What Would You Do If You Lost Your J.O.B. Tomorrow?

What Would You Do If You Lost Your J.O.B. Tomorrow?

Are You Financially Secure ? What Would You Do If The Economy Went Into A Worst Recession or Inflation?

Frustrated EntrepreneurI know it’s hard to focus on these kind of events but they are things to think about. Specially if you have debt, a family to support and/or are in the higher end of middle age or even younger and just starting out in the work force.

Let me tell you why it is more important than ever that you pay attention to, What would you do?

Not long ago I had a great J.O.B. ( Just Over Broke ) and was living the life that even I could not have imagined. Living in a private community in a gorgeous house, two nice cars and walking around with as much as $500 in my pocket every single day.

I would hangout in private golf clubs, private yacht clubs and life could not be any better or so I thought until one day I found myself unemployed and not knowing what to do next.

It had to be the lowest point in my life.

Today the economy is in much worst conditions and job security is a high priority because the economy can not support itself much longer and there are millions of unemployed competing for the same jobs.

The investment market, stock markets, 401K’s or any other type of investments are not safe investments any longer.

Here are some frightening statistics you might not be aware of:

Statistic Brain, a numbers crunching group, reports that the average American family savings account balance was $3,800 at the time of publication July 9th, 2014. The average american income is $43,000 per year.

40% Percent of working Americans are not saving for retirement because they can’t afford to.

Percent of American workers who postponed their retirement age this year is 24% according to Statistic Brain. Why? Most don’t have enough to retire on or have to many obligations.

Compiled from information gathered by the Federal Reserve and U.S. Census, this data shows that American families are able to save to a certain extent.

At the same time, though, a CashnetUSA survey showed that 56% of Americans with children under age 18 maintain less than $800 in an emergency fund.

In the last 10+ years we have witnessed fortunes lost and the housing market crash leaving millions of people either bankrupt or simply loosing everything.

So my question is, What would you do if you lost your source of income ? Do you have a plan B or enough savings to last you 5 years and beyond in the event something were to happen ? Unfortunately most people don’t.

The last 10+ years I have dedicated myself to learning everything possible to prevent this kind of disaster from happening in my life ever again.

Like thousands I turned to the internet to look for answers and ways to secure my financial future and failed at many times but never gave up.

I talk to you from experience because I am a statistic of this exact circumstance and you can read the rest of my story here -> Reinaldo’s Story Page.

If you think for one moment that your job is 100% secured then maybe this does not describe you but there are millions that I would love to help so they  never fall to this tragic situation in their life time.

And one of the ways you could secure your future is by doing what many are doing successfully online, create your own online business. It might sound scary and challenging but it is easier than you think.

You don’t even need experience, a website or blog or know any HTML or coding of any sort. Many like myself and thousands of others are using Elite Marketing System which is already a complete business set up with high on demand products people are hungry for and all you have to do is just follow a 5 simple step formula.

You could make money from home as a part time like many are doing or you can build up to make it your primary source of income. It really is up to you and how you want to move forward.

Don’t become a statistic and be caught out in the dark and unprepared. It is not a place you would want to be, believe me I had a very hard few years of recovery to get back up from my situation.

If you would like to enjoy financial security then this could be a way you could start with today. There is more information in the Start Here Page.

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To Your Abundance!

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