….

1. Do not post your Utube video url on your facebook page. Google does not get along with its rival Facebook and will not rank or show it in news feeds. Instead upload a raw video to Facebook and optimize your description and keyword tags.

2. PING your videos url using any free ping service like,

After you’ve done above steps you should then start to slowly get views and likes. You can use a fiverr service that does this or other services for $5 bucks. Just be cautious and due your due diligence and ask as many questions to make sure that your video or channel does not get banned.

You could use a service like ( ) because it’s fast, easy set up, and I can control things on the fly.

IMPORTANT: GROWING SLOW and natural views is more Utube friendly. Sometimes Youtube will pause the views it shows on videos unless it goes viral.

Generally I’ll try to get at least 150 or a bit more views same day, or next day, after my video goes live. Check to see how many views a competing video is getting or has… you want to eventually have more views than the best ranking video that ranks for your same keyword or phrase.

You can get a few subscribers and likes using Vagex. It uses more points but again make it look real and natural.. maybe under 10 likes and or subscribers to start..not much more though when video first uploaded.

Remember..if ranking a video for a local business it very targeted niche hardly anyone else that’s ranking will have lots of subscribers and likes so a few will help.


RSS Video Promotion Resources

How to find your youtube “Channel” RSS feed and promote it.

Take – – Simply replace the “channelname” in the url example with YOUR ACTUAL CHANNEL NAME exactly as it’s set up on youtube.

Then you’ll take your Video Channel RSS feed and run it through using their free RSS Submission tool online.

Now create a RSS Feed for the exact VIDEO you’re promoting, using the “exact TITLE” of your youtube video.

Here’s the exact setup/formula for creating an individual RSS feed for your videos. Just change the info out with your video info.


So where you see “ENTER-YOUTUBE-USERNAME-HERE” enter your exact tube channel user name there.

Where you see “ENTER YOUR EXACT YOUTUBE VIDEO TITLE HERE” enter your exact title of your video.

Once done here’s an example of a properly formatted video RSS feed… ( LED lighting 1 )

NOTE: Simply paste your video rss feed url into browser and test it. if formatted correctly you’ll see the rss feed for the video show. If not, figure out where you went wrong. Usually it’s a space, or misplaced character or a space at the end of the title or beginning.


Go to use their “RSS Feed Generator Creator” and submit that feed using their “free rss submit online” AND Ping it using Ping or Mass Ping on bulkping.

Create another RSS feed for each video you’re promoting at

Submit that feed to using their “free rss submit online” AND ping that feedburner rss feed for the video as well.

Use “Mass Ping” to ping all RSS Feeds, Youtube channels, youtube videos, all urls relating to what you want to rank. Feel free to do a weekly ping if needed to help continued rankings.

AFTER you’ve done all the above, hardly any competitor in your niche will, then you should rank especially WITH LOCAL BUSINESS keywords or very targeted niches.

Doing the above exactly as laid out above your video should rank well in the Youtube engine, hopefully on first page for your keyword, and BONUS…. You Should Also Rank On Google Search Engine with your video thumbnail and video info ranking hopefully in the top 10!!

IF your video is not ranking in a few days or however soon you’d like it to rank, you could buy some bookmarks and backlinks and throw them directly to your youtube video url. ( Just don’t over do it! )

You can do bookmarks and backlinks from the start if you want to but again, if you do the above you should rank as long as you’ve determined your keyword/phrase is not to competitive. If the keyword your targeting is more competitive then it might require a little more work to rank your video.

Bottom line is.. you should check out the competition that ranks for your keywords in google before you create your videos. If you check competition and see another video showing, that’s a sign you might be able to get a top 10 ranking yourself.

You can also submit your video to free video submission sites other than Youtube. ( Recommended )

Good luck with your video ranking and hope this helps with your video marketing strategy.