What To Do With Kitchen Items After Your Demolition Project Is Complete

Licensed demolition professionals in Los Angeles, CA understand that perhaps the least favored part about a demolition project is figuring out what to do with large kitchen appliances that you no longer need, and are just taking up space. Some moving companies offer services where they take demolition-related materials and appliances either to a recycling facility, non-profit organization, goodwill, or the dump. This prevents you from having to exert extra energy in hauling hefty items into a truck and then driving them to the appropriate location. Hiring a moving company can help save you time while also minimizing environmental impact. 

Reusable Kitchen Appliances

While you may have planned on keeping your kitchen appliances, you may realize that you want something bright, shiny, and new, or that they just don’t match with the style you are going for. You can have your moving company take any kitchen appliances that are in good condition to your local goodwill center. You can repurpose kitchen materials such as tile, cabinets, flooring, hardwood, and backsplashes if you are planning on eventually working on other areas in your home. But, if you prefer to just get them off your hands, then moving professionals can take care of this for you.

Recycling During Kitchen Demolition

Many people who do at-home demolition projects take into consideration their impact on the environment. As the heaps of debris grow larger, you may start to worry about whether it all has to go to the dump and sit there for years and years. The amount of material and items that you can recycle from a kitchen demolition is much more than you may think. Another benefit of recycling during a kitchen demolition is that you can get a tax deduction for the value of donated appliances and other items.

There is a process called deconstruction, which entails slowly breaking down your kitchen area and donating or salvaging items as they accumulate. The difference between demolition and deconstruction is that it often requires a professional to come in and work with you on how to properly take apart your kitchen so more items can be saved.

Turning in Appliances for Cash

There are certain companies that offer money for kitchen appliances, such as ovens, freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and stoves. This company may be able to pick up the items themselves, or you can have your moving professionals deliver the appliances.

Throwing Out Trash

After you have done your duty of reusing, selling, recycling, or donating kitchen appliances and material, you may have no other choice than to toss out what is left over. If you do have to throw anything into the garbage, ensure that it is done properly. Your county can give you information on how to dispose of demolition material, particularly if you have a large amount that needs to be removed.

Taking on a kitchen demolition project can be a big task, but also a rewarding one, especially if you practiced environmental stewardship along the way. It can feel good to not only see a beautiful new kitchen, but that you accomplished this project while focusing on recycling, reusing, and donating what you decided to part with. 

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into the demolition process.