The way business is now done in the United States has changed drastically, since the earliest days of  the 13 Colonies. Every generation of American has seen different ways of doing business and different kinds of businesses, compared to the generations before them. The internet has been a highly transformative change to the way business is done in the US and throughout the world as little as twenty years ago, the majority of Americans did not have email addresses, let alone access to the internet. Prior to the internet, purchases that were not made by the buyer going to a physical store were mostly made by looking at a (paper) copy of a catalogue and then making purchases from it via the telephone or snail mail.  

Nowadays, a large portion of purchases consumers make are made via online stores and businesses that offer services. While some of these stores and businesses still have brick and mortar locations, some of the newer ones do not and have never had any.

Finding Your Business in the Digital World

Whether your business has a physical location for consumers to visit or it does not, there is a good chance that consumers and potential customers will visit your website. As long as they can find it.

Regardless of the kind of product or service you are providing to consumers, no matter how good or in demand it might be, customers will likely have a hard time finding you if you do not have a strong internet presence. A strong internet presence means that when a potential customer is searching for what they want by using Google or another search engine, your business comes up at the top page of search results- and ahead of your competitors. Even if you are not selling your product or service online, everyday life for everyday people is increasingly moving over to the digital world. This is one of the many reasons it is important for businesses to have a strong digital presence from the outset.

Be User Friendly

Once you get potential customers and clients to your site, it is important for them to find it attractive and easy use. If your website does not look good and is not user friendly, it may be hard to keep people on your site rather than send them looking around for the same or similar product or service- whose website is easier to use.