What Are The Best Marketing Tactics For Your Business ?

What Are The Best Marketing Tactics For Your Business ?

There Are Several Great Marketing Techniques You Could Use But Which Are More Effective And Can Deliver Immediate Results ?

Marketing Strategy and TacticsOver the last several years we have used many different marketing tricks and strategies to test what works more cost effectively and delivers results.

One of the marketing tactics we have learned to use consistently has been split testing marketing campaign after marketing campaign.

Marketing Strategy and TacticsYou would be surprised to know what little things make such a big difference in CTR’s ( Click Through Rates ) and Conversions to sales.

By split testing everything in your marketing including your site navigation, the copy of your site and even your opt-in forms you can find what is working and what is not.

It does take patience and perseverance to see it through satisfying results but in the end the winning formula rewards are impressive and more importantly more profitable.

When entrepreneurs are just starting out they only associate marketing tactics directly to Ads, Social Media Marketing, and Advertising of any sort.

You must consider everything in your sales funnel from Ads to Getting prospects to take the actions you expect them to take. You have to formulate a plan and test each area individually piece by piece like a surgeon with a scalpel.

So, What are the best marketing tactics for your Marketing Business Solutionsbusiness ?

  • Split Testing – Test everything from Headlines, Opt-in Forms, Your Sales Copy, Your Capture Page, Your Email Follow Ups, Call To Actions, Images, Text Size and Color and Your Videos etc…
  • Market Research/Analysis – Finding your target market by doing keyword research using free tools like Google Keyword Planner to not waste your marketing efforts and money.
  • Marketing Platforms – Test PPC, PPV, CPV, Social Media Paid & Free marketing avenues. Don’t be afraid to test all marketing platforms because some will work better than others depending on what you are offering. But the fastest way to get instant data and reports on your marketing is using PPC advertising, it is instant and can give you a lot of great information too.
  • Social Media – You must ensure that your brand and product is in the Social Media space because in today’s fast moving technology oriented society everyone is connected to social media. Leading the way is Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest respectively.
  • Instagram – Many overlook this medium of marketing and if you’ve heard the news recently Instagram overtook Twitter as subscribers in this medium and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and big brands are taking notice. Why have they grown so rapidly ? Most people are visual content lovers and more attention grabers.
  • Youtube – This is the reason why billions of people visit this site every single month. Just like Instagram, Youtube is both Visual and Motion oriented which triggers emotions more effectively.
  • Attraction Marketing – If I would have to start all over again from scratch this is a marketing tactic I would learn first. Attraction Marketing is basically understanding the science behind human psychology and how to create powerful Ads, Content and How to craft magnetic words that prospects and leads want to hear because it is the solution to their problems they are looking for. ( Very Powerful Stuff )

My friend and mentor Ferny crafted this powerful free bootcamp that gives you an insight to this effective marketing tactic.

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